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Woolly-headed Aries-ocrat Andrew Burnet visits the Edinburgh’s Astrology Centre to hear tomorrow’s news today.

‘There is something you should know about your future . . .‘ it says on the pamphlet. Dripping quietly onto the Astrology Centre‘s carpet,l reflect that it would have been useful to know in advance about the bitterly cold wind and rain which propelled me across town Edinburgh to St Stephen Street.

It seems. however. that short-range weather forecasts are not the business of astrologers. ‘To

the lay public it‘s always been fortune-telling,‘ says co-founder Violet Milne. thawing me out with hot coffee and leading me through to her consulting room. Although there are several shelves of books on Divination behind the desk. crystal balls and gypsy shawls are conspicuously absent. ‘What it‘s really about,‘ she continues. ‘is character analysis. It can pinpoint where your strong points are and


give you your temperament type. For instance. it‘s very clear to us that ifyou have planets in certain signs such as Gemini or Sagittarius you should not be in a desk job. otherwise the energy you're generating gets frustrated and you become very lethargic.‘

There are various theories as to how the alignment ofplanets at a person‘s birth exerts its influence. The most popular is to do with

The List 9 22 March 1990 79