‘Very nice cutting action firm. That’s quite nice, it’s not wonderfully tasty but its firmer. and more peppery. I think that‘s the nicest pastry I‘ve tasted.

Yes I like this pastry, it‘s slightly crispy.

The pics not greasy either. Definitely spicier.

It’s made with a finer balance of spices.

But none Of them seem to taste of

meat.‘ d

‘It looks rather peelie-wally.

This one looks like its been re-heated a dozen times.

The base is like cardboard.

It’s pretty bad for cutting.

Jeez the pastry is really floury on top I prefer it floury, yes I quite like that. Eeehr what’s that?

That’s an eye, Julie's just found an eye in the pie.

The meat is too mushy.

The filling looks a bit green to me.

A very thin taste.

It's quite spicy, very spicy in my bit. You’ve got all the spice then.

It tastes like its got cinnamon in it. Robin says bouquet. Is that a swear word?’

e ee~s

‘A singularly unappealing top. Very hard to cut into the crust is like the Great Wall of China. Yes, it’s a very hard crust.

A very firm'crust. Uncompromising.

An unyielding crust.

Ooh, the texture ofthis is slightly dog-foodie.

A bit pinky.


Christ its huge.

I think its‘ definitely a more sophisticated pie though.

More peppery and spicy.

A lot more flavour.

Uuhm, uuuhm.

It’s got the strongest flavour of any of them.’

f %

‘This one doesn’t look too bad. It‘s a good cutter.

It’s quite a dark meat, looks authentic, have a go somebody. The final contestant.

Really, really greasy again. Tasty though.

Not as nice.

It’s got a very strange after taste. Ahhh, that’s putrid.

Yeah, it‘s not a great taster. Right, that‘s it out the window.‘

E:: #



l Jimmy’s Fish and Chip Sarlour 1—7 )G I Victorian Road, 423 4820. Laid out I like a steak-house, this young )fZ

establishment is just about the most glamorous fish and chip restaurant possible. It‘s also among the most expensive in Glasgow: a two-course meal. with drinks, came to£19.60, and that was taking the smallest of the three sizes of main portion available. Don’t be fooled by the facade, which, with its brash neon signs, gives no indication of the well-appointed interior. Jimmy‘s also boasts just about the best range ofimported beers in the city.

I Foodlare 90 Well kill me slowly with a sausage, it‘s the sixth international exhibition for the food and drink industry, to be held at the SECC from March 27—29. Trade

only. 5(ch *3 I EDINBURGH

I Slymanski's Bristo Place, 226 2309. Opening in place of Le Bon Fondue, in Bristo Place, Slymanski 's is serving food with an East European leaning. You can indulge in Polish stuffed cabbage or Borscht picked from a fifteen item lunch menu or an evening a la carte, or a roast beefdinner on Sundays. Three courses with wine will set you back around £15.

I Nutrition in the Nineties Royal College of Physicians, 11—12 April. The theme of this years‘s Festival of Science and Technology is food and drink which will appropriately enough include an open conference on nutrition. Providing thought for food, a series of debates aim to examine the controversy surrounding diet. Judging by the agenda you can expect cholesterol and fat at 11.30am and 12am followed by lunch, and sugar at 2.15pm and 2.45pm before you take tea at 3.35pm. Confused? Why not feed your curiosity for £20, £10 for students and phone ()31 445 5601 for details.

I McKirdy‘s Assembly Street, 553 6363. Recently opened in Leith on the site of Oysters, McKirdy’s has just implemented its a la carte menu which includes a choice ofsome eight main dishes as well as a daily selection. The content is mainly fish and seafood, with a set lunch menu at £6.45. As well as a restaurant McKirdy’s sports what it calls a seafood bar, where you can get half a dozen oysters for around a fiver to be eaten in an informal manner with an evening or mid-day beverage.

I Wines From Paris McKirdy‘s, Leith. Continuing a series ofwine tasting presented by the wine emporium, Wines From Paris, this month’s offerings come from the award-winning Chateau la Jaubertie. A selection ofwines from the most recent vintage will be presented by its proprietor at McKirdy’s restaurant. with prices at £5 per head or £12 with lunch.


Hcemsed -_ hestaur‘ar‘it

LUNCH 12—2.30pm EVENINGS 6—1 1pm (last orders 10.30pm)

10, arachor‘ close ' COCkbu Pm street; EDINBUQGi—l '

: 2226 51:19.

. 3 Glenlivet, Hock, Italian, Jura, Kahlua, Laphroaig, Madeira,

Ubiquitou: Chip °’"'”" Wine Shop


Advocaat, Benedictine, Claret, Drambuie, Eiswien, Fino, NuitSt Georges, Ouzo, Port, Quaich, Rioja, Sparkly, Talisker,

Ubiquitous Vouvray, Whisky, X0 Brandy, YQuem, Zinfandel . . . and there's more!

8 nrhlon lone,Glmgow 612

I B. r009 " - o “" N Wm: L .Ilh R ER > \i (Q J n e 5 u”_ m BYRES RD cmscow +elno: 35mm TWO COMPANIES ONE AIM a


Full design to print service. Including all design, illustration desktop publishing, layup and magazine production. '

/ 5/ ' / .

Full corporate image services. ' I W .13! " - EUREKA PRODUCTION \ SERVICES . M: ,

Event Organisation and administration. From live musical events and tours to conferences, theatres and festivals. RA. and lighting hire/operation. Full range of advertising services. Contact Grant or Archie at the address below: 118 FORTH STREET, EDINBURGH EH1 3LE Fax: 031 557 5448 Tel: 031 558 1610 (24hrs), 031 557 8270

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