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first two weeks of Fringe. Central Edinburgh preferred. Call Rupert on ()1 373 5674 after

Professional 6pm

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and qualified practitioner. bright. Bruntsfield flat. Single room. All mod cons.

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We re now looking for a dedicated Buying professronal hourmndmion groupflm ANNOUNCEMENTS who can use their speCIalist skills, analysmg local market yearprogramme in professional

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max|m|sed‘ PROFESSIONAL cvs mini-studio and myexpertise. You will be responsible for the purchase and stock control Prospectiveemployerswilltake 3:331:{ggg‘gfig’fitfjg'g'i of the merchandise in your specialist area, keeping an none,wa‘hci'fccwurhggh l Giro Studios onim 5560042. astute e e on what our com etitors are doin makin qua n“ C 'Pih'O-ni ()S()?634"25 'ca"°°“"‘s“'a"‘°dh-" y p g! g fm dud'l“ "ow' seriptwriter with some graphic

sure we always Stay One Step ahead. .Asm’loge' D F Astral s skills.toeollaborateon strip

. . . . . . - . . . '.. '. . , Cartoons.possibly with viewto With sound Buying experience, pOSSIbly gained in a fgggztghgrgznpjag"fggg'3;gm” publication. Severalideasintht similar retail environment, your persuasive attitude and ' 11:15:13;~sfmi‘gliltiirjjggtl“m- good communication skills will enable you to deal silliness. Fertileimagination effectively with the public. Numerate and literate, your habitual postural mis-useand ggi';§l7"g(-)f;’nmctAndrew"

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buying deCIsions Will be inspired by your own abilities and pm,quimampmd profeSSionalism. SflIAfl". approved teacher.

. . . 0412217025. This IS your chance to move into a career where ' Hallelu‘ahi - ° - - - - I Want to know vour future I ] informality IS the keynote, but profe55ionalism is never p,,,spcc,soc,,n'm,hc The Bain of our sacrificed. Be part of the future of home entertainment Astrology (‘cntrciw SiStcphcn ,

i R t Street,Stoekbridge.Edinburgh. W' "gm 6 a' - 031225 2779. Books.tapes. . Write now with full details Psychicrcadmg‘ babe m the'rS! including current salary to: ' HEALTH Congratulations Ann McLean ' ITheraiieuiicMasrsaiieiimF Alice and John

. . ' Stewart DIIIM. M.S.ll.P. 'or . Virgin Megastore, appointment telephonell3l 229 28-32 Union Street, 7934- Tom, Dick or Glasgow G1 30X. DATING AGENCIES Harry

I Lambda Line: The gay men's meet market. Telephone 0898

88'l'he List 9— 22 March 1990