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(21—30) to paint the town red and enjoy quiet times too. Phone number please. Box No 115/9.

I Bored. Glasgow male (22), professional. Seeks new friends from around Glasgow— male and female. Hobbies: judo, football, swimming, jogging, cinema, live bands, pubs, clubs and eating out. Write soon. ALA. Box N0115/19.

TI'IE LIST PERSONAL ADS are designed for individuals to meet other individuals for 1:1

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90 The List 9— 22 March 1990

I American Anthropologist (in Florida). Male (37), intelligent, handsome. gentle, unique, well-built. non-smoker, seeking very special blue-eyed, shapely. buxom. childless, loving. rcdhaired/blonde female of Scottish/Irish heritage for lifelong romance. Please write! Box No 115/22.

I interesting male non-smoker. getting fit. Currently a Seventies casualty. Seeks female companion to ward off loneliness and for mutually fulfilling life. Serious replies. Preferably non-smokers. Glasgow based. Box No 115/31. I Woman (31) wishes to meet sincere and down to earth man to share interests in music, cinema. theatre, outdoor pursuits (at a leisurely pace) and a sense of humour. (Edinburgh/ Glasgow). Box N0115/32.

I Salman Rushdie doesn't have as many nights in as me. How about you? Male (32) seeks female under 30 to hide out with in theatres. cinemas, eateries and 1990 events. Box No 116/1. I Man, 308 reader ofDe Beauvoir, Klein, Strathern, Gibbon. Townsend Warner; liker of music, food, swimming. hillwalking; seeks slim woman. Box No 116/2.

I Coming out oi the closet? Me too. Gay male (20) with varied interests seeks similar (any age). Go on, you can do it! All letters answered. Edinburgh area. Photo appreciated. Box No “6/3.

I Hi! Day male just 26. looking for new friends OK! Maybe partner! under thirty. Likes: cinema, writing, drawing. hot nights out. cosy nights in. emotional attachment and different vistas. You? Box No 116/4.

I Man (35) St Andrews, honest, cheerful. thoughtful, reader. walker. jazzer. Never says ‘based in‘ or ‘into‘. Seeks honest affectionate. good-humourcd woman (25-35) to share company. friendship and time. Box No 116/5.

I Edinburgh man (28). Slim. tall. dark. well-dressed. varied interests. Non-sexist. Seeks

woman (18—35) to establish first an intellectual and then a social and sensual relationship. Box No 116/6.

I Edinburgh male (27). Tall, slim with warm personality and sense of humour seeks sincere lady (24—30) for weekend outings, eating out, cinema, theatre. companionship and possible relationship. Box No 116/7.

I Edinburgh gay male (39). Straight-acting. warm. genuine. caring but lonely. seeks special friend. Varied interests. Personal qualities more important than age. looks. status. ALA. Box N0116/8.

I Two Japanese women (27 and 28) studying in Edinburgh would like to meet British men to exchange cultural ideas. music. cinema. socialising. . . Maybe parties etc. Photo please. Box No “6/9.

I Edinburgh male active sportsman. keen musician. (34) professional. seeks similar straight-acting warm man with lively eyes and athletic habits to share some of a busy life's moments of pleasure. Box No 116/10.

I Good-looking male (33) Witty. affectionate with appallingly dull social life. I love having fun. Wish to meet new females between 22 and 35. Photo appreciated. Box No 116/11.

I Central gay male (35+ ) gentle. caring, healthy. seeks similar (25 + ) with travel and outdoor interests. You‘re probably also looking for a new beginning and experience in trust and affection. Photo please. Box No 116/12.

I Bearded gay male (41). English but quite civilised. Non-scene, non-camp. Humorous, loyal. new to Edinburgh, seeks friends and honest one-to-one relationship. Personality counts more than age. Box No 116/13.

I Easy-going happy and intelligent woman (21). Enjoys dancing, reading. talking, wonders if there are any like minded men out there. No Tories or Liberals please. Edinburgh. Box N0116/14.

I Mid 208 Glasgow male. Doesn‘t understand women. Wishes to meet attractive, passionate. physical. intelligent femme fatale for intimate alliance. Photo appreciated. No polite replies please. Box No 116/15.

I Unemployed guy (40) seeks attractive female (26-30) for theatre, raunchy fun, music, conversation and much more. No disco, gays or pub crawlers. Glasgow area only. Box No 116/16.

I Busy male (38) single parent, seeks sincere. intelligent female friend (25-45) with sense of humour; who will understand restrictions on free time for theatre. cinema, music, pubs. etc. Glasgow. Box N0116/17. I Dlasgow Cute young gay guy seeks straight-acting close friend. possibly more. Non scene. Likes sport. especially skiing. swimming and keeping fit. Reply with photo to ensure reply. Write soon. Box No 116/18.

I Complete music (wide (20) (especially local/indie bands) seeks similar for hectic gig-going schedule! Existing friends can't stand pace! Good music. good fun guaranteed! No lonely hearts please. Box N0116/19.

I Happily married Edinburgh woman, thirtysomething, seeks talkative. humorous, easy-going man for occasional outings. no strings attached. Box No 116/20. I Glasgow-based Hibs supporting. bottle blonde woman seeks intelligent. wacky, non-neurotic male pal for cerebral friendship, and cultural and hedonistic outings. Box No 116/21.

YOUR CDUNTBYMAN NEEDS YDUl Professional male (24). Glasgow area, seeks female ally in fight against culture city solitude. Battlegrounds to include cinemas. theatres, music venues and hopefuly somewhere more private. Quote name/number and come armed with sense ofhumour! Box No 115/23.

I Male shiitworiter (35) seeks female companionship to share a predominantly daytime social life. Likes the usual things but willing to try anything under the circumstances (Edinburgh/ Glasgow). Box No 116/22.

I Single, unemployed male (40) seeks attractive female (26—34) whose interests include theatre, music, conversation, fun, environment and much more. For lasting relationship. No disco or pub crawlers. Glasgow area only. Box No 116/23.

I Tell, good-looking male (28) non scene. professional, masculine, fit and healthy, seeks similar for friendship and social outings. Genuine replies with photo and phone no. will ensure answer. Box N0116/24.

I Edinburgh lesbian early twenties, would like to meet exciting, fun-loving new friends for nights out with lots oflaughs etc. Go on. you don't know what you're missing. Box No 116/25. I Male musician (21) marooncd in engineering. Still believes the world is a beautiful place but seeks female soulmate to share its joys: sunrise. enchiladas, Sibelius, Tull, taverns. Perhaps coffee? Box No 116/26.

I Obnoxious bastard wants to meet French actress, rich heiress or other (22—32). Must be into gerbil sex. Box No 116/27.

I Wanted By small. slim female (39), nice-looking young man (34-44) with intelligence, a sense of style and a sense of humour. Is this too much to ask? Box No 116/28.

I Edinburgh male (28). Active, fit, healthy, humorous (and lots more), seeks attractive female companion (24—30) to share interests- eating out, cinema, keep fit, conversation. music. Box No 116/29.

I Female (36) Professional. attractive. Interests include the arts, good food. laughing and much more. Seeks similar male for friendship. Glasgow urea. Phone no/photo if possible. Box No 116/30.