Speech impediment Ididn‘t see the letter they were replying to. but ifSt‘ots With Lobotnmies (List I 15) imagine that concern about English incomers can be bracketed with prejudice against Asians. Jews. and similar groups. then they are mistaken.

()ver centuries of English rule. Scottish institutions have acquired a systematic pro-English anti-Scottish bias. This means that it is necessary for anyone seeking any position of responsibility to acquire anglicised manners and speech. (I know that ifI personally had used my native Scots at the interview. I would not have the job that I have). Not surprisingly. English people are better at English manners and speech. and will tend to succeed in preference to Scots. Having large numbers of them here will make Scots into second-class citizens in their own country.

The answer is not to drive English people out of Scotland. but to have a government and institutions ofour own in which discrimination against ourselves has been eradicated. I suspect that Scots ll'ith Lolmtomies are probably anglified types who are just not aware of it. When being English no longer carries with it automatic privileges and advantages. Scots will have no cause to resent the presence of English people.

Cailean Mac Lfilleim Barrington Drive Glasgow.

JOSE oumvo.

Winner of this issue 's prize/or the best letter a groovy. (me-size-jits-u/l Jose ( 'tterm tequila T—shirt.

Up in smoke

How about running a competition featuringentertainment venues that still insist on polluting their patrons with cigarette smoke either from performers on stage (eg Lyceum Theatre. Edinburgh). or by allowing


s". . 'lf




We welcome correspondence on any aspect of The List. or of life and death in central Scotland. The best letter next issue will win a Jose Cuervo tequila Slammer glass. Letters. which may be edited for publication. should be sent to The List. Old Athenaeum Theatre. 179 Buchanan Street. Glasgow G1 2JZ. by Friday 16 March.

LA'I'I’I‘. (i()I.I)S'I‘IiI.\’

punters to ignite (eg Queen’s Hall. Edinburgh)?

The main prize: a gas mask. fireproofclothing. and vouchers to stay at a hospice for lung cancer sufferers. And. ofcourse. the booby prize: free tickets for anyone daft enough to want to visit such unpleasant venues!

R.M. Atkinson Argyll Terrace Edinburgh.

Not so dire Rea

Ienjoy reading The List and find it very informative. However. I must take exception to the comments (List 115) on the forthcoming Chris Rea gigat the SECC.

The first one appeared on page 2. Incorrect information: Chris Rea is as much a Geordie as I am. Geordies live in and around Newcastle-upon-Tyne. To say he is a Geordie is the same as saying someone from Edinburgh is a Glaswegian! Chris comes from Middlesbrough. which originally was in Yorkshire. then became Teesside. and is now the Borough of Cleveland. I guess you could say Chris is a Teessider.

On page 38. previewing his gig at the SECC. he is described as “One of those rich bastards. . .‘ Having followed his career over the last 15 years. and aware of the lean years he had before hitting the big time. I and many of his fans who have watched him become a star would wish him enjoyment in his new-found riches.

\: '2‘ ,y/ <1;

For Chris has always written and played the music he wants. not number one chart material. which perhaps he was tempted to on many occasions when he had nothing! From a Teesside gal enjoying life in Glasgow.

Pam Painter

Alexandra Avenue


Boy meets girl

In your review ofthe ‘Five Girls From Glasgow' exhibition at the Compass Gallery (List I 15). you ask ‘Would an exhibition of diverse work by men in their late 20s be given the title ‘Five Boys From Glasgow"‘." The answer is yes. quite possibly. After all. the well-known group ‘The Glasgow Boys' were adult male artists. not precocious teenage painters.

I agree that the term ‘girls‘ is often used as a patronising way of describing women. but in the case of the Compass Gallery. I suspect it was used in order to get an alliterative title rather than arising from an evil macho conspiracy.

Robert McIntosh

Bell Street


Public outrage

We feel we must correct the recent publicity given to the gigs that take place in the Admiral Bar. The Admiral Bar is not part ofthe

pub-rock circuit or a new branch of ‘the flourishing Glasgow music

scene‘. and should not be regarded as such. We find it particularly offensive that we should be seen in this light as these gigs were initiated as a reaction against the so-called Glasgow music scene which we find absolutely disgusting.

This venture is organised by young people for young people and is as much about attitude as it is about music.

David Neilson and Graeme Arnott Riggside Road



Crisis averted

Further to your report in The List issue 115. I wish to make clear Blubols 1990's position concerning distribution of profits and advertising material used for our Valentine‘s Day party at Tollcross. This was the first party we had organised. and as a result the organisation was somewhat haphazard. The decision to donate some of the profits to Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre was taken late. and. due to the deadlines we faced. it appears ERC were not consulted. This. we recognise. was a grave error on our behalf. and we wrote to ERC on February 18 to apologise for this unintentional lack of communication. I today (February 23) received a telephone call from ERC. who now accept our apology fully. and will be receiving a cheque from us in the order of two to three hundred pounds within the next week.

This donation represents our profits. Contrary to your assertion that we had 1001) people at the door each paying £3 (implying our turnover was in the region of£3()()()). 900 people turned up paying £2 each. Our aim was to raise up to £1001). This was unrealistic. and was based on estimates that neglected advertising expenses and extra unavoidable costs.

The hand-outs to which your editorial refers were the result of an unfortunate action that one of my colleagues took in a counter-advertising move against another party on the same night. They were retracted immediately. and again we have apologised to ERC for their use. I would also like to apologise to you for The List's name being used in the same leaflets.

I hope that. as a result ofthe correct version ofevents having been presented to you. you will retract the implication that Blubols 1990 was a scam. A lot ofpeople gave their time and services to make the party a success. and such an implication can only make it more difficult for a similar event to be staged in the future. I hope that this affair can now be closed.

Devendra Mooljee (for the directors ofBlubols 1990)

Durham Road


92 The List 9 22 March 1990

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