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ol musicians to keep things turning Andre Ravaloson, whose playing, 0" u over. it nonetheless manages to Ronnie reckons, is in the Pat Metheny generate a surprising number at mould. . diverse projects. Anyone looking loran oarol Kidd, on the other hand, will be t - illustration at that thesis need only exploring a very ditterent musical path, ' consider the gulf which separates this but is taking something of a new tack month’s concerts from Ronnie Rae Jnr hersell. Carol has decided it is time to

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Orchestra. trio, comprising pianist David Newton,

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- taken in acoustic i312 (lle ls clllililltlll there will be a sharper edge to the set, time“ “mew”??? . ‘___ w g ' lilalilSl and Gil-Will" l" Malallle . but no radical change of direction. it’s the afternoon after last O’Reilly's wal°".w"al Happens)’ lazz caml Will Sllll be “(ling Whal She does justice, but we‘ll let it night‘s/this morning‘s ‘rave‘ on a "in" Mt" “‘9' 5'9“ Wm) 3"“ best- interpreting beautitul sonoS. stand for the moment) disused flyover on the A939 genrgfluss (Willi Tam Wlille and beautilully. (Kenny Mathieson) cmergeccil only yeahrs ' . . ago,an Lint! .W en 13:33:? Siciligggiiiim mm “Willie has assembled a high-Dowel Carol Kidd, Oueen’s Hall, Edinburgh, she was 28, had never Lucozadgslu‘ggmx Alsatiam quartet tor the occasion, with. local 23 Mar, 8.30pm; Bonnie Rae Jnr stood on a stage before. avoidin. and Mp_ign0rm. are at an bassman Ricky Steele being ioined by Project, Memn, Edinburgh, 27 Mar; 'lg‘ldl‘y Tc‘oucghla; s debut . . . . “"0 slieslal Quests. Dower-house bolt Tay Hotel, Dundee, 28 Mar; Coasters, “. “m: "" “"

end, and your body and senses beg to Izmottonal, topped the wind down. So, you turn to downers drummer Clark Tracey ("0' 8" 0mm“ Glasgow' 29 Ma" 3" 8pm lrish charts, and each of the vinyl variety and here’s one release since then has ofthe most benign kind. the ultimate ' . COOSOlldalCd hCiPOSlllon muscle and mind relaxant. These are as one "mm m0“

expressive singers around.

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Cowboy Junkies. and this is their album, The Caution Horses.

‘1 don‘t know if“lush" is the right term,‘ says Junkies‘ mainman Michael Timmins oftheir third album. ’There‘s a lot more arrangements and orchestration on this album we wanted to highlight the arrangements between all eight instruments'now, which we didn‘t concentrate on too much on Trinity Session‘.

A master ofthe understatement. that Michael Timmins. Trinity Session is the legendary album the band recorded in 14 hours in a

well as passions with her forthright views on life in Ireland.

Uncertain Pleasures. her new album. as well as being an engrossing listen in its own right, is a thumbed nose at anyone who might presume to pigeonhole her in any one style. With a telling contribution from guitarist Peter Glenister, formerly the musical director ofTerence Trent

as or: .1 < 2 a) w < .1 U h or: x .1 O u. I!) or: Q ' D‘Arby‘s band (l), and . . The Cauld Blast Orchestra came into the diverse backgrounds ol the players , Wm, b church tn thetr hometown of < i t y d t I I H h themselves Eve bod bro" M W? 50085 _y T ‘. H. l '3 8X 3 ence 38.3 .un am?" a D an "i e . ° W y g Fairground Attraction s oronto using a so 1 ary a rec g 10.".an amstic creatlon or dliterent qualities to the band Mark E. Nevin, the album Soundlldd Amblsfmcc Microphtmc- x Communicado’s controversial theatre Norman, tor example, with his lolk crosses musical The TCSPlFS W?” “Sgbfcalhlakmg ‘15 0 project Jock Tamson’s Balms, but the background, would play the same boundaries with almost the Situation “8805‘?- O musicians have decided to keep the phrase in an entirely dillerent way lrom every track- Perhaps the N0?" fof The C“(““0"'H0"‘“"~ group going independently of the Steve Kettley, who comes trom a tree . mos‘guncxbpcé‘cggnf d“: {3 ;l‘,"‘k‘e,5 lenfv‘i‘f‘mlm‘drgo ' , a) original show. Composer Karen jazz background, and both would work gm: Ra: Timmins Yocels m as Ethereal c1 Wimbush admits that she ‘always hart equally well, and lll together. That kind . . - b and lalntive as ever but With the z r - - deS'St Pete Br'quwcr “t ' dd l; l f; d: d, _ the Intention oi playlng In a purely ol thing happened a lot— everybody mm are also renditions ?T F, a; 0”? 0 ff :1“? ‘9 “ICE” "‘8 l5" musical context as well. The theatre seemed very in tune with the music, of ‘Heartbreak Hotel‘, rrmty 63310" is 6‘ mile Y}! 3 can be limiting tor musicians, although and with each other.’ Jaggcrahd Richards 9".“0'” fecfwmg: agrees , it provides a uselul avenue lor The Orchestra, who took their name ‘Mothcr‘s Little Helper: M‘Cf‘ad Intdnf'f‘blgnf rem-“1‘”? composition and playing.’ hunt a song by Burns in the show, will (a!) exccl'lci" chsg‘ofigw'm You W gong” Sud‘im “"C?‘ 50"“ t The eight piece, multi-instrument be playing compositions by other band ali'ddécgdlgqgé I‘m“ "mot c 5‘“ ‘0}:0‘ Fry dnd’ddd band - Karen Wimhurst and Steve members as well as the music lrom fit‘ffin ,hyc (Sigma, 0t more Wing“? lfif L songs. d lot Kettley on saxophone, clarinet and Jock Tamson’s Bairns in their concert as though it was mzrccspace, h.’ 0 I d. llute, Jack Evans on guitars, mandolin guise, and will eventually set aside always intended that v '1‘ hso 'I: '2‘ at firmtoné‘id‘ P? “l and whistles, lain Johnstone on piano, their origins and stand up as a way), Mama Cases ‘1 can “tee 5’5 e emdm‘on' ‘1“. W.“ M tuba and accordion, Ron Shaw on completely separate unit. ‘That is what Dream. Can‘t I‘ and PCTCCPF‘VC “’0” 6’ Coal???“ ‘ff‘h cello, Anne Wood on violin, Mike we all want,’ Karen conllrms. ‘Almost Hoagy Carmlshacl's ‘l :faggertlgg 6:15}? 9f“ iffiCksrl/liks $1"! Travis on drums and percussion, and everyone in this band writes, and we all 00‘ Along, W'mf’u.‘ Y0“ fogs; lat t, 5A :95 day h timingl The List’s very own Norman Chalmers want to contribute our own music to the Vet’jlxcqm’:$f$§t:fm "'3" 65 ‘H a" w ‘1’” 58'” on concertina and whistles-lruittully group. The response to the music was ,8; (AlistairMabbou) ‘” :1 '93 KAY '1‘ tot” 50” - A and a combines a bewildering array ot always very positive, which was one at ' 0’ as d '5de 5‘3.” C‘VCh“ _ musical sources, ranging across lolk, the things which encouraged us to ' , M g. ! ;’“”?A’" c y 5‘“ “C P°l9gy~ m jazz, classical, theatrical and even continue.’ (Kenny Mathleson) gagegf'fs. 2w" fo“ {imam S?me “traffic rock, but without slotting into any. Cauld Blast Orchestra, Assembly “fail” 13,3,th 0,, "0" 0 “ma” cc ' ( mg “ml = ‘I wanted to incorporate elements Rooms, Edinburgh, 24 Mar, 8.30pm; Sam M'ammuhe Cowboy Junkies play the Pavilion, E lrom Scottish lolk music, but it quickly Riverside Club, Glasgow, 25 Nlar, Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow on Wed 28. l___‘ I broadened out trom there, and reflects 8.30pm. Glasemwudldau Mar.

The List 23 March 5 April 1990 29