4879) Lisa Stanlleld. 19 Apr; Faith No More, 22 Apr,

(041 332 1846) Solid Silver



n (:K CLEANING UP IN - ' ' , ; u, IGOLASGOW COUNTRY CIaiziiliigrglfWaFtii; Escalator BARROWLAND (041 226 OverThe Hill (JCOA) Fleur

Carnivore marks a return to form for one ofthe most

lnspiral Carpets, 24 Apr; distinctive composers in Adeva. 28 Apr, James, 15 contemporary 1822. May. following some

I GLASGOW PAVILION disappointingly bland

Sextet albums. A superb

SOC. 15 Apr; The ink Spots, improvising big band

22 Apr. (including Andy

I GLASGOW SECC(OS1557 Sheppard. Christof Lauer. 6969) Metallica. 25 May; Lew Soloff, Frank Lacy Belinda Carllsle, 8Jun. and Gary Valentc) do lull IGLASGOW TNAMWAY justice to hertypically (0412275511)Paris, exotic writing and

Airlca. 25 Apr—1 May. ‘1 arrangements. JCOA also I LIVINGSTON FORUM x5; _ , , it; h, _ issue her massive

(0505 419191)J0thr0 Til". _ .. _--v,.:\~u;' . .. figs-.3 o, . 1 . .3‘ . 3i , _' ff"; _. g - Escalator Over The Hill allay. Y , forthc firsttimc on CD. I EDINBURGH Exmgmou Ste'daytpf "0‘ long 390 at “333‘- Mary Margaret 0 Hare and The COWDO The collaboration with CENTRE (031 557 6969) they were “Will 0" potatoes and 0'88" Junkies, but I think we made the right Paul Haines and the Jazz. kenny Rogers. 5Jun. 9999975 after "10‘1an tr0"" Walla. move. We thought the music in Britain CQmPOSCr'S Orchestra is I EDINBURGH PLAYHOUSE North Ontario, to Glasgow. Today, would be more to a", "king than in LA’ Widely regarded as one of

(031 557 2590) James Last. 9-10 Apr; Five Star. “Apr; Yngwie Maimsteen. 19 Apr; New Kids On The Block (Sold Out); Mark Knopller's Netting Hillbillies. 28 Apr;

the most successful large-scale works in jazz. and while some of its more fashion-oriented sections have undoubtedly dated. it remains an impressive

they’re clustered around a cellphone In a Carditi hotel, hallway through a 45-date tourwith Martin Stephenson and The Dalntees, and somewhat worse tor the eiiects at a hitherto

or somewhere. We asked around in Canada, and iunnily, a lot at people suggested Glasgow.’

It’s surprising to note that they’ve only played about ten times in their

While no longer the best kept secret from over the Silvery Tay. Michael

THEATRE (0236 732887) Aly Baln s Phil Cunningham. 17

Edinburgh Harp Festival. 9 Apr; Battlelield Band, 11 Apr; Louisiana Music, 13

Apr; Dutch Swing College Band. 27 Apr; Courtney Pine

May; 88CSSO/Stravinsky, 16. 19Jun.

Edinburgh Youth Orch, 15 Apr; Kevoclt Choir. 21 Apr; ERCU/iippett. 5 May: 8N0 Prom 00. 2 Jun. 5—9 Jun.

so 'i‘heiist it M’ttieh; 5' Xti'ni 1666

HALL (031 2281155)Foster'

‘Mayhe this will stop some people labelling me

have just split up. so i'vc got my old bass play cr back. and my brother


adaptation of his music

play ing. but i do appear. They thought I looked just

Mu hue! Murru /)/(i\ \ ('tmi/n'rmm/t/ 'I/tt-tm't' ml '/ ill' .37 (“til the .Vtt'llr'r.

(r/ttyt‘lrm rm I‘l’ifl)

we had to get up and leave. 0n the serious side oi things, we thought we’d

that aspect. There have been a law bands recently who have managed to stay in Canada and do really well, like

to drive some people very wild indeed. Even in Cardiil. (Alastair Mabbott)

Theatre, Edinburgh on Fri 23 and the Henry Wood Hall, Glasgow on Sat 24 and Sun 25.

Apr; Granuame {the (‘hristoplter.who is a

mend“ voyage. 15AM; brilliant musician. plays

Eddie Gomez Quinta" 20 guitar. We've also girl the , m drummer from I)el

’3? ,u: \

preparing to support Curiosity Killed the Cat? Foolhardy in the extreme, or

Quartet, 4 May; Jon's tilts illst recorded Holland gig Band. 2241 \\ ith Richard Thompson. August. and filming will start _. r I EDmBURGH ughgn shortly on the television _ 5%

release at Worldwide’s double A-sided

single ‘High Destination'/ ‘No Need to Lie' in early April, iollowed by a string at gigs in the Glasgow area and as iar

lormat ls ‘Fire in the Sky’, an acoustic version oi ‘Smoke on the Water’. And

Worldwide support Curiosity Killed the Cat at Strathclyde University on Sat 24 Mar and play in their own right at the Videodrome, Glasgow on Sun 1 Apr.

Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown. 27 M1 at - u .‘ in, . ,y .1 . unknown We'Sh beef. F'Ve GUYS adopted city. Jonathon Evans, achievement twenty years Apr; Suzanne Vega, 5 May; il1J::i:j;::lilt|;llC;tsas“; ‘“ ) Named MOO are on the way up, and no.3tnger and gultarist, confirms that on. (Kenny Mathteson) Heart. 8May;.le118eck songwritcrund pianist. what With their lUSCiOUS RCA GGOUt (the thatreafly moves were ta|f|y tentattve. I Bobby Watsonzme Gullerhop. 9 my: and his unpretentioust "'3' “"9'9' Fatwa" was a" ‘We looked around in Glasgow lor Inventor/Rick Margitza: ='Eg&:'gb:86:'uys‘flm confident vocal delivery itt attention-getter Oh theirown N0 M08 about slx months betore we hand a color (Blue Note) pumm

a normal. that is tosay Records), Sellish Days set ior release new drummer and rehearsed enough to without cruelty as accent have n”! 9 CX‘MttCS DitVtS tcnurist Lo. Low“. )‘Cl {OlliiLt tth major Mal-gnu, "lakes 3

audi ‘nc th ‘v deserve. w , d .hut f ,Cuscd JAZZ 8‘ FOLK Pttrtiir the r:tlson is his 'Mfig Lunny'iwm 913mm“: mm accents, people think we’re taking the Sg‘mig‘fi’mfcd “Thing I ousoow CITY HALL "mummy ‘0 Show”! 20”,“ we?" etmkas :w d er “883 skills. while his east of (041227 5511) 93mm.” hyper and part is the fact "m9 c a" 0 9V 03' and vow Meg’s and Jonathon’s voices blend Brecker associate and. 6 Apr. mm his “my album was. duties withher present band, inserts like Paddy and Wendy of Pre'ab sprout Sidcmcn concentrate on . GLASGOW 9mm" retensea )~F;trsliltl1(l)\tlr3i ts" tier tor'tgue l: hfhr caeek lgr long enough on .Semsh navy, and mars not even mamg mm“. rum” tau” (0413321846)Foster& "‘3 It’lltlfr d‘d' i It: I 0 exp atn W y. 8 088 ’ecided tO set the best thing abom it. Buy n at once, usual shots-oilstu . Allon.19_20 Apr; Amtad A" n?“ (’l‘1L,tPu'inlngl.‘_i“ L OD NOUSO here In January and take my word that completed tracks there s alsoanothcr

( midi [hi/rm) )ltl . tson ' en 0‘.“th 0m rm , (mm Khan. 21 Jun. .1 _ I . We re pretty iamous In Canada, and "am the album suggesuhat “.8 going i . ‘1 ' _ e I CUMBERNAULD ‘h‘ ““3' we couldn’t go out in the daytime, so Queen 51‘4"“le

Watson. fronting his excellent octet Horizon on

A r;Tomm Smith, 21 Ma . under "F‘HRH' “‘5 Yer). . . a post-bop set that's more :50.“qu (NEWS ' much it rock sounding Put ourselves In fl bettermUSIC scene, Five Guys Named Moe support Martin an ebullient exercise in '1“.me 5682019) album. Danny Wilson because Canada 3 relatively young In Stephenson at the George square textural variety than a

showcase for his own undoubted alto virtuosity. (Trevor Johnston)

i and Aug". 22 Apr, Tea and dance collaboration "ea", Band. 15"". ytith Frank .\1c(‘onnell..~t i Ht’t’ Home 1‘70"! Hmrit’. s ' 5:91:13}: "it"Tsnlflruucnrl i ~33“ I Andrew Hill: Eternal - ° .C JC‘ "" CC ' ‘~ S irit Blue Note Th1 I GLASGOW CITY HALL 8'5 "ill-“C1” dll'CCl‘" 0” “Q? s ltfng-ziwaitcd reiurnlio the (041227 5511) Jill)“ Bymc‘“ {OWN '“P t” l c i Blue Vote fold for the SNO/Martinu' 7Apr; Pops at 'I'urti l’rutli. the country .nigntmic Homiommom the Phil. 8Apr; and western epic. Your i 7. -. .‘ . . SCO/Maxwell Davies. 11 (‘ht’uiin' Hr'ttrl. 'l ald‘mft [Tulch thdxgu‘m Apr; Leningrad 80,12Apr; arranged the music. I It citch cnccft) Ls. SCO/Handel. 13 Apr; EC . taught the band to play. " 1‘“ 1 lllgt‘llwgultpftli .QLIUL’ Youth Orch. 24 Apr; i produced the soundtrack V Si 6‘ - )L'j'SIde" Glasgow Phoenix Choir, andlhc album. The : 1 .\ or". . .. iv n;:f:;:]];ri‘:?nL(: . ~ , . s' gt ‘. mistresses 12311235121}slifihi’h.tWhatcanwusavaboutabandwho eastasnosvm-Toconwsemeissue May: Pops “the Phil. 27 hand (“wheat rm “m I have lust opened to, The pa“ and are iurlher, the main attraction 01 the 12m Hutchcrson. contribute to

a set ofcharactcristically elusive Hill compositions.

I EDINBURGH USHER fight for one scene. conlident at a staggeringly widespread all this lrom the label that brought us Sistiz'fiétilchybthfrd NALL(OS12281155) Washing dishes.‘ , a gal? We'll soon 333 wt th WBtWBtWGt. Weird. i . . ' ‘, .. SNOIMertlnu, 6AM; (Norman (‘huImct-ct ' pp ' m e persona, ultcrc soursvycct

lyricism floats along on a constantly swirling percussive undercurrent. A gem. ('i‘revorJohnston)