Nurse! Nurse! Where am I? What‘s happening? Help me!

All right calm down. now breathe slowly. relax and look at these two pages. There. that‘s better isn‘t it?

Ooh yes. gawd bless you miss.

Right. that‘s it. doctor. put him back on the rack!

I FIDDLIN' upalrenzy wherever they go. Pierre Le Roe and his pals play cajun. bluegrass. R&B and anything elsethatcomes into their heids. Though the band hailstromthe arid plains olNew Mexicorather thanthe swampland ot Louisiana. they sound none the worse lor it. Le Ru: play the Venue. Edinburgh.?8 Mar. King Tut'sWahWah Hut. Glasgow, 31 Mar and The Mucky Duck. Shotts.1 Al".See Rock Listings page 31.


I KNEELIN knude. Beneath the ornate marble lireplace olThe List. ourintamous ‘nude correspondent‘ bewailsthe loss olhis contact lenses. The photograph. which was taken in the Edinburgh office at this very organ long betore we occupied it, is lrom Acts. an exhibition ot work by Alasdair Foster at the Hillside Gallery Edinburgh 3—21 Apr. See Art Listings page 59.

I MEANWHILE back at the GET. work is nearly

. completed on the second

screen. Cinema Paradiso. which had 'em weeping in the aisles at last year‘s Film Festival. returnsto Scotland. It tellsthe simple but touching tale olone lad's inlatuation with the cinema in smalltown Italy. Edinburgh Cameo lrom 23 Mar. See Film Preview page 15.

I FASHION! Sportingthe troosers that inspired his greatest ever hit. The Laughing Gnome. the Thin-White-Major-Ziggy- Aladdin-Tom-lnsane-Doctor Bowie will be dropping in out at the sky to lngliston on 23 Mar. See Music

Preview page 25.

I DENIAL worklromthe Brown Bottle School of Dentistry. Aye pal! Kick Boxing UK style will be on shoe, sorry show at

Bellahouston Sports Centre.

Glasgow 24 Mar. Apparently. the UK version is more retinedthanthat practised in Thailand. and what could be more relined than putting on a pairol boots. some gloves and kicking lumps out oleach other? Reading an Iain Banks novel perhaps? Unlikely. See Sport Listings page 54.

I GET your head down or the critics'll see us. Stallone and co. do an ostrich act in the hope that poor notices will passlhem by. Still. at least no-one will kick sand in theirlaces. Tango and Cash. thelilm

thatlired director

Konchalovsky hallway through shooting. will be at Glasgow and Edinburgh Cannonslrom 23 Mar. See Film Index page 22.

I 00H warra lovely song thar is! The Royal National Theatre's production oi Single Spies. Alan Bennett's double bill oi plays relating the lite ottwo contirmed batchelors.

2 comes to Glasgow's Theatre

Royal 24 Apr. See Theatre Listings page 43.

l l

I LINDA McCartney has the lirst exhibition in Scotland otherphotographs atthe Talbot Rice Art Gallery 31 Mar—1 May. This one captures her ever-youthful husband. Paul. See Art Listings page 59.

2 The List 23 March 5 April 1990