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RETURN OF THE KILLER CARRDTS? What are the dangers that may be associated with eating iood that had been exposed to radiation in order to kill bacteria? How is iood irradiated? What commercial interests are involved? Food irradiation, iarirom being a new development, has actually been around ior 40 years, but general interest about it has only now been amused by the proposals that the technique should be used to treat iood on an industrial scale. Dr Paisan Loaharanu will be addressing these questions on 5 April.

He will hope to address some oi the popular misconceptions about the dangers oi the technique. ‘Technology

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“Everything surrounding us- even our bodies - radiate.‘ He hopes to show that irradiation is a periectly natural process. All irradiation is a physical transier ot energy. Microwaves, ior example are a certain type oi radiation, simply at a diiierent wavelength irom the gamma-rays used to treat iood. Many people were worried about the dangers oi microwave ovens when they were iirst introduced. People demanded to know the iacts about them, and eventually decided that the convenience oi microwave ovens outweighed any health risk. The important thing is to iniorm people oi the potential risks trom irradiation and then allow them to make up their own


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Vt ,4 ’;‘ Egriirzb-U-rgl‘ A: t Centre, 2 Market Street. Edinburgh 28 Fcorusr y - 33am

Monday Saturday texclucimg Thruscinyi. lOnm-S 30pm ' .' (My. 'Qa'vs-gpt“ Sunday 1? noon-SOOpr‘i 5‘1 for -1(’-1![3.63:)‘Qr Chalcrcc .1"C rec-cessor‘s


has to be put in perspective,’ he says, "'Ws- ("au'lc'o sum!) 5 c ie n ce F O R B I D D E N . . FLANET Fiction 103m_6_30pm; sun 2pm_6.3()pm. explore the man/machine interface. How Booksho Listed below are exhibitions. tours, and human can maChlncs become? HOW p

events that will be running during the maChlnc'llkc arc human bi30185? *

festival. Not all of them cover the whole S-Belmad'h%° sum” National Gallery Of * D o s | 7 festival riod, so be sure to check the C0! 3" t ‘3 Mound, 2‘16 APR - dates. pc 10am-5pm, free. An exhibition mounted B u c I r." l s L ,' c a o s sun‘s”: I w A y I Discovery Dome Princes Street Gardens, by the conservation department of the s t. a s s o w i r: o i it a o n s a

29 March-” May, 9.3Oam_6pm. Gallery will explain the scientific D 4 l - 3 3| 12 l l ' o 3 | . s s 1 o 4 2 s £1_50(£1)_ A hands_on cxhibition‘ techniques and processes used in the

demonstrating some basic scientific lNVCStlgalion 0f Paintings Wider

phenomena. restoration.

I 3mm. my 1mm“... afewlng I Science Film Festival The Filmhouse, present

Fountain Brewery, Fountainbridge,031 229 9377, tickets from venue, 2—16 Apr, Mon—Fri, 10.15am—2.15pm. A guided tour of traditional brewing in the city over the past 200 years.

I Test for Lead in Drinking Water Chemistry Department. King’s Buildings, 031 667 1081 ext 3457. 2—12 Apr, 9am—5pm. Have your drinking water analysed free of charge. Bring a sample labelled with your name and address to the reception area of

the Chemistry Department. Results will be posted out (please supply SAE).

I Sensory Appraisal: Taste Panel Testing. Queen Margret College, 36 Clerwood Terrace. 2—6 Apr, 10am—5pm, free. Visitors will be able to find out why some peOple are better than others at assessing food products and will see the procedures which are used to determine a good

I itallan Food and Wine Tastings College of Physicians, 9 Queen Street, Tickets: 031 556 6066, 2-3 Apr, 2pm—9.30pm. ltalian delicatessen, Valvona & Crolla, will be organising a series of tastings and lectures over a 2-day period on ltalian wine, olive oil and cheese.

I The Brainchild Viewforth Church Hall. 104 Gilmore Place, 2-7 Apr. 7.30pm—8.25pm,£2.50(£1.50). A play which uses the language of technology to

Lothian Road, 2—21 Apr. Full details from Box Office: 031 228 2688, £1—£3. A season of films and lectures: Metropolis (1926); Frankenstein (1932); DrJekyll and Mr Hyde(1932); Them.’(l954); The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957); The Fly (1958); The Crazies (1973); andAltered States (1980).

I Scotch Whisky- The Continuing Story 9L10 Salamander Place. 2,9 April 2.30pm-5pm;4, 11 Apr 7pm—9pm;6, 13 Apr 10am—1pm; £1 (50p). Trevor Cowan and Donald Mackinlay discuss the turbulent history of scotch whisky and examine the qualities that make it so famous. Includes tour of blending and bottling plant.

I Understanding Food and Food Allergies Royal Society, 22—24 George Street, Details from Science Festival. 031 228 4756. £10 per day, evening lectures £3. A three-day symposium of lectures given by internationally renowned experts. Each day will have a different theme.

I Scotch Whisky at Work Bus leaves from West Register House. Charlotte Square at 2pm and returns at 5pm. 3, 5, 10. 12, Apr. £1. See a distillation process that has changed little since the Scots first started making Scotch Whisky.

I Glenkinchie Distillery and Museum 3. 10 Apr 2pm—5pm, £1. A trip to the lowlands‘

ANNE McCAFFREY signing her new novel RENEGADES OF PERN on 1 1th April

In Edinburgh 12.30—1.30pm; in Glasgow 5—6pm


signing their new novel

THE BARSOOM PROJECTon 13th April together with CHRIS CLAREMONT signing his first novel F/RSTFLIGHT at the same time.


Edinburgh 12.30—1.30pm In Glasgow 5—6pm



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