Back on course

'I‘hc Watcrcoursc rccord lzihcl. which was sct to launch in May ol‘last ycar. and thcn was promptly put in ahcyancc hcl‘orc any ol‘ thc initial rclcascs actually saw thc light of day. is sct to makc its dclaycd puhlic dchut at thc cnd ol' April. 'l'hc funding dil‘l‘icultics which ahortcd initial takc-oll‘ hayc now hccn oycrcomc. at lcast to thc cxtcnt ol‘ pcrmitting thc l'our rccordings alrcady in thc can to hc rclcascd.

According to [)ayid (ialhraith. jointly rcsponsihlc for thc ycnturc with Rogcr Spcncc. Watcrcoursc offer an outch for unorthodox ncw music in Scotland. in rcsponsc to ‘initiatiycs which hayc comc l'rom thc musicians thcmsclycs‘. and thc initial hatch of rclcascs is both yaricd and cxotic cnough to justify that claim.

Jazz pianist (‘hick l.yal| and Norwcgian saxman 'l‘orc Brunhorg combine in an cyocatiyc duo on "l‘hc Tilting Ground“. classical pianist Jamcs (‘lappcrton plays his own l‘olk-l‘layourcd compositions on ‘Addrcss to thc Dc‘il' (.lamcs has ; also dccidcd to l'orsakc his ‘too ' acadcmic‘ post-graduatc coursc in 5 Buffalo. and is rcturning to work in Europc). whilc David‘s hrothcr. : virtuoso classical gttitarist Paul I (ialhraith. intcrprcts thc music ol~ i Mcxican composcr .‘ylanucl l’oncc. 'l'hc now rathcr datcd samplcr ‘Maion’ ((iaclic l‘or 'trcasurc‘) complclcs thc linc-tip.

Suhscqucnt t'clcascs arc likcly to includc a Collaboration hctwccn rccdsman Dick l.cc and pipcr Nich Richards. and ( 'lappcrton’s yihrant intcrprctation ol‘ l-‘innissy‘s ‘\'crdi 'l'ranscriptions‘. with morc in thc pipclinc. including a possihlc »» but still unconlirmcd rccording with thc hand from ('ommunicado‘s ‘Jock 'l'amson‘s Bairns‘.

llthat sounds likc running hcl'orc thcy can walk. David (ialhraith I countcrs with thc asscrtion that 'thcrc is no point in gctting ol'l' thc ground il‘wc thcn hayc nothing to follow it up‘. \Vc wish thcm wcll in thc ycnturc. (Kcnny Mathicson) l Watcrcoursc hay c announccd an ' oll‘icial rclcasc datc ol’ 21 Apr.

25'l‘hc List 6— 1‘) April l‘)‘)(l



? Hard on the heels at his lirst solo LP,

‘Read My Lips’, Jimmy Somerville

' embarks on a live-date mini-tour, with

1 Glasgow as the only Scottish date,

; although unlike other expatriate pop stars, it's not a city he sees in a

particularly romantic light.

Attercancelling the tourwhich was

supposed to take place earlier this

year, Somerville wasn't planning to go 3

'out on the road again, but these dates

were set up to raise money for ACTUP- Aids Coalition To Unleash Power.

Started by Larry Kramer, the playwright whose ‘The Normal Heart’

was one of the earliest works to take

Aids as its subject, ACTUP is an

organisation devoted to direct,

deliberately disruptive action, armed

with the slogan ‘Action Equals Lite’.

Too much emphasis, they leel, has been placed on death in discussions aboutAids. One oltheir most celebrated lorays was an invasion of the Wellcome Foundation shareholders’ meeting in protest at the prohibitively high prices at the controversial treatment AZT, and Somerville has paid ACTUP more than mere lip service, joining them on several demonstrations.

Forthe tour, the tirsttime he has stepped out under his own name, he promises all the tavourites lrorn his

; days with Bronski Beat and The

Communards,who splitlast year. (AlastairMabbott)

Jimmy Somerville plays the

Barrowland, Glasgow on Saturday 14.

Loath as we are to blow our own trumpets, we‘re looking torward to Thurs 19, as the winners at the ‘List‘/McEwans Lager 1989 demo tape i competition are playing a special ,tripIe-A-sided gig at Fury Murry’s.

Big Strauss, the winners, have just completed a shorttourol the north-west of England, where one DJ 1 from the newly-Iegalised KFM station in Manchester saw them and raved, ‘I've seen the Stones and I‘ve seen The Beatles, and these guys are in the same league', orwords to that etlect. . After playing one pub, they were torcedl by the owners and the punters to stay over and play another show the lollowing lunchtime—which they I agreed to, underthreat 01 having their tyres let down. I

Kith and Kin had already started to create a stir belore the competition I results were announced. What with having two members at The Critter Hill 5 Varmints in their ranks, they couldn’t

help but be an exciting live band, and itheirtape, which showed them moving

The last waltz

4*. .4 " 7 ' .- in a more mainstream, buts I energetic, direction, has been listened to with interest— not just locally, but by major record companies in London.

Last Minute have been playing the Edinburgh area regularly since the beginning at the year, including a headline date at the Venue. None at our judges had had any experience at them live, but the lrenetic clash at percussion, guitar and popping bass on the tape was enough to ensure them a place.

Last year's was a well-attended and well-received show. We've no doubt that this one will be even better.

Big Strauss, Kith and Kin and Last Minute play Fury Murry's, Glasgow on Thurs 19.


I GLASGOW BARROWLAND(041226 4679) Faith No More. 22 Apr; Inspiral Carpets, 24 Apr; Adeva. 26 Apr; James. 15 May; Big Country. 20 May.

I GLASGOW HAMPDEN PARK (041 227 5511) Rolling Stones. 9July.

I GLASGOW PAVILION (041 332 1846) The Ink Spots, 22 Apr; Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, 30 May.

I GLASGOW SECC(031557 6969) Metallica, 26 May: Belinda Carlise, 6June; Sinead O'Connor,19June; The Christians, 3 Dec.

I GLASGOW TRAMWAY (041227 5511) Paris, Alrica: Cheba Fadela, 25 Apr; Saaba, 26 Apr; Papa Wemba, 27 Apr; Ali Farka Toure, 28 Apr; Kaba Mane. 29 Apr; Saaba, 1 May.

I EDINBURGH PLAYHOUSE (031557 2590) Mark Knoptler's Notting Hillbillies, 26 Apr; Roy ‘Chubby' Brown. 27 Apr; Suzanne Vega, 5 May; John Denver. 6 May; Heart. 8 May;Jet1 Beck Guitar Shop. 9 May; Hit Man Roadshow. 10 May; Magnum. 28 May; Hothouse Flowers, 30 May: Sinead O'Connor. 20June; The Christians. 1 Dec.


I EDINBURGH QUEEN‘S HALL (031 668 2019) Eddie Gomez Quintet. 20 Apr; Dutch Swing College Band. 27 Apr; Courtney Pine Quartet. 4 May; Davey

Spillane Band. 7 May: John

Fenyo, 22 May.19June.

Martyn. 19 Maszools Holland Big Band. 22431 August

IEDINBURGH USHER HALL (031 228 1155) Foster and Allen. 22 Apr; Capercaille. 17 May;Ted Heath Band. 18 May.

I EDINBURGH PLAYHOUSE (0315572590)James Galway and The Chiettans. 7June.


I GLASGOW CITY HALL (041227 5511) EC Youth Orch. 24 Apr; Glasgow Phoenix Choir. 25—27Apr: SCD/Mozart. 2 May; Moscow Radio SD. 20 May; Pops at the Phil, 27 May; BBCSSO/Stravinsky. 16. 19 June.

I GLASGOW KELVIN HALL (041227 5511) SND Proms 90.15—16.19—23.26—30 June.

I GLASGOW PAVILION (0413321846)AmjadAIi Khan. 21 June; Ravi Shankar, BJuIy.

I EDINBURGH QUEEN'S HALL (031 668 2019) SCO/Beethoven. 21 Apr: SCO/Haydn, 28 Apr; Philomusica, 29 Apr; Gusztav Fenyo, 1 May; SCO/Mozart, 3 May; Steven lsserlis/Peter Evans. 8 May; Scottish EnsemblefTommy Smith, 13 May; Gusztav