CELLAR BAR Rutland Place, Edinburgh 031 229 3402

Scotland's leading folk venue

Sunday 8 Muckle Ado

Monday 9 Absent Friends

Tuesday 10 Miro

Wednesday 11 Zydeco

Thursday 12 North Sea Gas

Sunday 15 Muckle Ado

Monday 16 Absent Friends

Tuesday 17 Miro

Wednesday 18 Allan Johnston

Thursday 19 North Sea Gas

Evening Performances

Open until lam


The Harp Festival runslrom Thurs 5-Wed 11. and is not at all limited to lolkmusic. Classical. light jazz and Paraguayan music are all included. and classes. lectures and workshops cover the whole live days. See Listings. orthe Harp Festival Programme. available at the Pleasance Theatre orthe Festival Club.

In ‘Tweed Journey‘. commissioned by the Borders Festival at Ballads and Legends last year. Savouma Stevenson. pictured with bassist Neil Hay and keyboard player Foss Paterson. lurther develops nerwriting lorthe

small harp or clarsach. in the modern group idiom oi electric bass. keyboards. sax. drums and percussion. each instrument being added at each new part at the hour-long piece. With a beautilully engineered solution. in the shape ola new lever system. to the small harp‘s inherent lack ol chromaticism. and with electronic amplilication. Stevenson is taking the instrument into new harmonic and rhythmic territory. although there is the danger in the Iaterparts ol losing the shimmering overtones ot the beautilul solo opening.

Princes Street.

9.3(lprn— l 2.30am. l-"ree. Cheerful folkies.

I L'Odeon George [V Bridge. 8.30pm. Duelling banjo and fiddle. mandolin and guitar.

I Royal Oak Infirmary Street. 9pm till late. Singer Nancy Nicholson also plays the melodeon.


I Younger‘s Tartan Special Lunchtime Concert Teviot Bar. 1—2pm. llappyllour 1—2pm. Free. New songs and rootsy fiddle and guitar from Andy Lang and Mhairi O'Neill.

I Harp Festival Workshop Pleasance Theatre Lounge. The Pleasance. 2—3.15pm. Arranging popular music for the harp. with Louise Trotter. I Younger's Tartan Special Teatime Concert Teviot Bar. 5.3lH».3l)pm. Happy Hour S.3ll--b.3l)pm. l-‘ree. Stravaig are four women unaccompanied harmony singers. concentrating. but not exclusively. on traditional material.

I Harp Festival Concert Queen's l lall. (‘lerk Street. 7.30- lllpm. £6 (centre stalls); £4 (all other areas) available in advance. Doorsopen (v.3llpm. Barand Snacks. Leading British orchestral player Sioned Williams with ('aroline l’ranklyn on flute. and Breton harp professor Dominig Bouchaud.

I 'Travelling Folk' Debating l lall.

38Thefist r»— 19 April i990

7.15—9.3(lpm. l-‘ree. Doors open b.45pm. .\'() admission alter 7.15pm. Tickets available from licstival Box ()fficc or BB(‘ (ilasgoyv in advance - by post or toeallers. Presented by Archie l-isher and Danny Kyle. Live recording and transmission of Scotland’s national folk music programme with guest bluesmen Carolina Shout and harp and guitar duo Maire Ni Chathasaigh and Chris Newman.

I Milnes BarSongwriter Series Milnes Bar. Hanover Street. l)--l lprn. liree. Songs with fiddle and guitar from new duo Andy Lang and Mhairi 0' Neill.

I Festival Cabaret Park Room. lll.3()pm-- lani. £4 (£3.50). Top flight guitar and mandolin player Steve Tilston also plays the rarely heard bowed guitar. Plus songwriter and unpigeonholeable singer Sally Barker.

Non Folk Festival

I Linlithgow Folk Club Black Bitch Tavern. West Port. Linlithgow. Hpm. Robin Laing is an original. philosophical songwriting talent out of lidinburgh. I Fiddlers Arms (irassmarket. ‘)~ l 1pm. Scottish tunes on accordion and fiddle.

I The Green Tree ('owgate. livening. Session till 13.30am.

I FotkAt L'Attache

L'Attachc. basement of

Rutland Hotel. West End

. of Princes Street. 9pm.

Free. Absent Friends.


I Younger's Tartan Special

Lunchtime Concert Teviot Bar. 1—2pm. llappyHour l--2pm. Free. Singer Eddie Walker and guitarist John James get together somewhere between country. folk and blues in Carolina Shout.

I Harp Festival Workshop Pleasance Theatre Lounge. The Pleasance. Bill Morgan and Ray (‘ardigan are skilled players of the Paraguyan Harp.

I Younger's Tartan Special Teatime Concert Teviol Bar. 5.30-6.45pm. l-‘ree. Tom McConville. Northumbrian fiddler and singerofquality.

I A Celebration at Women Debatingllall. 7.3(L-lllpm. £3.5ll(£3) available in advance.

I Harp Festival Recital Pleasance Theatre Lounge. The Pleasance. 7—8pm. l’ree. lintry by

ticket only. available at H"

(‘lub. chiot Royy. (‘oncert harp and small harp performances from lain Hood. Judith Peacock. Gail Ross and HeatherYule. I Harp Festival Open Platlorm l’lcasance Theatre Lounge. The Pleasance. liree. Singer in the group ('eolbeg. Davey Steele brings along some musical friends.

I Milnes BarSongwriter Series Milnes Bar. Hanover Street. 9- 1 1pm. Free. Fine fiddling and sure singing from Tom McConville.

I Festival Cabaret Park Room. ll).3l)pm--lam. £4 (£3.50). (ireat. authentic

black blues from a master.

David 'Honeyboy' Edwards

takes charge. with

assistance from jazz. celtic

tusron or fission band Keltz. with Sean O'Rourke in their midst.

Non Folk Festival I Miro L'Altache. basement of Rutland Hotel. West lind. Resident fast folk band. flutes. fiddles and occasional songs.

IThe Retugees Negociants. Bristo Square. 9pm. Strikingly original. contemporary sounding songs from zany American youth. with acoustic and electric guitar backing.


I Younger‘s Tartan Special Lunchtime Concert Teviot Bar. i Q. ISpm. Happy Hour l~~2pm. Free. l-‘ine singer with guitar accompaniment. Lorraine Jordan and Johnny Cradden are steeped in Irish music. I Harp Festival Workshop Pleasance Theatre Lounge. The Pleasance. 2~3.15pm. £2 (£1 ). Breton Harp with Dominig Bouchaud.

I Younger's Tartan Special Teatime Concert Teviol Bar. 5.30—6.3(me. Happy lloiir5.3()—h.3llpin. Free. Songs and humour from Tich Frier.

I Harp Festival Farewell Ceilidh Pleasance Theatre. 8-] lprn. Free. Harp class students and friends. ITransatlantic Scottish Allstars Concert ()uccn‘s Hall. (‘lerk Street. 7.3(l1tlpm.£5(£4)

available in advance

Doors open (1.3liprii. Bar & Snacks. The Fiddle Puppets are an entertaining traditional

step dance clog tapact from Maryland.

Scotland's popular Battlefield Band. are on a British tour. and the superb and imaginative pipers in the Scotrail Vale


. An enemy olalIWhite HeatherClub-style dancing.

Jamie MacDonald Heid is teaching Scottish lolk dance on the last tour days of the

Folk Festival. ‘lt‘s a course

in the traditional social dances at rural Scotland. as originally danced bythe indigenous population belore the ballroom or Highland games inlluence.‘

he says. It does seem a pity 3 that dance and music, so

interdependent in the evolution at traditional culture, have become so separated in lolk lestivals. although this seems to be more at a lault in Britain than abroad. Round the comer at the dance venue in Chambers Street Union. with the country. Morris and clog dancing. you will lind the spectaculartraditional dance based Fiddle Puppets lrom the USA (see photo).