GLASGOW Performance

I THIRD EYE CENTRE Sauehiehall Street. 332 7521.

Friday Sat I4 Apr. 7.30pm. £3l£3.5(i). Inspired by Michel Tournier‘s novel. Vendrt'dr. choreographer dancer Julyen Hamilton looks at the relationshipof (‘rusoe and Friday in a theatrical and highly studied solo performance. Hamilton has danced with several innovative companies and is currently

enjoying a substantial reputation in Scandinavia and the Netherlands. Thisis his first performance in Scotland. accompanying the (ilasgow Independent Dance liaster ('ourse. (see below).

I SECC Finnieston ()uay. Tickets ()41 227 5511 or Edinburgh (I31 5572590.

Torvil and Dean with the BussianAllstars 13-19. 20—22 and 25-29 Apr. Kylie and Jason on ice with a lot of Russians skating around as well.

I RSAMD IIXI Renfrew Street. 332 5057. Easter Course Performance Fri 13 Apr. 7.30pm. Free. As a culmination ofthe dance course. those taking part (ofan advanced and professional standard) will

produce an informal performance. open to r

the public. Glasses

I DANCE FACTORY I42 ('alder Street. 423 9430.

The Dance Factory is open for a varieton classes during the week. both evening and davtime. For example. Jazz ( Beginners) at 6.45pm on Mondays. Ballet at (v.45pm on Wednesdays and Ballroom and Latin at 7.30pm on Fridays. There are alsoclasses for children in ballet. tap. modern theatre


dance. llighland dance. baton twirlingand

RAD Ballet. Phone for more details.

I GLASGOW ACADEMY OF DANCE 2 (v. If) Queen Street. 221 (I750.

(‘lasses are held throughout the week in a mirrored and barred studio IlXXIfeet square. £242.80. Phone for detailsof daily classes.

Open Elementary Ballet Mondays 7.30—9pm.

Lunchtime Stretch Tuesdays

12.3(lpni— l . ISpm. (iood for city centre workers.

Beginners Jazz Wednesdays (van—spin. Beginners Tap 'I‘hursday-s5.3tL-o.3tipni. Contemporary Beginners Thursdays (i.3(L-h’pm.

Ballroom Fridays 7—Spm.

I HILLHEAO SECONDARY SCHOOL ()akfield Avenue. nearest underground Kelvin Bridge.

Contemporary Dance with Jane Simpson. Mondays 7—8.3I)pm. £2. Phone 334 334‘) for details.

Jazz Dance with Karen Pasi. Thursdays ONT—Rpm. £25“. Phone 33‘) 4777 for details.

Dance Aerobics with Joanne Borthwick. Thursdays 8—9pm. £2.


(Ll IN \l'ZSS

Still'l'TlSIl B.-\l.l.l’.'l’

_Bi<i r isti AIRWAYS

Balli " iitlil .ltiltti

George Balanchine's


and l ’etipa's .I’AQL'ITA

by .ir'r'arigeirit'iit w ith tIit I'.iitt'rt.iirirrit-iit Corporation

Isl\( i‘S II II'..‘\'I‘RI'L I'TI)I.\‘BI' RUI I Mil—22‘) IIIII. IT—II .\pril 'I'it Is't'I\ from (Will. Discounts available.

a. Q. (5) I router \staivy lilslklt'ltiitM ll ..

\RFS" (14’ JL 3)


50 lIie I.I\I h I” .\pril IUUI)

T'ai Chi with Larry Butler. Beginners and intermediate classes take place on Mondays and beginners and advanced classes on Wednesdays. A term of twelve sessions is £2Il—£3ll. though you can turn up for one lesson on a trial basis. Phone 334 3507 for details.

I SCOTTISH BALLET STUOIO 2(il West Princes Street. 331 2931. Steps ()utclasses are run on a casual basis: adults £20.15”) jtiriitirs£l.5ll.

Contemporary 'I'uesdays (>— 7pm.

Adult Jazz Tuesday s 7.15—8.3tipm. Beginners Contemporary Thursdays 6—7.15pm.

Beginners Ballet I4 yrs and above. Saturdays III—l l . ISam.

Beginners Jazz 14 yrs and above. Saturdays ll.3llam- lpm.

I Glasgow University I iunter I fall West. below the llunterian Mtiseuni. phone 334 4836 for info.

Ballet for Modern Dancers Ian McLeod teaches those of an

Advanced Professional level. Wednesdays III ‘1 1.15am.

I RSAMO Renfrew Street. phone 334 483( for further information.

Glasgow Independent Dance Easter Course Mon‘) Sat l4 Apr. £5“. Forthe third year running. (ilasgow Independent Dance promote a creative Iiaster course for advanced professional dancers. This year the course will be taken by dancer choreographer .lulyen Hamilton. who has worked with various innovative groups and is well known in Scandinavia and the Netherlands. (‘ulminating in an informal perforrrrance. the cotrrse will be videoed. and I larnilton will perform his own solo piece.



I KINGS THEATRE 2 [even Street. 22‘) IZIII.

Scotch Symphony/Paquita/Who Cares? Tue 17 Sat 21 Apr. 7.30pm; Sat 21 Apr. 2.3IIprn. £5 5.1850(8-15.5II).l'nderthe umbrella of Bullets by" World .Iltl.\lt'rv. the Scottish Ballet‘s first programme for lWll includes two ballets by (ieorges Balanchine. Il'lro ( "tires." is set to fifteen (ier'shvv in songs and Score/i Symphony. the most succesful of the three pieces. is performed to Mendelssohn's symphony inspired by the Scottish l lighlands. ('ompleting the programme the director of the Kirov Ballet. ( )leg Vinogradov. has staged Minkus' l’uqrutu.

I THEATRE WORKSHOP l larnilton Place. 225 "042.

Khorus Dance Theatre Fri Sat 7 Apr. Spin. L3.5Il(£2.5lll. In a largely new programme created by Scottish choreographers. the l:dinburgh-based company. Khorus. present a blend of dance and drama. lncltrded iii the ten pieces is Kinny (iardener's 'I'lit' [for/(fun! .lloiiki'y based on a folk tale from North Izast Scotland. a piece by Frank

Mc( ~onnell. .-t ("ort/tlt'oft ltume/t'oriv and a ja/z ballet. both by Tracy llavv kesand old favourites from Khorus' repertoire.


IARTS CONNEXION The Theatre Arts ('entre. off Nieolson Street. (vol (IN-l. Body Awareness through Alexander Technique Saturdays noon- l.3IIpm. £40 (£35). Introduction course for performers and singers seeking greater understanding of posture and breathing techniques.

I ASSEMBLY ROOMS The Dance Base. (ieor'gc Street. phone Sheridan Nicol on 2204348 I) for details.

Dance Base ('lasses for all ages and abilities with various teachers. including dancer-in-residence. Sheridan Nicol. Special guest teachers include Dcirdra l.ovcl|. Royston Maldoon. Frank

.\lc( 'onricll and Lindsay .lohn. Turn tip Iilteeri minutes before each class in comfortable. urirestr'ictive clothing. All classes are run on an informal basisand

cost £2 (£l ) per session. Plans for IWII include a regular class in Pilton and a special needs workshop. Phone for details. Lunchtime Jazz vv ith Sheridan Nicol. Tuesdays lptn. Youth Jazz 9 yrs and abov c. with Sheridan Nicol. 'l’uesdays 5pm. Jazz (Level 2) vv ith Sheridan Nicol. Tuesdays (v. 15pm. AduItTap (Beginners) with Sheridan Nicol 'l'uesdays 7.3I lpm. Jazz (Advanced/Pro) with Sheridan Nicol. Wednesdays l lam. Over Forfies Dancercise Wednesdays 2pm. Children's Tap‘) yrs and abov c. with Sheridan Nicol. Wednesdays 5pm. Jazz (level I) Wednesdays opm. contemporary with various teachers. I no experience necessary ). Wednesday s 7.3lipm. Jazz(Beginners) with Raymond Kaye. 'Ihursdays 5.30pm. Adult Performance Groups IIIlIlstIays ‘pm Contemporary (Intermediate) vv illi .\l.rr'ily n Williams. Fridays l2.3IIprn Jazz(Elementary) l4 y rs and above. with Sheridan Nicol. Fridays 2. I5pm. Experimenfal/Improvisafiona| Dance \\ IIII Alan(iricg. Saturdays 1 Iain. Experimental Dance/Physical Theatre vv ith Lindsay .lohn Saturdays l .3” 4.3llprn (£3). I CRAIGLOCKHART SPORTS CENTRE I '7',‘ (‘oliriton Road. 443llllli. A variety of adtilt coaching sessions are available. including Women's .'\ctiv ity Mornings. Aerobics. Fitness Training and Yoga. Phone the centre for more information. I EDINBURGH YOUTH DANCE COMPANY Phone Sheridan Nicol on 22II43-ls ‘I for ftrrther details. ('lasses are fl persession. Leifh Community Centre 7 years and abov e. 'l'uesdays4.3li (rpm. St Brides Community Centre Seniors. Wednesdays o 9pm. Assembly Roomsluniors. l-r‘idays5 "pin. CalderCommunity Centre lllyi's andabove. Sundays2 4pm. I ELCHAT A v ar'icty of classes and workshops in creative andcontemporary dance. for all ages and abilities. are available throughout Izast l,otliian Phone Stephanie Scllic on II3I hos .‘Cl l e\l 244 Iordetails. I EPWORTH HALLS Nicolson Square. phone 22‘) III-'l for‘inlo. All classes are taught by Tracy llavv kes. director of Spring and a member of Khor'ous Dance Theatre. and are L2 5” (£2) per session. Contemporary/Jazz for Adults Monday s 6,30an TapIorAduItsTuesdayso.3llpin. Jazz forTeenagers \v‘eanestlay s 5. ‘vi lpni. BalleftorAdulfs(Beginners) \Vetlnesdavs (i.3tlplll. I GRACEMOUNT LEISURE CENTRE .‘2 (iracemount Drive. MS I‘M”. (‘lassesar'e held in ballet. tap and modern dance. yoga. fitness vv eights. aerobics. self defence. gymnastics. and stretch and tone gentle exercise for beginners. intermediatesand ov er 4tls with a tree creche available during some of the sessions. All classes are Lloli ( Ll )per session and are held on a casual basis for women only Phone the centre for details. Old Tyme Dance Sessions Ille ‘..‘~ti ‘Iprn. 5t) ). I MARCOS LEISURE CENTRE ( irov e Street. Phone 22‘) HP] for further information. These classes are also taught by 'l racy llawkes(sce above). t25lllf2 l.clii|tlren “.75 per session. Children's BallefSat ‘).3IIarn. Children‘s Tap Sat III.3IIam. Children's Modern Jazz Sat 1 I. lSanr. AdquJazz Sat noon l.15pm. Adult Performance Group Phone l’r acy Ilavv kcson 22‘) IIITI for details. I PORTOBELLO TOWN HALL Poi tobello High Street. Fun and Fitness Classes for Women 50 -

Tuesdays 2 3pm. 25p per session.