I Art is listed first by city then by venue. running in alphabetical order. Please send listings details to Art Listings not laterthan 10 days before publication date.

NB Museums are listed separately in a selective guide at the end of the section.


I ANNAN GALLERY Unit Ztia Skiiiion Business Centre. Washington Street. 22] 5087/8. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm: Sat l0am-12.30pm.

General exhibition of regular artists and photographs dating back to 1864. until the gallery is located in a permanent home.

I ART GALLERY 8i MUSEUM, KELVINGROVE 357 3929. Mon-Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2-5pm. Cafe. [D] Voluntary guides are available free of charge to conduct parties or individuals round the main galleries, Contact the enquiry desk.

See Glasgow. See Culture Until 29 Apr. A quick scan through the portfolios ofsome of Scotland's leading cartoonists. including the work of Mac(‘ormick. Gall. Turnbull. Rod. Alex Graham. Ross Thomson and the late Ewan Bain. Ferdinand Leger's Circus Until 22 Apr. Illustrations and text by Leger reflecting his passion for the spectacle of the BigTop which dominated his work during the last five years ofhis life. The exhibition.which is on tour from the South Bank (‘entre in London. comprises 37 of his lithographs. Nova Scotia Folk Art: Canada's Cultural Heritage Until 8 Apr. A selection from the contemporary and historical collections of the Art Gallery and Museum of Nova Scotia.

Alison Watt Until 29 Apr. Part ofthe Contemporary A rt Season which will. ove r the course of the year. feature the work of ten artists who have strong connections with Glasgow

Keeping Glasgow in Stitches Throughout the year. Mon, Thurs. Fri and the last Sat every month. Stitchers and spectators are welcome to peruse or Join in the makirigof the series of a dozen large fabric wall-hangings. The January panel has recently been unveiled.

I ART EXPOSURE 53 West Regent Street. 3320808. Mon—Sat l0am—5pm.

Glasgow By Five Until 30 Apr. A quintet of artists. Jurczyk. Alcorri. Michnowicz. Murray and Bridgland exhibit their views of Glasgow.

I BARBIZON GALLERY (.‘ollege Lands. High Street. 553 1990. Mon-Sat IUam—Spm. (‘ale open seven days. Francis Bacon: Lithographs 5—2.’ Apr. Around two dozen lithographs and etchings from the famous octogenarian. I BARCLAY LENNIE FINE ART 203 Bath Street. 226 5413. Mon—Fri 10am-5pm; Sat 10am—1pm.

Mary Gallagher Until 12 Apr. Recent paintings.

Paintings by Anne Anderson. Anne Gordon. Anne Mackintosh and Connie Simmers lts May—2Jun.

I CAFFE GUI and CANTINETTA John Street. 552 6099. Daily 9am-noon and 2.30—6.30pm.

Ashley Cook, David Watt and Paul McGuigan Until 29 Apr. Prints and photographs by three young Glasgow artists form the first exhibition in this new gallery space in part of Caffc Oui. under the Italian Centre. The gallery is devoted to promoting and encouraging new work by young Scottish artists. without charging commission.

I COLLINS GALLERY University of Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 552 4400ext 2682. Mon—Fri 10am--5pm;Sat 12—4pm.

Urban Circus Until 28 Apr. Paintings. prints. film and collages completed in Paris by Scottish artist Kate Downie. The central feature of the exhibition is a large tryptich. The side panels are 10ft x 8ft.


Alistair Foster: Acts, Hillside Gallery, Edinburgh.

In the early 805, Ron Peck made a short movie called What Can I Do With A Male Nude? It concentrated in humorous iashion upon the censorship

oi the male body and in particular, the censorship oi gay male sexuality. Alistair Foster has been trying indirectly to find ways of answering Peck's question through photography. The show is divided into four sections: the first attempts to explore what it feels like to inhabit a male body; the second deals with sell-conscious display of the body; the third with dream-like fantasy; and the fourth attempts a synthesis of these through images of dancers.

The photos are black and white, heavily stylised indeed the title, Acts, implies a theatrical approach. Foster‘s aim seems to be to rehabilitate the male body as aesthetic, without collapsing into the clichés oi neo-classicism. Some of the images are indeed beautiful, but the overall feeling is oi tastelulness, which for me at least gets in the way of any real consideration of re-representing the male body. This has nothing to do with the coyness oi Athena prints (penises, occasionally erect, are sometimes seen), but is rather about Foster's own particular photographic style. Formal compositional technique and timeless settings mean that photographic aesthetics are prioritized over the problems of looking at men, and an emphasis upon young, healthy, well-exercised men means the viewer can avoid having to question too deeply what the aesthetics of the male body are.

The work is at its strongest when the gender of the body is irrelevent or even abstracted, as in some oi the images oi dancers. These highlight how some of the other images (the straining, taut bodies in the first section, for instance) accept genres of representation with which we are all familiar through advertising, pin-ups, or fashion photography. (Hilary Robinson)

while the central panel consists of a screen showing a continuous loop film made by Dow nie and .Iakobois. one of I‘raiiee's

mostexperimentalfilm-makers Itrecords

Downic standing in the centre of a Paris street and bringing the traffic to a standstill. though whether the Parisian drivers saw the artistic merit in it is not recorded.

TearuptheTown9& 10. Ho; 12.-\pr. Two-day workshops for children aged

7 ‘12 years. who will forage in ( ieorgc Square and Queen Street Station for the raw materials with which to make huge drawings and collages (TlillitL‘I the gallery for details.

I COMPASS GALLERY 125 West Regent Street. 221 ()370. Mon Sat 10am 15.30pm Norman Ackroyd: Travels to St Kilda and Other Scottish Islands T.-\pr-3.\1ay. [itchings and aquatints of islands off the west coast.

I CYRIL GERBER FINE ART 148 West Regent Street. 22l 3005 Mon Sat 9.30am -5.30pm.

Scottish Paintings. Throughout Apr. Small paintings and drawings by l luntcr. ( ‘owie. Iiardley. James Paterson. I‘ergtisson. Bellany . Donaldson and others.

I EWAN MUNOY FINE ART 48 West George Street. 331 2406. Mon—Sat

9.30am—5 30pm.

Works on Paper Ills-2S Apr W'atereolotirs. drawings and prints by the Glasgow Boy-s (including James Paterson). as well as work by the Scottish colourists. William

Mc'laggart. Augustus John. Stanley Spencer. and IM. Whistler.

I FINE ART SOCIETY l3413|ythswood Street. 332 4027. Mon -I-'ri

9.30am 5 30pm; Sat 10am -lpm.

James Lawson Wingate l.'nti124:'\pr. Large-scale landscapes in oil by the turn-ol-the-centiiry academic.

I GATEI‘IOUSE GALLERY Rouken Glen Road (gallery at entrance to Butterfly Kingdom). 6200235. Morir-I-‘ri 1.30-bpm. Sat (Sc Sun 1 l .30am-5.30pm. (‘losed Tue. Steel Sculptures t Intil 7 Apr. Patrick ()‘I-laherty. the Irish artist. yes the clue was in the name. presents some of his metallicinstallations.

Paintings by Catriona Campbell 8-- 28 Apr. Recent work from this File artist.

I GLASGOW ART CENTRE 12 W'ashington Street. 221 4526. Mon ~I~ri10am~8pm. Due to renovation work on the building there will be no exhibitions until ‘)June. I GLASGOW GROUP GALLERY 17 Queens ('rescent. 332 4924. .‘ylon-I-‘ri l lam bpm. 56 Group Wales I 'ntil 23 Apr. Prints. drawings and paintings from the Welsh equivalent of the Glasgow Group. well almost. who have previously held shows at the McLellan in Glasgow and (‘ity Art (.‘entre. Izdinburgh.

I GLASGOW PRINT STUOIO 22 King Street. 5520704..\1on-Sat10am— 5.30pm. Animal Sculpture- Menagerie 7 la Apr. Drawings and prints will be on show alongside the sculptured beasts by Shona Kinloch. Dhruva Mistry. Sophie Ryder

Maria Greerishields. among others.

I GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART 167 Renfrew Street. 332 9797. Mon—Thurs 10am 0pm. Fri Ilium—5pm. Sat ‘);im--rioon.

MA Fine Art- FirstYearShow I3—~2Sx\pr. Wide selection of first yearwork.

Hannah Frew Paterson, Embroiderer. A Retrospective 12 Apr 5 May. A retrospective exhibition of her layered embroidery work. completed over the last 27 years.

I NILLREAO LIBRARY 34S Byres Road. 330 7223. Mon —I:ri 9.30am ~-Sprii; Sat 9.30am— 1pm. 2 5pm. ('losed Wed.

Group 81 Until 3 May. The group have been exhibiting for nearly a decade now. This time the members on show are Kate Lynch. Joe llargan. Andrew Burke. George Birrell. John Kingsley . and James I‘Iitulds.

I HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY 1 'nivetsity of Glasgow. 82 Ilillhead Street. 33‘le55ext 5431 Mon Fri 9.30am 5pm; Sat 9.30am—- Ipm.

The Art of the Print 2 Iiiitil 28 Apr . The second part of the monster exhibition takes tis from Blake to l lockiiey

tlxno walls)

Young Printmakers ( )n Saturday mornings on 21 Apr. 5 May and 2 Jun. there will bea variety ofworkshops oti printmakingfoi children aged 7 l7. (‘ontact Anne '1 ynari at the gallery.

Diagram oian Object From 1 1 Apr. Dhruva Mistry. best known for his work which appeared at the Garden I'L‘Slnitl. has been commissioned to provide an Sit IllL’li sculpture which will stand atop the steps that lead from llillhead Street tothe Ilunteriaii.

I IMAGES GALLERY 74 l ly ndland Road. 3345311. Mont-iv) 30am 5.30pm Sat 9.30am-5pm.

19th and 20th century paintingsaiid woodblock prints from Japan.

I INTEROEC GALLERY .‘ylary'liill Burgh

I Iall. 24 (iairbraid Ave. 04b 59] 2.

Mon I‘ri 10am 5 30pm. Sat 10am 4pm. Paintings and Batik Work L'ntil 5 Apt; 'l'tn contributing artists are Doris .‘ylaclnty re and Dorothy Moir. After this the gallery will have paintings from stock until the endof April.

I JOHN GREEN FINE ART 203 Bath Street. 2216025.?yfonsl‘ri10am 5pm; Sat 10am— lprn.

I‘Jtharid 20th century Britishand Continental oilsand watercolours.

I KELLY GALLERY 1 IS Douglas Street. 3454 (i380. .‘onn Sat l0.30am 2pm.

2.31s 5.30pm,

Gwyneth Leech, Stuart Dutiin and Elspeth Roberts 7-21 Apr.

I LANGSIOE GALLERY 20 2S Battlefield Road. Mi) SSSS .‘ylon Sal Vain 12 30pm. l-5.30pm.

Black and White limit 30 Apr. Recent drawings and constructions by accomplished Glasgow artist. Iain Smith. I LlLLlE ART GALLERY Station Road. Milngavie. ‘)5(t2351.'1'tic Iiri 11am 5pm and 7- 9pm; Sat and Sun 2 5pm (‘Iosed Mon.

The Marriage of Figaro 7 33 Apr. x\\ a prelude to the Mam/y .lluzurt festival. organised by the Kilmardinny ArtsGtiild. the gallery will be display mg some of the costumes and designs from Scottish ()pera‘s l'igum. designed by John Byrne Children's Art Exhibition 7 23 Apr. work completed by children w ho attend the l.illie Art (iallery'sart classes.

I MAIN FINE ART .‘yliehael Main ( iallet‘y and The Studio ( iallery. lb and 34 ( iibson Street. Both galleries on 334 SS5S and open Mon Sat 10am 5 30pm

Scottish Contemporary Paintings t mil 3.” Apr. Paintings from the gallery sstock mainly by I. Lesley Maine

I MARYRILL ARTS CENTRE 1 l \lalloch firm-1,045 390.5. Mon Ihurs2 ‘lprii Made In Maryhill I'ntil 27 Apr Sculptures. drawings. paintings. cartoons. photography and ceramics. .ill made by people W IIU Use the ( ~L'lllle

I MCLELLAN GALLERIES 2"! I Saticliieliall

The List I) l‘) April I‘I‘l053