l-best known etchings: 'I‘Iit'.l1irit’r.s'( 1946) and 77i€thil( I952).

I EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY LIBRARY George Square. 667 Ill] 1 ext66l I. Mon—Fri 9am~5pm.

A Remarkable Improvement Until 29Jun. An exhibition that traces the history of food and drink in Scotland. decide for yourself whether there has been as big a change as the title suggests.

I FILMHOUSE Lothian Road. 228 2688. Mon— Sat noon—l 1pm; Sun 6.3(L-1 1pm. Family Viewing Until 27 Apr. Photographic scenes from Lorna Bates‘ family album.

I FINE ART SOCIETY I 37 (ieorge Street. 2206371). Mon- Fri 9. 3(lam-5.3llpm. Sat lllani— I pm.

Sir Robin Philipson L'ntil 24 Apr. Recent oil paintings. completed since his retrospective exhibition last August. by this highly respected artist.




( “3.1154?”le st om an

For exhibition details, see listings page

Opening Hours: Mt)nday-Saturday “ISO-$.50 .-ldmisst'mz Free

sot) (.allerv is subsidised by the Scottish Arts ( otint'il and the ( ity of Edinburgh

District (.ouiicil



mon-sat 10-5 Sun 11-5


Scottish Society of Artists, Scottish Society oi Women Artists, annual exhibition, BSA, Edinburgh.

It has been said that Scottish art is a highly invigorating ‘Avant Garde', tree irom the pretension and lack oi character of the international scene. Conversely there are rumours that Scottish culture produces a parochial pastiche oi its national characteristics. It is unwise to generalise, better to individualise.

The SSA’s annual show ialls into the generalisation trap and rather than building tirm lootings with fewer, more considered blocks, it ilows a mile wide, but sadly an inch deep. Easy prey tor the cynic! High points do exist however: Vasile Toch’s Romanian Spring (innocents), Roger Moiiat and Gordon Cookson's The Bathroom and Jane McAllister’s diptyches Our Lady oi Sorrows and Twentieth Century Icons.

Each oi these balances the personal with the communicable. Toch’s work may suiier from becoming an historical document once the viewer iinds

themselves another holocaust.

However, his spirituality trees him from the mere present. The Bathroom installed by Mortal and Cookson is precisely that- a bathroom, the suite mirror projecting images oi people washing, the viewer invading a most personal act, unbeknown to, but simultaneously pre-destined by the ablutionists. Jane McAllister approaches a secretive sense at loss and a sensual look to the Madonna.

The SSWA by its existence provides a unique lorum lrom which to promote the lemale condition. Sadly, according to the Sculpture Court, this amounts to a cat, a cockerel, three horses, nine pots, iour birds, 28 ligures, one dog and ten abstract (derivative) works . . . Is this a healthy representation oi 20th-century womanhood?

Remember the SSA and SSWA can only show what they receive. Their only problem is one oi attracting the more adventurous in Scottish art to a greater degree. (Tony Cooper)

Street. 225 6776. 'l‘ue— l‘ri l lam-6pm. Sat Illam~ lpm.

East and West 12 Apr—9 May . (ilitsgtiw trained Sally ('arlaw and Edinburgh-trained Jane Rutherford exhibit their paintings together. in this pan-MS exhibition.

I THE FRENCH INSTITUTE 13 Randolph Crescent. 225 5366. Mon—Fri 9.3(lam—5.3(lpm. Sat 9.3(lani- l .3llpni. Bernard Faucon: La Peur Du Voyage 9 Apr—5 May. The Institute have commissioned the French photographer to roam the streets and come back with a seriesof photographs recording life in lidinburgh. ()rganised as part of the French Spring Season which also involves the (iallery of Modern Art and the Richard Demarco (iallcry.

I THE FRUITMARKET GALLERY Market Street. 225 2383. Mon—Sat lllam— 5.30pm Sun I -5.3(lpm.

The gallery reopens with three separate exhibitions.

Calum Colvin t4 Apr~2ll May. (‘olvin presents large photographic reproductions of previously made installations.

Walter Dahn: Photoworks 14 A pr—2ll May. Helen Flockhart: Paintings 14 Apr—21) May.

I GALERIE MIRAGES Raebui‘n Place. 315 2603. Tue -Sat lll.31lam~--~l.3llpm. Sun 2~-1.3(lpm. closed Mondays.

Sillt L'ntil 28 Apr. Antique and modern silkwork from the Par-light.

I GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belford Road. 556 S921. Mon—Sat 10am-5pm; Sun 2--5pm. [1)] (‘afe..

'l'he gallery's justly renowned cafe isopen Mon—Sat ll).3llam—-4.3llpin; Sun 2.30—4.21lpm. ('ream teas will be served front 3- 4. l5pm.

French Contemporary Art 1960-1990 8

Apr -2S May. A broad selection of contemporary artwork from the region around Calais. collected with the aid ofthe l-‘rench Government's regional art fund. I GRAEME MURRAY GALLERY 15 Scotland Street. 556 6021). 'I'tie—I‘ri Illam—Spm. Sat Illam— 1 pm.

WarTime Garden 7 Apr—6 May. 'I‘wenty-four stone carvings. the result of a fifteen year project by Ian Hamilton Finlay will be oti display.

I HANOVER FINE ART 22a Dundas Street. 5562181. Mon—Fri Illam—5.3(lpm; Sat ll)am—-lpm.

Richard Alred Lintil 7 Apr. One man show of landscapes in pastels and watercolour. Running concurrently with a mixed exhibition of recent work bygallery artists.

Clare Duncan (1956—88) 12—28 Apr. (closed 16 Apr). A retrospective exhibitionof surrealist and fantasy paintings.

Suzanne Gyseman: Flowers of lslay 12—28 Apr. (closed 16 Apr). Landscapes from the island.

Brian Palmer l2—28 Apr. (closed I6Apr).

lslay paintings. spotted the theme yet'.’ I HILLSIDE GALLERY llillside Street . 556 644i). Tue—Sat 10.3(lam—6pm. Acts Until 21 Apr. Male nude photographs by Alasdair Foster who has been happily snapping away at them for the past decade. He has had work published in Europe and Australia and Acts. a book containing 60 of his studies. will be launched in the near future. I KINGFISHER GALLERY Northumberland Street Lane. 557 5454. Mon—Fri ll)am—-l.3()pm. Sat lllam—lpm. Paintings by William Cadenhead and Hamish MacDonald 6—28 Apr. Two established artists with an eye for Scottish landscapes. I MALCOLM INNES GALLERY 67 George Street. 226 4151. Mon—Fri 9.3(lam—6pm; Sat 10am—1pm. An Anists' Map of Scotland 1800-1940 Until 20 Apr. Landscapes and landmarks in oils and watercolours. I NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND The Mound. 556 8921. Mon-Sat Illam—Spm; Sun 2—5pm. David Scott Until 17 Apr. Frequently reviled and rarely revered. this 19th century Edinburgh artist was at least known for his fertile imagination. Regular visitors to the gallery will be familiar with his extraordinary paintings. Beneath the Surtace Until 16 Apr. Held in association with the Edinburgh Science Festival. this exhibition reveals the scientific techniques and investigative procedures used in the conservation of paintings. To accompany it the gallery have organised a series of Lunchtime Lectures on the science and conservation ofartworks. contact gallery for full details. Romantlck Views by John Clark of Eldin l9 Apr—3 Jun. Drawings and etchings by this late 18th century Scottish artist. I NETHERBOW 43 High Street. 5569579. Mon—Sat “lam—4.30pm and evenings when performances. Cafe. Between Form and Fantasy Until 28 Apr. Paintings and drawings by Mary Allan based on fantasy and folk tales. I OPEN EYE GALLERY 75 Cumberland Street. 557 1021). Mon—Fri l(lam—6pm.Sat 10am—4pm. Jane Soeder: Recent Paintings Until 19 Apr. Landscape. still lifes and figure studies mainly in oils. Enid Butcher: Line Engravings Until 19 Apr. No relation to Terry. the work on show was completed between 1925 and 35. Aldermaston Pottery Until 19 Apr. Alan (‘aiger Smith and four associates present new ceramic work. Maiden Metal Until 19 Apr. Jewellery by Molly Bullick. I PORTFOLIO GALLERY AT PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP 43 (‘andlemakcr Row. 22() 191 1. Tue—Sat noon—5.30pm. Joseph McKenzie’s Gorbals Children 7 Apr-5 May. The striking images ofwee kids in the rapidly changing Gorbals were taken by McKenzie over a 15-month period from early 1964 to late 1965. while he was studying in Dundee. Now experiencing something of an upturn in his photographic fortunes. McKenzie also has a book out under the same title asthe exhibition. I PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 556 8921. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm. How to Take a Portrait 6 Apr—I6Jul. Portraits from the National (‘ollection of Photography are used to illustrate different approaches to taking a photographic portrait and how they have usurped the painter in recording people's faces for posterity. I QUEEN'S HALL (‘lerk Street. Box Office 6682019. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Cafe. Norman Adam Until 30 Apr. Recently completed Scottish landscapes mainly watercolours by the local musician and artist. I RIAS 15 Rutland Square. 229 7205. Mon-Fri 9.3llam-5pm. Boanne O'Donnell: Exhibition oi Paintings Until 13 Apr. Architecturally inspired paintings.

56 'l‘he‘list n: it} April I990