Guaranteed to send their audience home starry-eyed and clued-up science-wise, Molecule Theatre's It's All In the Stars ends a national tour at the Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh. Molecule Theatre set out to show children that science can be, and is, tun. A meteorite has landed on earth, possibly worth a lortune. Who‘ll tind it llrst? Nasty would-be star Doug Thuggery or lovely Stella, the astronomer? There's thrills, spills.

* catchy music and some very interesting i facts to be gleaned about the solar system, in pursuit of the meteorite.

Written by Nigel Henbest and Michael Bennett, with T-11-year-olds in mind, the play will appeal to older children andadunsahke.

It’s All In the Stars, Molecule Theatre, at the Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, 942 Apr. Free tickets and Molecule Tracksuits to be won, see back pages. (Rene Taylor)

Creative Music Workshop Lively workshop led by Michell Lynn for 5—7 year olds. 7 Apr. 11am—3pm. £5. Must be booked. Bring packed lunch. Booking office open Mon 5.33—7.30pm; Tue—Fri

9.31M 1.30am.


Special events for children. see Science Listings.

I TRAVERSE THEATRE 112 West Bow. 226 2633.

Workshops 18—21 Apr. 10am—noon. Teaching sessions in dance. mime and clowning skills. All ages. £2 per session. Must be booked.

I WATERSTONE'S BOOKSELLERS 114 George Street. 225 3436.

I10 Apr 1 1 .30am—12.30pm. TV favourite Barney the Old English Sheepdog will be dropping in to meet his friends. Say hello and enter his special competition. Free. I WEST PRINCES STREET GARDENS

Family day of fun on Easter Sunday ( I5



Come & Meet

'BARNE Y the DOG' TV Star

On Monday 9th April From 2.30 - 3.30pm

at Sherratt & Hughes

45/50 Princes Square Glasgow G1 3JN Tel : 041 221 9650

Methuen Books

Apr). egg rolling (eggs supplied). magic and music from Magic Bob and Mr Boom. carriage rides and a visit by Mammy the Mamcnchiusaurus. Organised by E.D.(‘. and the Edinburgh Folk Festival. 12.30—2.30pm. Free.


I CITY ART CENTRE Market Street. Dinosaurs Alive! Until 3 Jun. Mon—Sat. 10am—5pm. Kids 65p; Adults £1. (Visit two exhibitions at a reduced rate special price kids £1 : adults £1 .65. gains admission into this exhibition and Dinosaurs Past and Present. see Royal Museum of Scotland). Seven adult and three baby dinosaurs. some life-size. some halflife-size. operated by computers. cylinders. and pistons.

I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND Chambers Street. 225 7534 ext 219. Dinosaurs Past and Present until 27 May. Mon-Sat. 10am-5pm; Sun 2-5pm. Kids 65p; Adults £1. (Special ticket.see City Art Centre). Around 150dinosaur portraits— paintings. sculptures and models from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

I MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD High Street.225 2424. ext 6645.

Our Friends the Dinosaurs Until 3 June. Mon—Sat,10am—5pm. Free. Exhibition of dinosaurs toys. models. comics. posters. View the earliest most successful screen cartoon. ‘Gcrtie the Dinosaur‘. made in 1909.


I EDINBURGH FILMHOUSE Lothian Road. 228 2688.

Children‘s Saturday matinees; all scats£1.

bookable. Films start 2pm.

7 Apr Batman (U) 1966 version. Capcd crusader versus the Joker. Catwoman and friends.

14AM Asterix the Gaul (U).The first battling adventure of Asterix. Obelix. Getafix and friends.



various venues (see also panel).

THE NETHERDOW 43 High Street. 556 95792647. Kids £1.50; Adults £2.50. Box office open mam—4.30pm Mon—Sat and from 6.30pm before evening performances.

10 Apr,10am—4pm Noah‘s- Ark 2000.(Workshop).

11 Apr, 11am Jack and the Beanstalk; 2.30pm Anansi the Spider.

12 Apr, 10am A Marvellous Mess; noon Peter and the Wolf: 2.30pm Willie the Wicked Wolf.

13 Apr, 10am A Marvellous Mess; noon Puss ‘n' Boots; 23me Willie the Wicked \Volf.

14 Apr. 10am A Marvellous Messnoon The Emperor‘s Nightingale; 2.30pm Willie the Wicked Wolf.

16Apr, 10am Puss ‘n' Boots; noon Where's William; 23me Spectre Inspector.

17 Apr, 10am Kaspar and I lis Friends; noon Little Red Riding I Iood; 23me Spectre Inspector.

18 Apr, 10am Peter and the Wolf; noon Where's William; 2.30pm Little Red Ridingllood.

19 and 20 Apr,11am and 2.30pm Aladdin &

Puppet Cabaret. 7.30pm Curtain Up! 21 Apt. 11am The Amazing Mr Bone's Spring I lop; 2.30pm Granny Kettle's Cake; 73me Curtain Up!

PORTODELLO TOWN HALL I Iigh Street. Portobello. Tickets from Usher Hall box office. Lothian Road. 228 1155 and Sibbald Travel. 135 Iligh Street. Portobello. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Kids

£1 .50; Adults £2.50.

10 Apr.11am A Marvellous Mess; 2.30pm Willie the Wicked Wolf.

17 Apr.11am and 2.30pm Aladdin & Puppet Cabaret.

20Apr,11am Granny Kettle'sCake; 2.13me The Amazing Mr Bones Spring hop.

ROSEDERY HALL, SOUTH OUEENSFERRY Tickets from ‘Something Special' and the EDC office. Iligh Street. South Oucensferry. Mon—Fri 8.30am—1pm;

2. 15—5pm. Fri 3.45pm. Kids£1 .50; Adults £2.50.

11 Apr, 11am A Marvellous Mess; 2.30pm Willie the Wicked Wolf.

12 Apr, 11am Jack and the Beanstalk: 2.30pm Anansi the Spider.

4 Apr,10am—4pm Noah's Ark 2000 (Workshop).

8 Apr.11am and 2.30pm Aladdin & Puppet Cabaret; 7.30pm Curtain Up!

21 Apr, 11am Granny Kettle'sCake; 2.13me Kaspar and His Friends.

THOMAS MORTON HALL 28 Ferry Road. Leith. Tickets from Goldenacre Post Office. ‘The Kard Box‘. Montague Terrace. Mon—Fri 9am-1pm; 2—5.30pm Sat 9am—12.30pm. Kids £1.50; Adults £2.50.

9 Apr.11am A Marvellous Mess: 2.30pm Willie the Wicked Wolf.

16 Apr,11am and 2.30pm Aladdin & Puppet Cabaret.

19 Apt, 11am Granny Kettle'sCakc: 2.30pm The Amazing Mr Bones Spring Hop.

Community Centres. Tickets and prices available directly from the venue.

Noah's Ark 2000 (Workshop) Gracemount Leisure Centre 12 Apr. l()am—4pm;AIn8IIe Park Leisure Centre 13 Apr. 10am—4pm. The Amazing Mr Bones Spring Hop. CraigmillarArts Centre. 17 Apr, 2.30pm; SIghthIII LII)er 18 Apr. 2.30pm; Lelth Community Centre 21 Apr. 2.30pm. Curtain Upl St Bride's Community Centre 17 Apr. 2.30pm; Cameron House Community Centre 19 Apr. 2.30pm.

The Haggis That Lost its Glen. Westerlleiles Education Centre, 19 Apr. 2.30pm.

Geordie the Viking. Wester Halles Education Centre. 20 Apr. 2.30pm.

I GEORGE SOUARE THEATRE 220 0464 (Edinburgh International Folk Festival) Singing Kettle Help Cilia Artie and Gary search for lost kettles in ‘Down in the Jungle‘. Join in the songs and action and sway to the jungle beat. 13 and 14Apr. 11am and 2.30pm. Kids £1.50; Adults £2.50.

I KING'S THEATRE Leven Street.2291201. The Railway Children Adapted from E. Nesbit's children's classic by Dave Simpson. the plays tells how three Victorian children and their mother are forced to move to Yorkshire when their father is wrongfully imprisoned. Railway buffs will enjoy the appearance of agiant steam locomotive. Suitable for 6 years old and over. 10-1-1 Apr. nightly at 7.30pm; matinees on Wed, Thurs and Sat at 2.30pm. Tickets. from Upper Circle (Kids £2.50: Adults £5) up to Stalls (Kids£3.25; Adults £6.50).

I ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE Grindlay Street. 229 9697.

It's All In The Stars! Presented by Molecule Theatre. 9--12 Apr. Mon 2pm;Tue—Thurs lilam and 2pm. Kids £2.50; Adults £5. See Panel.

I TRAVERSE THEATRE 112 West Bow, 226 2633.

A Step Outside Gamboling Guizers present an afternoon of dance. mime and puppetry. 17-20 Apr. 3pm. £2.50for all ages.

OO'I‘he List (1— 1‘) April I990