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Now a Sceptre Paperback


cracking bones and plaster-casts. to a wheelchair-bound adulthood. His juicy adolescent crushes and lust are marred by the consciousness of his own body —- four feet high with ‘legs as thin as a famine-child's.‘ As the cushioning which is his family falls away from him and his friends come and go. Brit has to try and grow into his real self-sufficient self.

As his life unfolds. the preconceptions and prejudices we have regarding people in wheelchairs are challenged by Brit‘s lively ‘normalness’. Pity quickly gives way to the feeling that there is no reason to make excuses for him he is as accountable for his actions as the rest of us. Occasional trite anecdotes or teeth-grindineg bad phrases lurking amidst the brightness and good humour ofthe writing pulls a moving story down to the level ofirritating clever-cleverness. Even so, its optimism makes it worth reading. (Paul Dcpellette)

I The Prince Celia Brayfield (Chatto and Windus £13.95) It‘s chunky. it‘s meaty 586 pages ofromping royalty. In Brayfield‘s rampant

imagination. our dear Queen. fashion-leader and tourist attraction of a nation bore a fourth son. Richard, second in line to the throne. And what a tasty piece he is. Yummy! He's handsome. ()oooh! He‘s got charisma, intelligence! And yes. that'll do nicely, he‘s rich. He‘s also about to get hitched. but to whom?

Herein lies the tale. Three Iovelies on offer: ‘cool aristocratic (English) beauty’, ‘brilliant but wayward American actress‘ and ‘top (Jamaican) international model-turned-actress‘. This is their story, Brayfield allowing every blockbusting theme a chance to rampage, Ron Brown-fashion across the pages. It‘s got the lot Lady Di and rough treatment, Buckingham Palace and raunchy punk bands. designer rags, Oscars, the wealthy. beautiful. privileged, the gutter press.

It‘s all possible. I should know, being the daughter ofCountess Hindley-Walton, an unfortunate schizophrenic. raped by infamous Mexican one-armed bandit Tacos. Adopted by kindly gypsies. I led a happy life until kidnapped by the Ku

Klux Klan who. mercifully. released me fora ransom of 1() million roubles and membership of the Tufty Club. However. when at Cambridge . . . oh. make up the rest yourself. A pen. notepad and the Brayfield Creative Writing Correspondence Course. It‘s all you need. (Susan Mackenzie)


I Scandal Shusako Endo (Penguin £4.99) Cruel and shocking tale of dual personality. of evil subverting good. and ofa man trapped helpless by his own contradictions.

I Charades Janette Turner Hospital (Virago £4.99) Bedtime stories take on another dimension as an enigmatic young lady attempts to sort out her confused past with pre. inter and post-coital musings.

I Pre-Raphaelites in Love (iay l);in (Fontana £5.99) What happens when the artist‘s model becomes his legal mate‘.’ An intriguing glimpse behind the canvas.

*3 A i} if is. ’5 3.3 55" t". / I '4“: I. T‘ 1" K! 1;.) y .I r ,' 3/, ' ,0 l 'i' «a 3. a ~i 42. f t “f? \l V f". a W; " :‘ k ‘6' 4x ", If «:1: I ' . I 4f? .. t -, a”; y?“ 1e" fi‘ a '- yrfl w 4' v. " J 1"“ .Li . w 1e ,r’ ., ' is! an I ! ..X:i ‘9 w ' i" Ft! 2: 7 ‘9 * fl- . Vt a: * fl. 2} F: I“


.‘1’ 8 {838.3861183‘ $6;

I Blood Meridian Cormac McCarthy (Picador £4.99) Clint Eastwood-country: spurs. shootouts and feet-deep mud. but McCarthy‘s is the wildest west yet.

I The Angst-Ridden Detective Manuel Vazquez Montalban (Serpent's Tail £5.95) Carvalho a secular Spanish Father Brown with a CIA pedigree and contacts in the Communist Party

investigates the suspicious death of

an old chum. Magical detection.


1. The Harrogate Secret Catherine Cookson (Transworld £3.99)

2. To Mum Various(Exley £4.99)

3. Glasgow From the Eye in the Sky Douglas Corrance (Mainstream £12.95)

4. A Dlsattectlonlamcs Kelman (Picador £5.99) 5. The Wimbledon Poisoner Nigel Williams (Faber £12.99)

6. The Golden Fox Wilbur Smith (MacMillan£14.95)




7. The Negotiator Frederick Forsyth (Corgi

8. Any Old Iron Anthony Burgess (Hutchinson

9. Eva Luna Isabel Allende (Penguin £3.99) 10.Evenlng Tlmes Guide to Eatlng Out (Richard Drew


1. The Blu Man William Mcllvanney (Sceptre


2. The Pain olConllnement Jimmy Boyle (Pan £3.50) 3. A Manager’s Dlary Graeme Souncss (Mainstream £9.95)

4. The Iron ManTcd Hughes (Faber£l .99)

5. Handbook ot Structural Concrete ed. Kong (Pitman £76)

Information supplied by Hatchards. 50 Gordon Street. Glasgow (04] 221 0262).

80 The List 6- 19 April 1990