Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, putyour hands together please. With all the new movie releases olthe next two weeks. here he is. Abig hand, it you will, torcentrai Scotland's Mr Entertainment. Treee-vor Jooohn-stun (cue Hammond organ, canned clapping. dogs barking etc).

(Pass the bucket)

I THE KRAYS (18) Long-planned biopic ol notorious 60s gangland siblings Ron and Reggie Kray comes to the screen with an evocative screenplay courtesy ot young novelist Philip Ridley. direction by real-lite acquaintaince Peter Medak, and remarkable impersonations by Spandau Ballet‘s Gary and Martin Kemp as the terrible twins themselves. See review. Wide Odeon release and UCls irom Fri 27 Apr.

I LENINGRAD COWBOYS GO AMERICA (12) Latest oiteringtrom Aki Kaurismaki. the sell-styled wild man at Finnish cinema. tollows a talentless Russian rock outtit on a heavily-undertunded tour oi America's southern states. See preview. Glasgow Film Theatre Sun 22 to Sat 28 Apr.

I McCABE AND MRS MILLER (15) Welcome reissue ior Robert Altman's majestic early 70s take on the Western and America’s entrepreneurial spirit. With a splendid Warren Beatty and Julie Christie. See main preview. Edinburgh Filmhouse Fri 20 to Tue 24 Apr.

I THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER (PG) Sean Connery is cast as the rebel commander oi at detecting Russian submarine in this action adventure loosely based on real events. Alec Baldwin co-stars as the CIA agent who has three days to apprehend the sub and stop World War III trom brewing up in the process. See review. Wide Cannon release and UCIs trom Fri 20 Apr.

I NEXT OF KIN (18) Kurt Russell is a cop returning hometo hick brotherLiam Neeson inthis saga oi backwoods a-leudin' and a-lightin‘, which otters the two stars ample opportunity to strut their listicuits stutt. Cannons Sauchiehall Street and Parkhead. UCIs trom Fri 27 Apr.


l _

Go ComradeGo!

From Russia with. . .dait hairstyles, pointy shoes and a very sellish manager, the worst band in the world make a cultural leap into the heartland oi rock 'n‘ roll. The one-man Finnish lilm industry (‘Ariel’, ‘Hamlet Goes business'), Aki Kaurismakl’s absurdly idiosyncratic celebration at innocence abroad is unlike any other road movie. Spectacular landscapes and the tourist trail are avoided, his passive and impassive heroes are always ridiculously out oi place, and the iilm

it goes along - because it was. Says Kaurlsmaki, ‘l was like an explorer. I’d never been there belore, apart lrom New York, so I just went and what I saw and lound interesting, i shot. The most interesting people I lind are irom the back yards, neverthe tront door. I’m not interested in rich middle class people who have problems in their marriage. That's not my problem.

‘Halt the young lilm makers, they think they’re making the greatest masterpiece in the history ol the cinema. I'm always making the worst lilm in the history ot the cinema. I don’t care because I know with that attitude maybe I can do something quite good it ldon’t take myselt seriously and my head is crazy anyway, so I do these things which make absolutely no sense but I lind them iunny.’

Many oi the tilm‘s inter-titles seem deliberately at odds with the action. ‘Two weeks belore the premiere l was in a bar and I understood that ii I didn’t

has the overall leel oi being made up as

make them up now nobody would have time to cut them in. l was quite drunk and with my drunken mind I tried to go through the whole iilm. And the graphic designer who actually makes the titles was standing there and on a restaurant bill I just wrote: this there and that and that. . .'

The band’s manager drinks a lot too. ‘He was my alter ego. I liked Budweiser because it was water and I had to keep the whole thing going so I couldn't drink anything else. A tougher thing and I would have got drunk and lose all the lilm. So I drank about 40 cans of Budweiser every day but it didn‘t iniluence me a lot. It kept me going, like taking gasoline ioryour body, which is your machine. I couldn't tlnd a good beer in the whole nation.’ (Tom Tunney)

Leningrad Cowboys Go America (12) is at the Glasgow Film Theatre trom Sun 22 to Sat 28. See Film Listings tor iurther details.

r' "A.

Cesar et Rosalie

Glasgow Film Theatre plays host to one ot France's most repected lilm-makers with the visit on Thur 26 April at Claude Sautet to introduce and discuss his most recent iilm ‘Ouelques Jours Avec Moi’. An agreeable love story starring Daniel Auteuil (Jean de Florette) and Sandrine Bonnaire (Monsieur Hire), it was tirst shown in Britain at the 1988

the special screenings at GFT at live oi his earlier teatures. lt Sautet was an unlamiliar name to you up to now, then there‘ll be no excuses alter GFT director Ken Ingles' mini-lestival, a co-production with both the Delegation Culturelle Francaise and the Alliance Francaise de Glasgow.

Not yet as widely recognised in Britain as his contemporaries Bertrand Blier and Claude Chabrol, Sautet remains highly thought ol in France ior

London Film Festival and complements

Sautet’s rench lessons

a canon oi iilms that otten uses an emotional crisis to examine the Iltestyle and aspirations ot the country’s middle classes. His most popular piece. 1972's ‘Cesar and Rosalie’ (Wed 25 April), has couple Yves Montand and Romy Schneider disrupted by the return at her old llame Sami Frey, while 1974’s ‘Vincent, Francois, Paul et Les Autres' (one at tour iilms you can see on Sat 28 April) looks at a group ol longtime buddies, including Montand, Michel Piccoli and the younger Gerard Depardieu, lacing up to the personal and protessional traumas oi middle-age.

Eschewing the dark or absurd edge at a Chabrol or a Blier, Sautet's iilms opt instead tor a highly articulate mode ol psychological realism based on perceptive pertormances by a stock company oi some oi France’s iinest. and with an eye tor all the telling minutiae oi social interaction. Delivered in the kind at restrained classical style that's closer to Hollywood models than the French new wave, Sautet's manner and interests mark him down as one ot the most accessible ol European tilm-makers. (TrevorJohnston) Claude Sautet visits Glasgow Film Theatre on Thurs 26 Apr, with screenings at his tilms on Wed 25 and Sat 28 Apr. See Film Listings and Film Index tor iurther details.

Mystery man

Gripping new French thriller Monsieur Hire is about an elusive neighbourhood recluse who‘s drawn into a murder investigation and a passionate romance. An intrigued Trevor Johnston met the director and star to discover more.

For a long time it looked as though Patrice Leconte‘s superb Simenon adaptation Monsieur Hire was going to be surprisingly passed over by all the British distributors, but we have Palace Pictures to thank for the fact that this remarkable piece. first screened in competition at the Cannes film festival last year. is now

16'l‘hc List 20 April 3 May 1990