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Oh dear, oh dear, some of you ain’t been readin’ this

Mr Parsons, er, I mean Mr X, ain’t goin ter be too pleased about that. Now, I don’t want to ’ave tergo skipping. . . wiv yourlarge

I PATRICK ‘Knock His Lightsin' Swayze. doing what he does best: knocking someone's lights in, in his latestiilm Next OiKin. Though the title impliesthe whole lamily is lined upto lose their lights; courtesy oi Swayze. it's only his way oi helping his sibling in a tough world. Cannons and UCls irom 27 Apr. See Film Index page 18.

little page now ’ave you.


I SHOCKER! Sellaiield's new PR manager shows how to get the mostlrom working there. Wes ‘Nightmare on Everyone’s Street’ Craven’s latest horrorlest ieatures a crim they couldn’tiry. Nice one Wes. Odeon Glasgow and UCls irom 20 Apr. See Film Index page 18.

I LET'S get those music press bastards. Yeah. lcan leel my iinger getting slippy. Reg. Oh dear. there goesthe NME editorial team. Wot a bleedin' shame eh? Spandau Ballet's

- Martin and Gary Kemp out

tor revenge as Reg and Ron Kray. the notorious villains who inilicted even more suiiering than today’s EastEnders. The Krays, Odeons and UCls lrom 27 Apr. See Film Index page 18.

I LAUGH orthe Ted gets it! What'sthat little Ted” saw neck? Yeah well I’ve been told to make aiew cuts. and you're one at them. get my driit? The incomparany dangerous Steve Murray wreaks his revenge lora cruel childhood on ourlurry iriends at Slrathclyde University Union on 30 Apr. See Cabaret Page 52.



del Mersey are The Young Gods. Belgium’s linest, well its only. band olnole since Plastic Bertrand. Cor

whatever happened to them 1 eh? Probably too much time relaxing on the Costa del Mersey. The Young Gods

will be at Glasgow College

on 28 Apr. See Rock

Listings page 36.

: I ‘NO. l'm not FozzyBear. but you might have seen me on TV'. Tim Sebastian. lorrner BBC man in Poland. about to get his leg clamped

.. i lorloilering alan East

German Bordercrossing. His latest book. Spy Shadow. is one oi the plethora ol volumes to be reviewed in our Spring

I Books Special. beginning ; on Page 78.

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IRELAXINGontheCosta i l

y..- y 3”


I SEAN ‘Masteroithe Accent' Connerytums his tongue to Russian iorhis latestilick. The Hunt For Red October. Emblazoned on his chest are awards ior playing various other nationalities. all with a Scottish accent. See Film Index page 18.

I ‘Oh blimey I've iorgotme gags. I could have swornl had a whole packet last night. Can anyone tap us some?’ Tony Hawks comperes anotherCore Tour at The Comic Club. Glasgow. and the Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh, 20-21 Apr. See Cabaret page 52. #4

2 The List 20 April 3 May 1990