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it But How Hemoved’; Craig Richardson, ‘lnstallation', Collective Gallery, Edinburgh

Christine Boriand’s installation work develops and rellnes her broad questioning oi the ordered discourse ol the museum. Her ability to express challenging theoretical ideas with an incisive visual power is evident in the work on show. Glass shelving, reminiscent oi the clinical coldness at institutions, is mounted on the walls oi the gallery. This symbolic structure oi support and presentation lorms a critical counterpoint against which the viewer’s expectation oi seeing objects on display is disrupted and questioned by their non-appearance. White powder on the suriace oi the shelving lonns an outline to a series oi marks which are then shot through with caretully positioned light. Shadows are projected on to the walls which reveal the physical reterence to the marks which previously appeared to be white iormless images possessing no clear ldentlty.The shadows illumine the shape oi human bones which become metaphors lor death and the

iragmentation oi human existence. Adorno suggested that the word ‘museum’ describes objects to which the observer no longer has a vital relationship and which are in the process at dying. By presenting objects as dead shadows, recalling the past and the processes oi decay which they undergo through time, illusions oi reality are probed in this museum bereft of lite. It the shelving represents the support oi institutions which are responsible tor the preservation of lite, then another illusion is revealed by their iailure to do this. Decay results, reality remaining a blaming shadow.

The visual language at Craig Richardson’s ‘Installation' is lormally austere and very personally enclosed. A series at white enamelled objects arranged in various orientations around the space possess no obvious iunctional value and are supposed to suggest violation or absence at human presence. However, the minimal nature at the worir and its impersonal, almost impenetrable aesthetic lessens the successtul communication at these interesting ideas to the viewer. (Lorna J. Waite)

the McLellan in Glasgow and City Art Centre. Edinburgh.

Abstract View (Mayfest) 26 Apr—31 May. Abstract landscapes.

I GLASGOW PRINT STUDIO 22 King Street. 5520704. Mon-Sat lOam—5.30pm.

Animal Sculpture- Menagerie Until 28 Apr. Drawings and prints will be on show alongside the sculptured beasts by Shona Kinloch. Dhruva Mistry. Sophie Ryder and Maria Greenshields. among others.

Dhruva Mistry's work can be seen inthe Menagerie exhibition at Glasgow Print Studio. Mistry is best irnown in Scotland lor the large carved woman in the Garden Festival, which has lound a home in Orkney.

Paintings and Prints by Peter Howson (Mayfcst) 7—26 May. Glasgow paintings from this internationally acclaimed artist. I GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART 167 Renfrew Street. 332 9797. Mon—Thurs 10am—9pm. Fri 10am—5pm. Sat ()am—noon.

MA Fine Art— First Year Show Until 28 Apr. Wide selection of first year work.

Hannah Frew Paterson, Embroiderer, A Retrospective Until 5 May. A retrospective exhibition of her layered embroidery work. completed over the last 27 years. Dieter Magnus: Art and Nature Landscapes (Mayfest) 5—26 May. Best known for his programmes of urban regeneration there will be photomontages. drawings and photographs of his previous projects as well as a model he has produced fora playground in the Garnethill area. Also showing in Mayfest will be All Work From leM‘s UK Locations (Mayfest) 5—26 May. I RILLI‘IEAO LIBRARY 348 Byres Road. 339 7223. Mon—Fri 9.30am-8pm; Sat 9.30am—1pm. 2—5pm. Closed Wed.

Group 81 Until 3 May. The group have been exhibiting for nearly a decade now. This time the members on show are Kate Lynch.Joe llargan. Andrew Burke. George Birrell. John Kingsley. and James Faulds.

I RUNTERIAN ART GALLERY University of Glasgow. 82 Hillhcad Street. 339 8855 ext 5431. Mon—Fri 9.30am—5pm; Sat


The Art 01 the Print 2 Until 28 Apr. The second part of the monster exhibition takes us from Blake to Hockney (1800—1980s).

Young Printmakers On Saturday mornings on 21 Apr. 5 May and 2 Jun. there will be a variety of workshops on printmaking for children aged 7—17. Contact Anne Tynan at the gallery.

Diagram at an Object Unveiled 23 Apr. Dhruva Mistry, best known for his work which appeared at the Garden Festival. has been commissioned to provide an 8ft high sculpture which will stand atop the steps that lead from llillhead Street to the Hunterian.

I IMAGES GALLERY 74 llyndland Road. 334 5311. Mon—Fri 9.30am—5.30pm. Sat 9.30am—5pm.

19th and 20th century paintings and woodblock prints from Japan.

I INTEROEC GALLERY Maryhill Burgh Hall. 24 Gairbraid Ave. 9465912. Mon-Fri 10am—5.30pm. Sat 10am—4pm. Chinese Paintings (Mayfest) 4—26 May. Back by popular demand, come the traditional Chinese paintings of landscapes and birds by Professor Chang Bai Li and Li Bai Li.

I JOHN GREEN FINE ART 203 Bath Street. 221 6025. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm; Sat 10am—1pm.

19th and 20th century British and Continental oils and watercolours.

I KELLY GALLERY 1 18 Douglas Street . 248 6386. Mon-Sat 10.30am—2pm. 2.30—5.30pm.

Gwyneth Leech, Stuart Duliin and Elspeth Roberts Until 21 Apr.

The RGI Mayfest show has now been switched to the Glasgow Art Club. see above. the next show at the Kelly Gallery will be Paintings by Kaye Lynch and Mary Oliver 19 May—2Jun.

I LANGSIOE GALLERY 26—28 Battlefield Road. 649 8888. Mon—Sat 9am—12.30pm. 1—5.30pm.

Black and White Until 30 Apr. Recent drawings and constructions by accomplished Glasgow artist. lain Smith. Paintings and Drawings by Joseph Urle (Mayfest) 5 May—6 Jun. Rich, texturaland recent work from this Glasgow artist.

I LILLIE ART GALLERY Station Road, Milngavie, 956 2351. TU&FI’I 11am—5pm and 7—9pm; Sat and Sun 2—Spm. Closed Mon.

The Marriage et Figaro Until 22 April. Asa prelude to the Mainly Mozart festival. organised by the Kilmardinny Arts Guild. the gallery will be displaying some ofthe costumes and designs from Scottish Opera‘s Figaro. designed by John Byrne. Children's Art Exhibition Until 22 Apr. Work completed by diildren who attend the Lillie Art Gallery‘s art classes.

Henry Moore (Mayfest) 28 Aprw23 May. Sculpture and drawings from Mr Moore in this exhibition organised by the South West Galleries' Association.

I MAIN FINE ART Michael Main Gallery and The Studio Gallery, 16 and 34 Gibson Street. Both galleries on 334 8858 and open Mon—Sat 10am—5.30pm.

Scottish Contemporary Paintings Until 29 Apr. Paintings from the gallery‘s stock mainly by l. Lesley Maine.

The Indian Series, Donald Urquhart: New Paintings (Mayfest) 5—19 May. Recently returned from India, his work is packed with imagery from the sub-continent.

I MARYRILL ARTS CENTRE 11 Malloch Street. 945 3995. Mon-Thurs 2—9pm. Made In MIMI" Until 27 Apr. Sculptures. drawings, paintings, cartoons. photography and ceramics, all made by people who use the Centre.

A Dillerent Story (Mayfest) 4-26 May. A large-scale comic strip will be displayed around the walls of the Centre. Local young artists. comics and professional artists were all involved in its making.

I MCLELLAN GALLERIES 270 Sauchiehall Street. 331 1854. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm (Thurs l0am—10pm); Sun noon—6pm.


THE ART OF THE PRINT Part II: From Blake to H ockney

10 March 28 April 1990 (Closed 13—16 April inclusive)

Newly Published Prints & Printmaking: £2.50 Sponsored by Mitchells Roberton, Solicitors

Hunterian Art Gallery, University ot Glasgow, Glasgow G12 800 Mon—Fri 9.30am—5pm; Sats 9.30am—1 pm. Admission Free Tel: 041 330 5431


compass gallery

17s west regent st. glasgow g2 4rI scotland. «1.221 6370

’Travels to St Kilda and other Scottish Islands' NORMAN ACKROYD ETCHINGS 8: AQUATINTS 7th April - 3rd May 1990 Mon - Sat 10am - 5.30pm.

Funded by Glasgow District Council Festivals Budget

The List 20 April 3 May 1990 57