play hard and heavy new beat. electro and On-U sounds once again. Watch out for another annoyingly persistent publicity :ampaign will you come to the sex beat? OTHERS

I The Amphitheatre 1()pm—4am. £1.75 )efore 11pm/£3.50after.

I Buster Browns 1 1pm—3.30am. £2.75.

I Cale St James 8pm—2am. £1 members/£2 non members. Prices rise after 1 1pm.

I Chaplins at Finsbury Park‘s.

11pm—4am. £2.

I Cinderellas Bockeriellas 9pm-2am. £1 aeforc 1()«'£2 before 1 1pm '£3after.

I The Bed Hot Pepper Club 10pm—4am. £3 before 1 1.30pm/£4 after.

I Madlsons 9pm—3am. £1 before 11pm/£2 after.


I Apocalypse Chambers Street. 9pm—2am. (Students and guests only). FREE. Currently packing them in fora night of hard rock music. Metallica T-shirts abound.

I Bedrock Club The Venue. 9pm—4am. Live rock bands and disco. attractinga good crowd to this popular night. See rock listings for details.

I Infinity Oblomovs. 9pm-lam. FREE. Billed as a pre-club ‘club‘ mostly playing House and Techno courtesy of DJ‘s Bootsie. Kasi M and Brainstorm. Mixing it live on a Saturday night. check thisout. I Immigrant Club Shady Lady's. 10.30pm—3am. £2. Following in the footsteps of the Backroom. the Immigrant revamps this venue's history for hosting independent music mixed with classic bands like SLF and the Ramones. Still a popular Saturday option.

I Mambo Club Network 3. 10.30pm—3am. £2 members/£2.50 non members. Sir Ossie on the wheels of steel mixingthe best in African dance with calypso and soca around the world stylee.

I Parade Wilkie House. 11pm—3am. £3. (students £2.50). Not just the excuse for another Shag (Fnarr! Fnarr! Juvenile sexual euphemism never loses its novelty value. does it?) but a serious dance club playing a refreshing mix ofmainstream rap. garage. house and funk. No white label imports but somewhere to be seen enjoying yourself.

I Power The Mission. 10pm-3am. £3. Following in the footsteps ofthe long-running Kangaroo Klub. this aims to banish the prevalent sense offashionable elitism which exists in city clubbing by featuring swing beat and house in a less style-conscious atmosphere. And with the final demise of Spanish Harlem. it might well succeed.


I The Amphitheatre 10pm—4am. £2 before llpm£4 after.

I Buster Browns 1 1.30pm-3.30am. £3.75. I Cale St James 8pm-2am. See Fri for details.

I ChapllnSat Finbury Park. 11pm-4am. See Fri for details.

I Clnderellas Bookenellas 9pm—2am. £3. before 10.30pm £3.50 after.

I Red Hot Pepper Club 1()pm-4am. £3 before 11pm £4 after.


I MIOI Network 2+3. 10pm—4am. £2. Finally a club that caters for those whose weekend doesn‘t come to an abrupt end on a Saturday. Current dance sounds. a massive 9.5k turbo rig. live rapping and guest DJs should make this as compulsory as Friday nights at Wilkie House. Watch out for a special PA by A GuyCaIled Gerald this week. Essential stuff!


I The Amphitheatre l0pm—3am. £1 before 11pm £2 after.

I Buster Browns 10pm—4am. llalfprice before 11pm £2.75 after.

I Cinderellas Bockeriellas 9.30pm— 1 am. £1.50.


I Messenger Reggae Sound System The Venue. 9pm—Iate. £2 (£1 .50). For the first time in this city a reggae club that plays ragamuffin. Lovers rock and some massive Dub sounds instead ofchart reggae. On the night live MC Zeb. selecting rythms rough and rugged. whilst using the 4k PA to its fulleffect.

I O-Zone (‘inderellas Rockerfellas. 7.30—10.30pm. £1.50(50p with ticket). Trendy teen disco for 14— 18 year olds. 50p tickets should still be in circulation. Kylie. Jason. Sonia - don't ya just lurve cm'.’


I Breathless Potterrow. 8pm— 1 am. Students 50p with matric card. guests £1.50. Breathless continues not only to draw a good student crowd. but also encompasses more up-to-date sounds. combining Prince. Electribe 101 and De La Soul for a night that is perhaps the best of its kind. Maybe the fact that they have the cheapest bar prices in town helps it retain a sense of fun.

I The Deep The Mission. 10.30pm—3am. £2. Widely reputed for having one ofthe best playlists in town. The Deep supplies a serious rave for the middle of the week; not that many Edinburgh clubbers seem to have noticed.


I Atomic hI-NRG Attack The Penthouse. 8pm—lam. FREE. lfyou thought that hi-NRG ended with ‘So macho‘.then think again! DJs Dave and Adam play the hottest new imports. and if you don't burn out after that they also include some chart and dance music to ensure you do.

I Insomnia Wilkie House. 11pm—3am. £3i£2. See preview.

I Shag The Mission. 10.30pm—3am.

£1.50. Those fun-loving Shag boys pick up

where Carry On . . . left off. to producea club with a squeaky clean sense of humour. Edinburgh's largest collection of tacky records continues to grow. but you can now get housey downstairs. More fun than edible wallpaper so they tell me and that‘s saying something. But be warned: the doors close when the chocolate runs out.


IThe Amphitheatre 10pm—3am. llalfprice before 11pm’£2 after.

I Cale St James 8pm— lam. Free.

I Cinderellas Flockeriellas 9.3llpm—2am. £2 before llpm’£2.50after.

I Red Hot Pepper Club 10.3pm—3am. £1 .50 before 11.30pm £2.50after.


I The Amphitheatre 3i Lothian Road. 229 7670.

I Blue Oyster Club 96a Rose Street Lane North. 226 6458.

I Buster Browns 25—27 Market Street. 226 4224.

I Cale StJames 25 St James Centre . 557 2631.

I Chambers Street Student Union Chambers Street. 667 1111 1.

I Charlle Parkers South Bridge (opp Tron Kirk). 556 6050.

I Cinderellas Bocltertellas 99 St Stephen Street. 5560266.

I Finsbury Park 3—5 South St Andrew Street. 556 1020.

I Liberty's Greenside Place. 557 3807.

I Madisons Greenside Place. 557 3807.

I Moray House Student Union llolyrood Road. 556 8455.

I The Network West Tollcross. 228 3252. I The Penthouse Home Street.’l‘ollcross. I Potterrow Student Union. Bristo Square. 667 0214.

I Red Hot Pepper Club 56 Fountainbridge. 229 7733.

I Shady Lady's (‘owgate. 225 6561).

I Teviot Bow Student Union'I’eviot Rm. 667 2091.

I Venue Calton Road. 557 3073.





WHAT IS THE ARTS l5 MAGIC FESTIVAL? Two full days of workshops. creative arts activities. stalls and performances. There's so much to do make puppets. masks. badges try ceramics. weaving, painting and lots. lots more.


It's for everyone young 8: old. special needs special talents special skills. Explore the magic of

the arts.


George Wyllie. TAG Theatre Co.. Scottish Ballet STEPS OUT. JIGSAW Dance Company. Fablevision. Scottish Youth Theatre. Welfare State International.

Artists from the USA etc.



I990. FROM 10am to 4pm.

WHERE IS IT? The SECC in Glasgow.


Absolutely nothing. Entrance and all events are



EXTRAVAGANZA. PHONE 041-943 1489 ,4

or write to:

St. Andrews College Glasgow (361 4QA

CC to



Scottish War on Want

helps people of the Third World

to help themselves and

.Vf. CIIIII (){r-rf (p -.\ (a: lJlt


the root causes of poverty.

The List 20 April

3 May 100067