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Open List is designed to cover public events not covered elsewhere in themagazine. We welcome submissions, which will be included subject to space, to reach our Edinburgh office not later than seven days belore publication.

FUNDRAISERS Friday 20/Saturday 21

I Book Fair And Plant Sale For Feed The Minds .‘slayfield Church Hall. West Maylield. Iidinburgh. Info: 667 88717667 4685. A sale of second-hand books. plants. stamps. Ironic produce and br'ic-a-brac to Iund ( ~hristian literature projects in the Third World and Iiastern Europe.

HEALTH Fuday20

I Insight Meditation Salisbury ('entre. 2 Salisbury Road. Fdinburgh. 667 5438.

7. 15am. {15(EIII) for five classes. First of live early morning sessions led by Jody

I liggs. designed to bring calm through self-comprehension.

Wed 25/Thurs 26

I Aromatherapy And Massage For Older Women St Brides ( ‘ommunity (entre. ()rwell 'l errace. Info: Women Unlimited 33 7 5‘43. Wed 7.30 9.3(Iprri;'l'lrtirs

Illani noon. l‘ree. Nancy and Margaretof Women Unlimited will lead these relaxing sessions for older women.

Monday 30/Tuesday1

I Dramatherapy Sessions Meeting 1 louse. 7 Victoria Terrace. Iidinbur'gh. Info: 556 8268 334 486i). £6ll(£45) for ten weekly sessions; please book in advance. Six separate ten-week workshop courses commence on these two days. each of which will explore psychological problems and their remedies through dramatlicrapy. Dealing With Bereavement (Montiaystt 15 7.15pm); The Challenge OI Retirement('l’tiesdayslifiii- llamiand Mothers And Daughterst Tuesdays

is 15 ‘I45pmlarc led by Sue Baleman;

w hrle Me And My World I Mondays

s. l < t; ~15pm ): Images And Myths In Our LIVES( luesdays I l . “lam lprniand The Drama In Our Everyday Lives ( Tuesdays 6.15 ".JFpni i are led by (‘olin White. Both leaders are qualified

dramathei .tprsts

. Wednesday 2

; I The Drama In Our Everyday Lives Salisbury ( entrc. 3 Salisbury Road. Izdrnburgh. 6o" NM. 6 '7 .illpm. L5lll£35) for ten sessions. (‘olin \\ hite leadsa course on the \ ariotis manifestationsof drama In our Irv cs roles. relationships. dreams. hopes and tears and how they can be explored for the purpose of spontaneous action

OUTDOORS Saturday 28

I River Kelvin Clean-Up Meet Kelvinbrrdgc l 'nderground Station ('ar Park. ( ireat \Vcstern Road.(i|asgow. Details. lony Hayward 3 “H043 Mary l~tlwards‘)-1b ‘1')“: Illani. I-lce. 'Itllllitfk Innv ironincnt \\ cc I.. It teal residents have

organised this event Ill conjunction with l'rtentls ( )l 'I he liar ill I L ilasgow ). Bl’. lscep Scotland In .itrtrlal and the Scottish


On Sunday 22 April, around 100 million people in over 120 countries are expected to take part in the biggest demonstration the world has ever seen: International Earth Day. From Belize to Burkina Faso there will be parades, teach-ins, concerts, exhibitions, eco-lairs, sermons, seminars and more. Up to a billion trees will be planted; thousands of miles of rivers and beaches will be cleaned by teams at volunteers. The aim is to mobilise a green ‘citizens’ army’ which will force governments everywhere to sit up and take notice— and more importantly, take action.

Earth Day 1990 marks the 20th anniversary ot the first Earth Day in the US, when over 20 million Americans took action to demand tougher environmental legislation. Results then included the Clean AirAct and the establishment ot the US Environmental Protection Agency. This year's event is intended to launch the 19905 as an international decade lorthe environment. It will present a clear programme for change, including a rapid switch to renewable energy sources, drastic cuts in carbon dioxide emissions, and stabilisation ol the world‘s population.

Events planned range in scale from primary school poster competitions to a joint US/Chinese/Soviet Everest expedition to clean up debris left by previous climbers. As well as taking action, individuals will be encouraged to examine their own habits and develop more sustainable ways at living. A major aim is to involve groups from outside the environmental movement, with schools, churches, businesses and unions all taking part.

Among the stranger Earth Day ‘happenings’ will be the Council or All Beings in Austria, where participants will ‘give other life lorms (animals, rocks, trees, rivers . . .) a chance to speak to humans about the way we treat our planetary home.’ The day has also produced some memorable acronyms, such as GAS MASC, lrom the Philippines: Group Against Smoke-belching to Make Air Sate And Clean.

Closer to home, Friends of the Earth (Scotland) are busy co-ordinating a lull programme of events for Earth Day. Their national AGM takes place in Perth on Sun 22, Edinburgh FoE are launching an aluminium can collection scheme, East Lothian FoE are holding a beach clean-up and barbecue. There are exhibitions and events at Edinburgh and Strathclyde Universities, orienteering at Dunblane, and Lanarkshire boy scouts are to put up 350 bird boxes. Individuals are urged to walk or cycle instead at driving, make a trip to the bottle or paper bank, repair something rather than throwing it away. By taking part, the life you save could be the planet. (Sue Wilson) Forlurther details on local events, call Friends at the Earth (Scotland) on 031 554 4400.

(‘onservation Project. The project is simple and unglamorous: it involves clearing litter and debris from the banksof the river. but a similar event which took place two years ago achieved dramatic results despite poor weather. Equipment will be supplied just turn up if you want to take part.

Saturday 28 & Sunday 29

I Wood And Forestry Fair Kelburn (‘ountrv Centre. l~arrlie. Ayrshire. (I475 568685. ' I lam 5pm £3(£l All). (Free minibus from I.args station. 11.45am; 1.45am). A chance to find out about all kindsof tree—related skills. such as Tree Surgery. Tree Climbing. Planting. Tree Sptiiting and (‘arvrng A wide varieton participation and spectator activities are promised; and over a dozen conservation and environmental groups will be exhibiting

Monday 30/Tuesday1

I Beltane Fire Celebration (‘alton Hill. Edinburgh. Info: Kevin Anderson 22‘) 4047. Around midnight. Free. The usual drum-thumping. torch-burning pagan shenanigans to see the Spring well and truly in.

POLITICS Monday 23

I Stop the Abortion Amendment Campaign Demo Meet Waterloo Place. Edinburgh. 7pm; Rally Festival Square. Tocoincide with the Second Reading of the Embryo Research Bill. which would further limit the period during which an abortion could legally be carried out. the Scottish Trades L'nions (‘ongress and the Scottish Abortion ('ampaign have organised this demo.

mum:— Wednesday 2

I Women‘s Group Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road. Edinburgh. 667 5438. 7.30—9.3(lpm. £3(£2). Morna Hayes leads the first of ten sessions to allow women to explore important issues in a safe environment. (‘ommitment to the ten weeks and confidentiality are expected from participants.


Fri ZO—Sun 22 & Fri 27—Sun 29

I Hill House Conservation Project Meet Ituteheson‘s Hall. 158 Ingram Street. Glasgow. 5522 8391 . 6.30pm Friday. Free. As part of its voluntary conservation project. the National Trust offers two opportunities to participate in restoring this famous domestic building designed by (I R. Mackintosh. The main work will involve tree-planting and footpath maintenance ; equipment and training will besupphed.

Monday 23—Saturday 28

I Orcadian Week Princes Square. Buchanan Street. Glasgow. 221 (I324. Various times. Free. Beginning with an official opening at 11am on Monday by Winnie Ewing MEP. this week will feature craft demonstrations throughout the day. plus special events as follows:

McGregors’ Gathering Mon 2pm:Tue

l lam. Recordings by BBC Radio Scotland. with Orkney participants. Raiders Of The Last Auk Wed 11am:3pm.A performance by the seven pupils of Papa Westray School of an ecological play about the threatened seabird.

Street Theatre by Orkney Youth Theatre Throughout the day.

Grand Ceilidh (Venue to be confirmed) Fri 8pm. In association with (ilasgow' Orkney and Shetland Association.

Grand AuctionSat 11am. In aid of()rkney charities. Prizes include return air tickets to Orkney and ()rcadian gourmet specialities.

Friday 27

I Viva! Central America Appeal Launch And Film Show Third Eye Centre. 346 Sauchiehall Street. Glasgow. Into: 632 2913. 7pm. £4(£2.5l)). The West Of Scotland (‘entral America Network has organised this event to launch its appeal for funds for El Salvador. where the civilian shanty towns are directly threatened by a war funded to the tuneof £1 million per day by the LIS Government. David Bradbury"s film Soul/r ()f'l'lrc Border. which exposes American destabilisation tactics by tracing the people‘s struggle through their music. will be shown at 7.30pm. after which there will be music from (‘hilean poet and guitarist Carlos Arredondo. Speakers at the event include Wildcat's Dave Anderson and Maria Fyfe MP.

58 ‘I he List 2!) April - 3 May I990