I La Luna (C4) lZ.2()—2.55am. Bernardo Bertolucci's first apolitical film. a strong and uncompromising tale of an opera singer‘s relationship with her troubled 14-year-old son.

I A Night in Casablanca (Scottish) 12.4(L—2.05am. The Marx Brothers rout Nazi refugees in a North African hotel.


I More Than Meets the Eye (BBCl) 1.50—2.20pm. Alan Titchmarsh interviews prominent and influential people. beginning today with Rt lion Edward Heath.

I September (Sky Movies) 6—7.4(lpm. Woody Allen‘s 1988 film follows a group of people spending the last days ofthe summer in a country house in Vermont. A sombre. small-scale drama returning to the themes of Interiors.

I Public Eye (BBCZ) 8—8.30pm. The team investigates claims that the prison medical service is failing to give proper care to inmates who fall ill.

I Paradise (BBCI ) 8. lti—9pm. The Wild West series returns. with Ethan Cord. the fearless ex-gunslinger. firmly settled in the town of Paradise with the four young children of his late sister.

I Vote 90—The Regions Decide (Scottish) l().4(l—l 1.40pm. See Thurs 26. Tonight from the Council Chambers. Stirling.

I Songs for Drella (C4) 1 1 .2(lpm—12.55am. After Andy Warhol‘s death. former Velvet Underground partners Lou Reed and John Cale got together to write a tribute to their old friend. which was performed only four times at Brooklyn Academy of Music. A suite of 15 songs. starkly performed on guitar. piano and viola. Songs for DreIIa is visually as well as musically compelling. with set designs by Philip Glass collaborator Jerome Sirlin. I Breathless (BBCI) 12. 15—] .55am. Richard Gere stars in the extremely silly 1981 remake of Godard’s A Boulder Souffle. as the cocky street hustler on the run from the law.


I Boris Godunov (BBCZ) 4.30—8.30pm. The opera. live from Leningrad.

I Video Diary (BBC2) 9.50—1().3()pm. This week an untrained camcraperson takes a precious piece of BBC hardware to Calcutta to look at the huge tasks faced by the Marie Stopes clinic there. and the backstreet abortion businesses in the city.


Radio Scotland's programming aiter 10pm on weekdays has undergone a ‘revitalisation' according to Gordon Inglis, the ‘Disney Club’ host who is the time-slot‘s Iynchpin presenter. The station has introduced a strand oi programming which takes in shows like the popular ‘Bite the Wax’, the pioneering long-running indie programme ‘Beat Patrol', a new ‘Bound Table’-type programme, a music and discussion magazine programme called ‘Earshot‘, Tom Ferrie’s Scottish Chart, the dance show BPM, some short, snappy and newsy programmes and Gordon Inglis spinning music a little to the left at the mainstream three nights a week.

However, Executive Producer and Head of Entertainment Robert Noakes thinks it would be a mistake to assume that Radio Scotland is aiming for a ’youth’ audience. ‘Certainly,’ he says, ‘I don’t think we’re aiming lorthe same audience as belore. This is part of the very diverse output of the station. It is essentially a strand ol pop music-based programmes, butthat is balanced by a strand at more specialist music earlier in the evening.’

Gordon Inglis feels that the changes will make it ‘a far more accessible station’ presumably to the not-insignilicant section of the community whose mental picture 01 the station is one at round-the-clock Jimmy Shand and devolution phone-ins. “The unusual,’ he promises, ‘will be heard more than the mundane.

‘I’m sure that the kind of participation that we’ll get on “Earshot” on Wednesday nights will make it good

listening. Whatwe’re trying to build is the knowledge in the listenerthat when he chooses 810 he’s going to get something enjoyable, and he’s not going to get something that is directed at one particular audience. We’re going to be Iocused, but we're not going to be focused to that extent that we’ll turn anyone oil.’ (Alastair Mabbott)

NEW RADID SCOTLAND SCHEDULE Mon: 10.10pm Gordon Inglis; 11pm Beat Patrol.

Tues: 10.10pm Gordonlnglis;11pm Bite the Wax.

Wed: 10.10pm Gordonlnglis;11pm Earshot.

Thurs: 10.10pm Nightlife; 10.30pm Playlist Meeting.

Fri: 10.10pm Scoop’s Fan Club;

10.30 Tom Ferrie’s Scottish Chart; 11.30 BPM.

I Landscape in the Mist(C4)

lOpm— 12.20am. Theo Angelopoulos‘s film about two children who run away to Germany to find the father they have

. never seen won the Golden llugo Award

at the 1988 Chicago Film Festival.

I Lady Sings the Blues (Scottish) ll.35pm—12.35am. Diana Ross was nominated for an Oscar for her leading role in this Billie Holiday biopic. which isa reasonable enough effort as these things go.


I Out of Australia (C4) 7—8pm. An expose

of some of the characters involved in the

illegal trade of Australian birds and

reptiles. I The Media Show (C4) 8—9pm. 'I‘lteMedia

'DIG' We're looking for young gardeners keen to be involved in a new gardening series

for Channel Four Television. Have you got a stylish and inventive garden?

Please send details and photos with an SAE to: Helen Fletcher Tartan Television Ltd 35 Little Russell Street London, WC1A 2HH.

Show continues the media's fascination with Colin Wallace by showing an hour-long special about the media‘s fascination with Colin Wallace.

I Single Voices (BBCI) iii—10.30pm. George Cole is this week’s talking head a man who once had a fine head ofauburn hair. but now needs a toupee to ‘ginger' things up.

I The Philadelphia Story ( C4) l()pm—12.2()am. The society weddingof the year is jeopardised by the threat of scandal. Katherine Hepburn. Cary Grant and James Stewart in fine form from 1940. I Everyman (BBCl) 10.30—l 1.20pm. The case of Paul Touvier. an alleged war criminal who was hidden by the French church for many years.

I Boxing (Scottish) 1(l.35pm—12.()5am. Including Nigel Benn versus Doug DeWitt ofthe USA at Caesar‘s Palace. Las Vegas.


I Horizon (BBC2) 8. l()—9pm. lt might sound like a cyberpunk fantasy. but Singapore is being called ‘the intelligent island‘. with vast numbers of people wired up to information technology. Horizon reports on what this means. and what the effects will be.

I No Home lor Barry (C4) 9:10pm. Barry is the 17-year-old son of divorced parents who comes to London in search of a new life. Cutting Edge cameras followed him for the three weeks after his arrival; three weeks in which he discovered the harsh realities of living on the streets. IPanorama (BBC1)9.35—1().o5pm. lithe Government‘s plans for the NI {5 backfire in the way that the poll tax legislation has done. then what will the repercussions be? I The Bad News Tour (C4) 10— 10.40pm. The second in the Vintage Comic Strip

series. in its own modest English way as classic as This is Spinal Tap.

IThe Parade (C4) ltl.-1li—1 l .Stipm. A Polish documentary made in North Korea in 1988 offering a view of an Asian state slowly emerging from communism. Winner of last year‘s Prix ltalia for documentary.

I Vote 90-The Regions Decide (Scottish) 11.()5pm—12.()5am. And as the excitement on the campaign trail re aches fever pitch. the roadshow pulls into Glasgow.


I Stanley’s Vision (C4) 8—8.3lipm. Ben Kingsley plays Stanley Spencer in this dramatised documentary almost a visual poem. it says here ~ of a man with highly individual ideas about his art.

I The Beer Hunter (C4) 8.3(l—9pm. For this edition. Michael Jackson heads for the Great British Beer Festival to check out the best of this country's beers.

I Out On Tuesday ( C4) 9— 1 ()pm. For obvious reasons. gays had to be extremely discreet while serving during wartime and national service. But relationships did flourish. and former servicemen recall them in this hour-long special called ‘Comrades in Arms‘.

I Cassidy(BBCl)9.3S—l1.15pm. .‘vlartin Shaw and Dents Quilley in the first ofa two-part political thriller.

I First Tuesday (Scottish) 1040-1 1 .40pm. A report on the gradual acceptance of faith healers by some of the Conventional medical profession.

I Vote 90-The Regions Decide (Scottish) 1 1.40—1.14“). The politicians meet the people in Edinburgh.


I Chillers (Scottish) 9—llipm. The first in a series of self-contained suspense tales stars lan McShane.

IWingsoIDesire (C4) l(l.35pm~12.55am. Channel 4's Wim Wenders season begins with one of his best and most intriguing films. Two angels eavesdrop on the livesof various people in Berlin; from an actor (Peter Falk) making a film about the Nazi era to the trapeze artist that one ofthe angels falls in love with. triggering a desire to become a mortal. A hypnotic experience.

I Living with the Blues (C4) 1255-] .55pm. A documentary on the birth of the bluesin Britain. exploring the roots which led to the country's rock explosion.


I NB (Scottish) b.3(l—7pm. See Thurs lo. I Tomorrow’s World ( BBC] ) twpm. the programme‘s 25th anniversary. celebrated with a link—up to six countries.

I KYTV (BBCZ) 9—9.3(Ipm. llelen Atkinson-Wood presents a comic look at satellite TV in the first ofsix programmmes.

I On the Black Hill (C4 ) 9.30—1 I .4opm. Andrew Grieve‘s first film as writer/director after a quarter-century in the industry was this adaptation ofthe Bruce Chatwin novel. a story that spans four generations of a farming community livrng on the Welsh border. A raw evocation of rural life which expresses hope for the future in the form oftw ins Benjamin and Lewis Jones.

I The Richard Dimbleby Lecture ( BB(‘1) l()—l().4()pm. llelmut Schmidt speaks on the prospects ofa united Europe in the 1990s.

I Vote 90— The Regions Decide ( Scottish) 10.35pm—12.35am. Afteran agonising build-up. we reach the coverage ofthe Regional Elections themselves.

I The Marriage 01 Maria Braun ( (‘4)

l 1.4(lpm—l .5()am. Fassbinder‘s most conventional film opens in 1943. when Maria‘s wedding ceremony is interrupted by an air raid. This sets the tone for the rest of her married life. wedlock not being an institution Fassbinder has much time for.

72'l'he List 20 April 3 May 1990