Byron. Punctuated by extracts from his poems and letters. the writings of his friends and Paterson's notes. the book provides a taste of history. including a chapter on Byron‘s eating habits. Byron found women and food an unacceptable combination: ‘Women should never be seen eating unless it be lobster salad and champagne.‘ The book also contains all the appropriate recipes for the banquet which ends Byron‘s greatest poem. Don Juan.

I World of Herbs Lesley Bremness (A Channel Four Book £5.95) Complementing the recent Channel Four series. World ofHerbs makes a thorough investigation into the herb-world. covering remedies. beauty products. decorative ideas and recipes. Essentially a reference book. it suffers from being a mite plain and uninviting. There are. however. enough useful facts and recipes. including formulas for home-made skin creams and hair dye. making it a useful publication to have on your book shelf.

I Sweets Without Sinning Gwyneth Dover (Sidgwick & Jackson £6.99). The author began her researches into healthy puddings after her husband nearly died of heart disease: this consists of 1()() of her own dessert recipes. many ofthem based on fresh fruit. all of them avoiding sugar. The dishes have strange names such as Mesopotamia and Mrs Miniver. and look good as well as mostly weighing in around the 5()-calorie mark.

I The Microwave Maestro Kevin Woodford (BBC Books £4.99). As well as giving useful information on the basics of microwave cooking. Woodford gives over 100 recipes. many of them demonstrated by the author on Granada TV‘s This Morning. Woodford is a convert to the microwave. although he believes that it should be only one of the tools ofthe kitchen. Recipes include standards such as lasagne. along with more complicated dishes such as paupiettes ofsole in oakvat cider.

I Evening Times Guide to Eating Out in Glasgow David Phillips (Richard Drew £2.99) By pouncing unannounced on some 110 establishments ofglobal origin. cafe to cordon bleu. Phillips has produced a kind of bird‘s-eye view. the criteria being the total experience: food. surroundings. service. price. atmosphere.

With a geographically sectioned main text. the indices are based alphabetically and on types offood served and proximity to major entertainment and art venues provide further salvation and salivation for the frustrated foodie.

Under each main entry comes a general overview followed by info on opening hours. cost. nearest underground and. admirably. information on access for the disabled. forms of payment accepted. service charges and whether or not the social deviants amongst us are allowed a post-prandial fag.

(Susan Mackenzie)


Good home-cooked food (including vegetarian meals) all day until 10pm.

The Joke Box & Cabaret I I once a fortnight I I I I Open till midnight & lam on Fridays. I I

Ubiquitou: Chip Wine Shop


Advocaat, Benedictine, Claret, Drambuie, Eiswien, Fino, Glenlivet, Hock, Italian, Jura, Kahlua, Laphroaig, Madeira, NuitSt Georges, Ouzo, Port, Quaich, Rioja, Sparkly, Talisker, Ubiquitous Vouvray, Whisky, X0 Brandy, YQuem, Zinfandel . . . and there’s more!

8 nthton lon¢,GlmgowGl2

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W open seven days food served all day tri 8: sat


tueisday— saturday 19 oo 2200


AWA‘Rfi WELCOME wagomcx é'i‘tifiziziéNr_,§5Ravig E

__:.;::3:3:' "" '""**‘140MEMADEaFinlll“i SMOKEDnMACKEREl. "-22%


35%; "53%... BAKED POTATOES -

‘ERESH QROUND CAPPUCCINQiESPRESSOjQ: FILTER COFFEE ..... 3333:?““35:33:22. m 23-532.... . .._.:.:.: ., All our meals are 'repared o'fi'ihe"'premlses using a

fresh local; lice. Vegetarians catered r97

rru. 1wo

272‘ 3'- cuuaow. You 041 - xiii-53599


’The Mexican Experience’

:t::;. “\d

\fac " ' o J i: i /’K >59 /E% OPENING TIMES

Lunch: Mon - Sat 12 - 2pm Dlnner : Mon - Sat 6 - Midnlght; Sun 6 - 10pm.

Booking Advisabiel 031 228 1345

Pachuko Cantina «5;, i 3 Grove Street, Edinburgh I0 L

L ~l Bringyourown bottle!

' t'vfilal'" TV fl' 4 filal- ml; i L?

A La Carte after 6pm Steaks (‘1 la Blah Blah!

Ranging from £6.60 to £13.80 Blah Blah!

63 Dalry Road, Edinburgh 031 313 2139

The List 20 April 3 May 1990 75