At the CLYDE THEATRE Until 5 May at 7.30pm

Box Oitice 041 951 1200 and I

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ROBERT B. P RKER Bestselling Crimewriter (A CATSK ILL

EAGLE, CRIMSON JOY ETC) has completed RAYMOND CHANDLER'S unfinished novel.

He will be reading and signing copies of


(MacDonald £12. 95)

FRIDAY 11th MAY at 7.00pm

Wine will be served To reserve copies Tel. 041-221 0890

THE LIST c‘t‘itssmisn 132 UNION ST. GLASGOW

Wildcat Stage Product-ens is subsidised by the Scottish Ans Council and Glasgow District UOUI’ICII


Glasgow's newest oldest venue 179 Buchanan St, Glasgow, G1 2JZ.




v Tel : 041 332 5127 i PUBL'CAT'ONS THEATRE CATHCARThAND ENVIRONS A PICTORIAL REMINISCENCE ,r l . Jean Mars all MayfeSt and Open'ng season, May' June/JU'Y 1990 Guided tour of this historic part of Glasgow which can ggégtggrstably

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4 “1 2 May 1990, 730W“ . DTJseggflgcggSnpgnceerUK; 21.0%Usr3riagewmaTi worid-wioe. ISBN 0-906169-26-7. SCOttlSh YOUTH Theatre presents AULD HAWKIE AND OTHER GLASGOW CHARACTERS Xsyt Productions in DOTOUW Whltaker

Flft r h t of i0 GI , h "m full colour portra‘t,

THE ALCHEMIST notggroyalnggtgscheirggdepsoemcs by 33333..» eTitancde‘rs'on. PRICE £4.95 each'plus

POSTAGE: 54 pence UK; £1.20 surface mall world-wide. ISBN 0-906169-24-0.

b‘ Ben y Jonson YELLOW WEDNESDAY Jimmy Black

sponsored by E"?! TISh' AEROSI 5'05 .

COMMERCIAL AchwA/rr . . A miscellany of stories and poems rich in the humour and humanity of :- Glasgow‘s city-folk. PRICE £2.50 each plus POSTAGE: 45 pence UK; £1.00 13 - 14 May, 28 - 31 May, 7.30pm : surface mail world-wide. ISBN 0-906169-23-2. Winged Horse Touring Productions YELLOW WEDNESDAY THE CASSETTE Jimmy Black 'Elizabeth Gordon Quinn- The gathered pric-a-prac of Glasgow life, with the many voices of Jimmy Black, Andy Cameron, Charles Kearney, Mary Marquis, Forbes Masson, Katy 1 5 & 1 6 May, 7,30pm ; Murphy and Dorothy Paul. Music by Blair Douglas, singer Lorna Brooks. PRICE

£5.99 each plus POSTAGE: 30 pence UK; 60 pence surface mail world-wide.

Helene Delavault (France) RAB HA, THE GLASGOW GLUWON

17 & 18 May, 7.30pm : Annexe Theatre Company DOTOthV Whitaker and Cliff Hartley , .Vodka & Dames. A humorous history in full colour pictures and verse of the brief but ' memorable life Of the Glasgow Giutton. whose name has become”? zylwogrd , , . . for gargantuan gusto. PRICE £4.60 each plus POSTAGE: 62 pence ; . 19 - 21 May, 7.300m . Clyde Unity Theatre Company i surface mail world-wide. ISBN 0-906169-27-5. 'Lambs of God' E And of course . . . THE PATTER Michael Munro 23 8' 24 May, 7309'“ I DEHCCITOISB (USA) I Best-selling dictionary of Glaswegian speech, full of humorous examples. 'A“ the Rage- Illustrated throughout by David Neilson. PRICE £3.50 each plus POSTAGE: ! 37 pence UK; 80 pence surface mail world-wide. ISBN 0-906169-09-7. 25 & 26 May. 7.30pm 2 Spaldmg Gray The original, and still the best, Glaswegian dictionary.

'Monster in a Box' 1 . , i GLASGOW UBRARIES PUBLICATIONS, THE MITCHELL UBRARY. All tickets £5.00 ($22.50), except Helene Delavault $36.00 ($3.00), I NORTH STREET, GLASGOW Gs 70H, SCOTLAND. l

Please pay GLASGOW DISTRICT UBRARIES In Stening and write to

available how the Old Atiienaeum Theatre, 179 Buchanan SI. (041 332 5127) TRADE ENOU'R'ES “acme Ticket Centre (041 227 5511) and all Ticketlink outlets.

The List 4— 17 May 199021