Awelcome return for the USA's toremost exponents otButoh. Eiko and Koma. at the Mitchell Theatre. Wed 16—Thurs17

May. 7pm.

Renfrew Ferry. 6pm. £5 (£2.50). Two men. actually. Stephen Frost and Sean Hughes. both highly-rated in the stand-up field. and here joining together in a send-up of'l'V comedy shows.

I Norman Lovett and Jack Dee Moir l lall. 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). Double dose of deadpan drollery. Well worth seeing.

I Adapt or Die Renfrew Ferry. 8.30pm. £5 (£2.50). White South African playwright and performer with a forceful anti-Apartheid line. Especially good at improvising in response to news events.


I NightTide. Memory. Rust and Elegy Mitchell Theatre. 7pm. £5 (£2.50). See Wed 16.

IYoung Europeans Tramway. 7.30pm. £6 (£3). An exciting departure for the Scottish Ballet who perform new ballets by three young choreographers working in Europe. in Glasgow‘s Tramway.


ISweetie GF'T. 6pm and 8.30pm. £2.90 (£1 .90/£l .30) See Sun 13.


I Micheal O'Suilleahhain andThelrishChamher

Orchestra (‘ity Hall. 7.30pm. £7 (£4.50). £6 (£3.50). ()ne ofthe very best musical events in Mayfest. Virgin last year released lrish composer/pianist ()‘Suilleabhain's ravishing suite Island for traditional instruments and the I(‘(). See Mayfest Preview. IThomas Maptumoand

The Blacks Unlimited

Pavilion Theatre. 8pm. £6

(£4).£5(£2.50).The ' Zimbabwean superstar was a leading figure in the

struggle for independence and fell foul ofthe

: authorities forit. Since

then his mttsichas

provided great inspiration forhiscountrymen.and

j this is indeed a strong note iortheFrontline seriesto ; end on. He plays a second

night on Fri 18.

I The Humptt Family Renfrew Ferry. 11.30pm. £5 (£2.50). Wonderfully entertaining ten-strong

bunch of spoofcountry v and hillbilly musicians. IGabrielJacksonThird

[iye (‘entre. 9.30pm. £5

(£2.50). Three musicians perform on clarinet. piano

and violin in front ofa projected video of Richard Long‘s paintings

Ten Days Walking A nd

V Sleeping ()n Natural



I Workshop Negative Arches Theatre. 7pm. £5 (£2.50). See Tue 15.

I Vodka and Daisies Old Athenaeum Theatre. 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). Annexe Theatre (‘ompany revives its much praised production of Lara-Jane Bunting‘s affectionate look at three girls coming ofage.

I Mother Courage (‘itizens' Theatre. 7.30pm. £5 (£1/free. See Fri 4.

I The Ottslri Variations Tron Theatre. 10.30pm. £5 (£2.50). £4 (£2). See Tue 15.

I Jubilee King‘sTheatre. 2.30pm and 7.30pm. £8 (£4).£7 (£3.50). £6(£3). £5 (£2.50). See Mon 14. I Paddy's Market Tron Theatre. 7.30pm. Promenade £6 (£3); fixed seating £5 (£2.50). See Thurs 10.

I Make Me A Statue Third Eye Centre. 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). Victoria Worsley‘s theatrical tribute to two of Europe‘s most celebrated sculptors. I Only An Excuse Clyde Theatre. Clydebank. 7.30pm. £6 (£3.50). See Mon 14.


I Govan Stories Following

the format of Long Story Short. 7:84 draws on local writers from Govan to tell their (‘lydeside tales. [)runrchapel U WC Mon 14. workshop 2pm: Drumchapel ('I:'(' Mon 14. perf 7.30pm; Dolphin Arts ( 'entre Tue 15 workshop 2.30pm. pc rf 7.30pm; Gorhals UW(' Wed 16. workshop 2.30pm ; Adelphi ( '1:'(' Wed 16. perf7.30pm; Barr/read U WC'Thurs 17. workshop 2.30pm. perf 7.30pm. I Stitcha Zimbabwe's own community theatre visits the communities of Glasgow. A vibrant portrayal of the culture and traditions of the women of Africa. Springhurn ('ollege Tue 8. 7.30pm; House/rill (‘I:'(.‘ Wed 9. 7.30pm; Dolphin Art ('entre Thurs 10. 7.30pm; (‘ranhill Secondary School Fri 1 1 . 7.30pm: Drimtchapel ('liCSat 12. 7.30pm. I Annexe Writers' Group Each week a new play is given a professional reading followed by an audience discussion. ()n Thurs 10 For His Name '5 Sake by Alan l layton is read and on Thurs 17 it is the turn of The Old Pals Act (suitable for adults only) by Bill Leadbitter. himselfan exciting actor. Springburn ( 'ollege Thurs 10. 7.30pm; Thurs 17. 7.30pm. I The Little Shoppe ot Honors Popular musical featuring a carnivorous plant is staged by Audrey‘s Lunch. Springburn College Fri 4. 7.30pm; Pollok ('l:‘(' Thurs 10, 7.30pm; Mary/rill (CH Fri 1 l—Sat 12. 7.30pm; Penilee (‘IiC Thurs 17. 7.30pm. I Going Nowhere Fast The Bellshill Performance Group in a devised play about the disturbing and funny results when a group ofadults with special needs decide to travel abroad. Barlinnie Special Unit Tue 8. 7.30pm. I Billy Bragg Each time I see the Bard of Barking his voice gets stronger and his songs get subtler. Don't miss. Cranhill Mayday Mon 7. 3pm; ('arnwadric (fl-1‘ Mon 7. 8pm. I O-pen P.N./The Sequel Brigton B‘s revive last year‘s popular nostalgic look at 30s tenement life and introduce the second installment of the story. [iastfield ( ‘I;'( ' Fri 4. 7.30pm; YokerN('Sat 5.

7. 30pm ; Pearce Institute Tue 8. 7.30pm; Hamilton/till (‘1;‘(7 Wed 9. 7.30pm; Knightswood ('Iz‘C'Fri l l.7.30pm; Barmulloch (‘Iz'C Mon 14. 7.30pm; (iot'anhill NC Wed 16. 7.30pm; liltnva/e (,‘I;'('Thurs17.7.30pm.

I Mr Boom Lively children's entertainer. Penilee ( 'I:'( ' Fri 4. 10.30am; ('arnwadric ('EC Fri 4. 2.30pm; South ('arntyne 'I'H Tue 8.

10. 30am; ()rbiston

( 'omplex Tue 8. 2 . 30pm ; John Mains ('lz'C ' Wed 9. 10.30am: (iovan UWC Wed 9. 2.30pm;

[faster/rouse ('l:‘( "Thurs l0. 10.30am; Burlanark i (‘li(‘Thurs10.2.30pm:

Rue/rill UW(‘ Fri 1 l. 10.30am; (iarnethill .\1( 1‘ Fri 11.2.30pm.

I Snapshots A lively look at Scottish myths and traditions by (‘lanjamfrie

; Birgidale ('omplex‘ Fri 4

workshop 2.30pm. perf 7.30pm; ()rhiston (‘omplex Sat 5 workshop 2.30pm. peri7.30pm:

Mary/rill Burgh HallTue 8 a workshop 2.30pm. pcrf

7.30pm; liarrhead L'W(’ Wed 9 workshop 2.30pm. perf 7.30pm; ( 'l_vdehank UW('Thurs lflworkshop

2.30pm. perf7.30pm; Pearce Insitute Tue l5perf

7.30pm. Wed 16

workshop 2.30pm.

I Irene Conway Singer and

i guitarist with bouts ofchat

between songs. Hamilton/till ( 'l:'( ' Mon 14.2pm; [fast/tall RHTue

] 15. 2pm ; Summertoim

(‘I;’('Wed 16.2pm; ('astlemilk ('l;'( ' Thurs 17. 2pm.

I Not, Not While The Giro

An adaptation of.lames Kelman‘s short story. an interior monologue about fantasy on the dole. Performed by

Mind Over Matter is a character drama devised by students

Dependency (‘ulture. Barr/read l 'll'('Thurs 10. 7.30pm; Barlinnie Special l/nit Fri ll.7pm; (iovun l1W('Mon 14. 2.30pm; ('lvdehank l.'ll'( 'Tue 15. 7.30pm; 'l'oryglen .\'(' Wed 16. 7.30pm: I)rumchapel l 'H"( 'Thurs 17.7.30pm.

I Carry Mi Culture Drama Workshop Inc. a youthful off-shoot of Borderline Theatre (’ompany. takes a comic look at 1990

culture. Dalmarnoi‘k ('(' Fri 4.


I Therapy Dundee's ()ther (‘ompany perform John llarvey's sinister reworking of The Beggar's ()pertt.

Shettleston ( ‘I:‘( 'Tue 15.

8pm; House/rill ( 'l'.‘( Wed

16. 8pm; (ieuffS/raw ( 'l'.‘(‘ Thurs 17.8pm.

I ll Elvis Lived in Meikle Earnock Rock'n'Roll in a 50s new town in Peter Nardini's well-receide

new play for

('umbernauldTheatre Company. Pt'lllll’l’(Ill-(.xitni l4.

7.30pm; (iarthamlot‘k

: ('l:‘("1‘ue 15.7.30pm‘.

: NationalSavings Bank Theatre Wed 16. 7.30pm:

('arnii'adrit‘ ( 'lz'( "Thurs 17. 7.30pm. I The End oi an Ordinary Man Pretentious study of the making of a murderer by Faceback Theatre Company. Dalmarnock ('( ' Wed 9. perf 7.30pm: Drunu‘hapcl L'HT'Fri l l workshop 2pm; Dru/nchapel { 'lf(' Fri 1 1 perf7.30pm; [flint-ale ( ‘li( ' Sat 12 perf 7.30pm; l’oker .\'('Sun 13 perf 2.30pm: Pearce

lnstituteMon l4 workshop

, 2.30pm.perf7.30pm:

Winter (iardens Tue 15

perf 2.30pm; .llaryhill

Burgh Hall Wed 16

at Glasgow University that takes a look at people's inability to communicate. The show tours community venuestrom

Tue 8 May.

The List 4— 17 May 199033