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Here, cop a load ofthis, wot a fortnight eh? Tell you what, I can let you ’ave the whole lot for, ooh, about 80p, slittin’ me own throat eh? I can’t say fairer than that now can I?

I OOH my dear, Opera is such a drag! Well inthis case it is. The male-dominated La Gran Scena Opera Company set up camp in Glasgow lor Mayiest. but make no mistake, they do have a passion tor their preterred art Iorm. Tramway. Glasgow. 4-6 May. See MaersI Diary page 29.

7 t4—17May1990


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I THIS year's Fringe Poster. designed by Amanda Grant (12) 0I Orummond School. lnverness.

I FOR God's sake Carruthers, leave the damn canoe paddles here. we're miles Irom the river. Patrick Rergin plays Richard Burton (the 19th-century explorer. not the 20th-century hubby oI Liz) in Mountains oIIhe Moon. Bob Ralelson’s lavish and dramatic account at the search tor the source ol the Nile. See Film Index

- page 40.

I RALPH LEMON's reaction to being told he is to appear to in the first two pages ol this magazine. ‘The contemporary dance world's myth-maker‘ (New York Times) will be bringing his company to Glasgow Ior Maylest. Mitchell Theatre 9 May. See Maerst Diary page 29.

I RICHARD GERE shows he can still pull the birds. The one he pulls in thiinlm is tart-wiIh-a-heartJulia Roberts, the Pretty Woman in Garry Marshall's latest

romantic comedy. See Film '

Index page 40.

I I EIKO and Koma.

periorming Iheirlamous Bite Your Own Knee dance. The Japanese-Dom Butoh artists will periorm Iorthe Iirsttime in this country at

the Mitchell Theatre, 16—17

May. 7pm. See Mayiest

; Oiary page 29.

I THE beloved heavyweight olIhe opera

world. Luciano Pavarotti. ' drops into Glasgowlora

solo sold out appearance on 16 May. at the SECC. See Classical Music Listings page 63.

I HE’S back. Friendly Freddie returns tor a wearisome IiIIh time in Wes Craven‘s never-ending story. Only Tom Joneslans have more dreams about one man. See Film Index page 40.