US, 1990) Richard Gere, Andy Garcia, Nancy Travis. 105 mins. After his ambitious homegrown debut leature Stormy Monday, British director Mike Figgis makes his Hollywood debut, sticking to his passion tor crime thrillers and heading torthe movie capital where his slick, commercial style will undoubtedly lind a marketplace.

Andy (The Untouchables) Garcia is Raymond Avila, a quietly etlicient detective promoted to the Internal Atlalrs division at the LA County Police Department, and it’s while investigating a routine misconduct case that his suspicions are inadvertently drawn towards respected lellow-cop Dennis Peck (Richard Gere). As Garcia unravels piece after piece at damning evidence concerning Gere’s nelarious activities (drugs, sex, embezzlement etc), the narrative suspense lies not in his quest lor justice, but in the intense psychological struggle that develops between the two men. The tussle tor control rages on, and the crooked cop uses every means at his disposal, including an involvement with his opposite number’s beautilul wile, to distract Avila lrom his mission.

Sounds a little predictable? Well, it is. Very. The same was probably true ot Stormy Monday, surlace llash

Internal Attairs (18) a (Mike Figgis,

concealing a rather trite storyline. Yet what irons out such quibbles here is the depth to which the characters are developed. Initially likeable and charming, Gere is (tor once) superb as as he gradually becomes unnervineg menacing, solving any problem that lies in his path with casually murderous elan. Conversely, Garcia begins the lilm as a man obsessed, almost psychotic in his investigative zeal, but at length, he‘s revealed as a thoughtlul operator immersed in his work. A word here tor Laurie Metcall as his smart partner, tor her reassuring presence almost steals the movie lrom the two men.

Director Figgis even achieves an ettectively disturbing dream sequence when Garcia's drunken state lets those unconscious tantasies come seeping out, and the lilm as a whole, sharply put together, is evidence that here's one British lilm-makerwith imagination and drive. All he needs now is some material with a touch more originality about it. (Dylan Matthew)

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