mm— l although the constant pummelling . veers towards overstatement.

WS.E.G.B. llelpzAAI

WateroiLile Wed leav.7.3l) mm W I uncomiortably conventional daughter (£3). A bit in last year‘s lidllthlrruh curiae.

and aluminum” neglefled spelling (‘hris Ballance's play is about the THE DORM Nonetheless it's an exciting. Bee grand-daughter. infamous Burke and l lare. Dirry deeds in s In t w k h Ed. b h l vigorous show, intensely theatrical and That the period oi rehearsal was a the 1820s (‘nyygare performed by can at ea {8 or 8 OD’ m "'9 ' j impossible to ignore. (Mark Fisher) mere two weeks, only adds to the lhcattcmachmc.

Edinburgh and returning in the Road‘ 328 1 155

Edinmmnge. E mam—

production. Elizabeth Cory Lopez' part

- - Carousel Until Sat 5 May. sai Mat 2.30 3m. "'5 00' "til" You walk “Wide 8 prison ELEEMOSYNARY 3'9”? ":‘g a'mmgr'g'y‘gzudlge. 14-50(9). Edinburgh University sayaiy that YOU begin to realise the Th 8 '8 t Cl b Ed-nbu' h Um" “"80 e 0 at." y. u "- p ‘y 7‘ Opera ("0UP perform the Rogersand implications 0' me penal sys'em. The i 9 0Y3 co 3 u i l 9 ~ cumbersome I aIS a re erence 0 8f llammerstein standard in aid ofthe Royal

~ o m n an .’ 20 MaY- obsession with big words - and all rsarinnai Lirebnai immuum

mm?" 0' d's'memm' "me a by I While "teal"! managements across the three actors deliver a demanding script I GILDED BALLOON 233 ('owgate. 225 hospital, the heavy locked doors att e ; land "y to make their bundings with precision and verve. 63M. 3"“ °' "9” WM?" inc 69“. ; accessible to ever broader The class war won't begin in Sac (‘ahatct Listings- z""“lsl’l‘e'e 0' '"5l'lul'onal'sal'on' ' cross-sections ot the public, American Abercromby Place, but American I “'"6'3 mm“ “mm Stm‘t - 33"

visited Saughton Prison a couple at years ago tor no more than a couple oi hours, but that was more than enough

Festiva' Theat'e has initiated a minor 1201. Box Office Mon—Sat lllam ~8pm.

. . . Bar. |Access: PPA. l.. Facilities: WC. revolution oi Its own in the small pond WS‘ AS. E. 0‘ 8. Help: AA]

Festival Theatre turns up in Scotland with a thoroughly exclusive line in

, . 1 entertainment. Perhaps only a ioreign oi Scottish theatre. (Mark Fisher). 0 d m- m a -I ~. g . .. , _ .- - time to sense the ieartul air at trapped , company mum haveme audacity“) . 7:30 0 I‘ll Sbntt .Sdt Méithtt _i n oppressron . . . . pm. Sat. pm & 8pm. i. .-()—16.3ll.

m i m Lance H M an combine on-siage drama with a srlver I mall— Peter Whalley's Who-dun-Wltul stars Philip 3W! 9 t ' semee meal, and to make a theatre out Madoe. Patricia Shakesby and’l‘reyor "'de'a'm’e 3' H" M3185” s P'easure' oi the Ho al Scots Club a detiantl ELIZABETH GORDON Bannister . thatthisiormoi y - y - 1' I ‘I: i r. 7 . . r . 0 2:22.122,” sharp shock makes little sense as’a 23:3?“ doors to me Edmbmgh 239%“ ":1" ga¥°'se meal”, Big-mine}; {Tree hy‘flirihioreene and corrective measure. His ima e at a '. . . Itt urll - it our- sieyen centre and starring Nicola Puget. juvenile detention centre is 09! a brutal 8m "us event Is a proper my,“ on! In Elizabeth Gordon Quinn, Chris The Pirates ot Penzance Mon l4—Tue l5 militaristic regime characterised by a and "0 casual can to your we.“ [ep' so Hanna" has "Bale" one 0' "'9 most Mitt“ 7~3”Pm~ £54125” The comtortable are the proceedings, that in"; "in h , t m, highly-rated r)‘0y-iy (‘arre Opera hard iought pecking orderamong the it 9 c a 30 8'8 0 8 mullet" . . . , . even alter a three-course meal and a - r (‘nmpany begin a week of Gilbert and inmates It sasystemthatcarrcatures . Stalle- Lille 3mm 5 Mulhet Cuttialle. . . . . . . two-act play, the All-strong audience - . suiliyan With this 1879 show rnr ( ()Tntsh and "aggmges (he powewiay or the , d t h t, t h i h she plays a pivotal role while earning landlubbm outside world and that can turn a ¥3mams 3.: at .0 cd 3 a“ e "'1 :1“ '- little ol our sympathy. She's a me "man‘ch If”.th 17 MM sma...fimemienmoa ,uwess "m "9 w' ,3 "5’" 0' 0‘3" 9'9 working-class woman, daughteroia 7 iripm wed Mat 1 30pm p sryyp so criminal, 3'9 subS‘a'lm' “'“Wms '°' Sm" . manure-carter. ashamed by her Anniher helping: nit; & s inini the ' pam pinson’s ,elenuessly mum 9'9"” bookmgs‘ and "lake 3" "9"”‘9 background and with passionate D‘oyiy (‘arie Opera Company. direction tor MandeIa Theatre 0' 'L aspirations tor a better lite. That she I NETHERBOW Allis CENTRE 43 i ltgh

li a meal is not your scene, it is still has never '8" he, me or poverty_ (,3, Street. 556 9579. Box Office. worth trying to get one oi the limited (enemth "at has newspaper to, carpet mam—4.30pm. 7—9pm perf. evgs. (are. cheapertickets to see Lee Blessing’s and 3 mm doom?" “8an mm IAcccss: R. Facilities: we. ws. e. o. u.

Ia .Perlormed with ace and . . R. Help: A. AA] Suzanna by gunner: can, Lopez, "lakes d'"°'°"‘° ‘0 “9' 3mm“ 0' All Other Places and Both Sides Upiront

. . distanced su eriori . She is nouveau ~ . a . . .. . Anne Foley "met and M'cheue p w lhurs lit—Sat 1.. Ma). Twoshovis by I lie

Company pushes the play into a near-surreal savage satire. The ensemble playing -tive crop-headed male actors in regiment tormation - is viciously athletic, as each character

vies to hold onto his precarious social . . riche without the wealth. College which went dim n my hen ai the standing. An ominous noose hangs $35223; gnaggfifigo‘finng"rimmed But Hannan has created no monster. recent Scottish siiidenr Drama Feslit al in above a bare stage strewn with tom 9 y a ' '.s a True enough her uniustiiied elitism Glasgow Both are by Andy Mucktc: the ' elevert eha'acmr comedy explormg "‘3 ' first isabout life onadrama course.the newspape's'thetens'on "eve'gives’ push and pull relationshi soi three anew” andrepels'r'ends and d' b h' v I’ r~' It- The Dorm isa powerlul, p iamIIy, Iteven loses herheriurniture, 5“” " "u" “d "M" “"i ' ‘-

. . . . It's Friday and They Don't Send Flowers Any but the richness ol the play lies in Its Mm Wed ms“ 19 Ma) . 8pm. mm

gradual explanation 0' he! Charade" Pat Trevor's play for Facets Theatre looks She makes daughter, son and husband at the problems faced by the friendsand

generations ot related women. Spanning hall a century and demonstrating Blessing's masterly control oi theatrical technique, the play

uncompromising production that talks as much about men and the macho ideal as about the corrupting intluence

oi continement and authority. It’s about - . . . leel ridiculous and each eventually relatives of a sufferer ofAlzheimer's conformity, prejudice, brawn versus makes comm“! "lmps '" "me rebels against her-butthis is because diease. All profitstoAlzhcimer's . unravel the realistically complex . . . . -. . d brain, and the awsome power at gang psychologies of daughter mother and 0l lief genume. albeit mtSQUIded. 2;”LA‘3HOUSE mm“ (. . i H . . . , ° ireenstc c :icc. mamahw' w'me" 3"“ pem'med w'm grandmother. Barbed with humour and “we m escape the Danny and 557 2590.

conditions she detests. In the hands oi

vigour and imagination. the sensory rye. Wildean aphorisms, Evita Tue lS--Sat Zn May. uppin. wean

bombardmentistempered Willi Eleemosynarydanees aroundthe E'lein Nlcmilas 8:? 'Sicqmp'e’; Sat Mats 2.30pm. {SSH—£15.51). 'I'he

humour— an ironic parody ot Under human faufls and strengths or (he “93 ‘t’TB' V“ '3” er e “we 3" Andree LloydWebber hiiniaehine is

Milk Wood. Andrew Wardlaw'stall guy ireHMnking granny, he, SW8 “'8. Y8 tttttOFOUS. lendetand back In town min thepre-l‘alklands _ concerned. Argentine musical. Jaequr Scott pla} s linl

Hamish Glen‘s productiontorWinged l Peron. Harold Prince directsand Horse makes much sense oi the Ouinn . tttc-tapptngtuncsinclude 1){»t't(‘rs'l*~r [amfly love/hate relationships (with a .‘l‘lr'xt/rgr’rfryrzr and Ariot/rer.Srrrrr‘rr.vr’In

art'cularl " ”"’ "” " ' . . gorges Maignoraesnasaebrgma? by I ROYAL LYCEUM orinaiay Street. zgn

- - . 9697. Box Office Mon—Sat 10am-6pm. A'dan desertan "om me armyl' calm Ilium—8pm on pert. evgs. Bar. Rest (ate. '

MBCNeil'S 88' l0VinglV recreates "18 [Accessz P. 1.. Faeilites: wc. ws. As. It. 1915 ilat in and out ol which the (i. B. R. T. Help: A. AA]. 'l‘ieketstor neighbouring Glasgow community l.)ceum productions are also available at driits to witness domestic arguments the Ticket (‘cntru Waverley Btttlec- and the “Down! 0' deep and painml branches of AT‘May'f'l'rax-el and the t ieeiings. The play cleverly explores OW” ““”'( '"k 5m“

. . . . Tankrcd Dorst 2 Fri 4 May. 2.30pm. £1 .50 Issues 0' personal 'esPons'b'my and (50p). The German playwright talks about

'"d'v'dl’a' "99mm" by jufiaposmg "’8 his ten-hour epic Merlin in the Royal collective action at the 1915 rent strike Lyceume Off m. M” WW, 0an

with the Ouinn iamily’s own iinancial pray-e (are, and dimming...

and moral dilemmas. The enemy is Ice Age Fri 4 May. 7.45pm. £2,5()(£l .So). DOVBTTV, but the solution is not always A performed reading otTankred Durst", apparent. sludyuf Nazism and the effectsol

Ana" from awkward pauses be‘ween e;;tftall‘;oratir;p Ian Wooldndge directs for i

5‘3".“ 3"” 3. '3'“.e'.°“mb°'s°me Heiner Miiller2 Sat 5 May. 2.31 lpm. u 5n mu,s'cal momt "vs 's we" pedormed (Slip). Another chance to hear the : revwat 0t anch. Intelligent play that (ierman playwright talk. ()ff n... Wall blends social documentary with eye-m. ' contemporary relevance. (Mark Fisher) Hamlet Machine Sat 5 May 7.45pm. £2.50 (£1.50). Michael Ball directs a full workshop production of l leiner Muller ‘s

l I

asi'l‘he List 4 17 May 1990