Open List is designed to cover public events not covered elsewhere in the magazine. We welcome submissions, which will be included subject to space. to reach our Edinburgh office not later than seven days before publication.

HEALTH Saturday 12

I Yoga Day Wester Hailes Education Centre. 5 Murrayburn Drive. Edinburgh. Bookings and info: Rachel Macdonald. Fettes Court. l/9 (‘raigleith Road. Edinburgh. 332 0694. 10am—4pm. £10 (member of Edinburgh and Lothians Yoga Association £8). A chance to try two forms of yoga. The morning session of Asanas with Lynn Scott covers llatha techniques: the afternoon session led by Rosemary Leburn looks at Lila Beck‘s joint-casing techniques.

OUTDOORS Friday 4—Sunday 6

I Dalmacara Conservation Project Meet at Hutchesons‘ Hall. 158 Ingram Street. Glasgow. Info: 0236 68089. Free. Begins 6.30pm Fri. A voluntary conservation weekend organised by the National Trust. Volunteers will assist Head Gardener Damon Powell with the removal ofbeech saplings to encourage the regeneration of Scotland's native woodlands. ofwhich only one per cent currently survive. Tools. food and accommodation are provided. but you should bring warm clothes and sleeping bag.

POLITICS Saturday 5 '

I May Day March. Rally and Fair Assemble Waterloo Place. 1 lam; Rally

(1230— 1 .30pm) and Fair ( l .30--5pm) Assembly Rooms. Edinburgh. Info: 556 3006. Admission to Fair £5(£2.50). Edinburgh Trades ('ouncil hasorganised these events to mark the centenary ofthe first international Mayday celebrations. The march is intended to support the workersof South Africa and defeat the Poll Tax; speakers at the rally inelttde Ken Livingstone and Maria Fyfe. The fair includes cabaret from Take Two. Eurydice (Socialist Women‘s Choir). Ruth Ellis and the big band sounds ofThe Happy Lind front London.

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6—243‘3: -‘ z I"

Go Buddha Co! Glasgow‘s thriving Buddhist Centre has organised a day ol teaching and celebration on Sat 12 at Glasgow‘s City Halls. See Open Extra.

£51. I; :2

A blow for Socialism: London‘s The Happy E

nd perform their show Songs Of The Low at Edinburgh's May Day Fair on Sat 5 at the Assembly Rooms. Based on the historyot the labour and women's movements. 1880—1915, the show includes music otlhe

time. as well as blues, marches and work by Bo Diddley. Stravinsky and CountBasie. See Open Extra.


Tuesday 8

I Cities In The 21st Century (ilitsgtiw ‘s Glasgow. The Arches. Midland Street. Glasgow. 204 3993. Info: 332039]. 2.45pm. Admission to the Arches £4 (£2.50). Kevin Katie ofthe Scottish Development Agency speaks.

I Artists' Workshops On Costume: Costume Conservation (‘onfeience Roorii. (‘entral Library. George [V Bridge. lidinburgh. 225 5584. 7.30pm. Free. but tickets available l5 minutes iii advance. In the second ofa season oftalks. Linda liaton


Wednesday 9

I Glasgow's Jewish Community ( ilasgow's Glasgow. The Arches. Midland Street. Glasgow. 204 3993. Info: 332039]. 2.45pm. Admission to the Arches £4 (£2.50). Louise Naftalin speaks. possibly offering a sneak preview ofNovember‘s Festival ofJewish ('ulture.

Thursday 10

I Glasgow's Contribution To The USA Glasgow‘s Glasgow. The A rehes. Midland Street. Glasgow. 204 3993. Info: 332039]. 2.45pm. Admission to the Arches £4 (£2.50). Professor Andrew l look speaks.

Tuesday 15

I Glasgow's Early Christian Settlements Glasgow‘s Glasgow. The Arches. Midland


Street. Glasgow. 204 3993. Info: 3320391. 2.45pm. Admission to the Arches £4 (£2.50). Alistair Gordon speaks.

Wednesday 16

I The Scotland-USSR Society ( ilasgow's Glasgow, The Arches. Midland Street. Glasgow. 204 3993. Info: 332039I. 2.45pm. Admission to the Arches £4 (£2.50). John Sams speaks.

I Arts Ol Detection Body Language And

Palmistry 'l he Meeting House. 7 Victoria

Terrace. Iidinburgh. 7.30pm. £2. A talk by limin Scotland.

I Meditation And Buddhism Glasgow Buddhist Centre. 329 Sauchiehall Street. Glasgow. 3330524. 7.30pm. £25 (£l2lfor seven sessions. The first instalment ofa seven-week course offering ‘a thorough introduction to meditation and the basic principles of Buddhism‘. A preview of what‘s involved will be as ailahle on Buddha Day (see ()l’liN7 EXTRA below).

Thursday 17

I Homoeopathy and Sell-Treatment ln Glasgow ( ilitsgtiw"s Glasgow. The Arches, Midland Street. Glasgow. 204 3993. Info: 332 0391. 2.45pm. Admission to the Arches £4 (£2.50). Dr Stephen Kayne discusses complementary therapies.

tumm- Saturday 5—Monday 7

I Woman 90 Sli(‘(‘. Finnieston. Glasgow Info: 889 7724'. Sat 10am-7pm; Sttn

10am -8pm: Mon 10am (ipm. £2(£l ). Aimed at women of all ages and backgrounds. this event covers a wide range of activities and interests. with a special bias towards health and fitness. career. lifestyle and finance. Besidesoo exhibition stalls covering everything from crystal research to a career in the army. there will be sports demonstrations mounted by the Scottish Sports Council. fashion shows. Tupperware. aerobics. seminars organised by the Stock Exchange and the l lealth Board and a play. Theatre ()fl)reams. by actress Dorothy l’aul (Sat 1 lam. 4.45pm; Sun 1 lam. 5.45pm; Mon 10.30am. 3pm) and a creche available at all times.

OPEN EXTRA Monday 7/Tuesday 8

I Animation Classes Edinburgh Film Workshop Trust. 29 Albany Street. Edinburgh. 557 5242. 7-9pm. £24(£16) for eight weeks. The start ofa cottrseoffering an introduction to animation techniques and production processes. with the opportttnity to make your own animated film.

Saturday 12

I Buddha Day (‘ity Halls. Albion Street. Glasgow. Info: 333 0524. Noon—5.30pm. Free. Organised by Glasgow Buddhist Centre. this celebration of the Buddha’s enlightenment will be the biggest ever event the (‘entre has mounted. It includes talks introducing Buddhism ( 1pm. 3pm and 4.30pm). a chance to try meditation (1.30 2.30pm or 3.30-4.30pm). a ‘special event' at 2pm and a number of videos.

; display'sand stalls. including a rttnning


I Media 90 Glasgow (‘ollege. (’owcaddens. Glasgow. Info: Myra Macdonald 33] 3258 or Iileanor'l’homson 0324 554 233. 9.30am--4pm. £ 15 (member of AMI-LS £12; student £5) including lunch. ('reche available. A conference organised by the Association for Media Education in Scotland; with morning and afternoon workshops. The theme is Media Representations. and Liz Lochhead appears as guest speaker. 10.30— 1 1 .30am. Designed principally for teachers and lecturers. but all welcome.

Ach. see Scotland. we get an awry bad press an' at. d'ye no‘ think? Liz Lochhead discusses the way the media portray Scotland and its peeple at Media 90. to be held at Glasgow College on Sat 12. The event is subtitled ‘Bepresentations'. and otters a discussion 01 how we are represented by the media, much of which is controlled from London. See Open Extra.

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