and Aykroyd. when the latter is toppled from his high-flying job arid the fornter is raised to fill it. a la I'Iie Prince andtlie

vehicle for tlte talents of Messrs Murphy ! l Pauper. l


I Black in Blue (BBCI ) 8 “)pm. A major nine-part series. produced by Desnrond Wilcox. which promises to take tlte lid off tltc turbulent pot of racial tension in the police force. Seven recruits ofvarying i backgrounds are followed through 3 training at l leridon Police College. encouraged by a drive to even oitt the racial balance in the force. After sonte of the tabloidesque jtrrtk Wilcox has turned out. tltis scents a more seently outlet for his undoubted talent

I Tygo Road { BBCZ) tJ 9.3(litni. A spin-off front a ( ~mntc .‘l.\‘lt[¢’\' pilot last year . 'l'y‘gu Road follows the fortunes of Adam llartley ( Kevin McNally ) wlto. with a C\' whielt states he was 'a middle-order batsrnart. grade three piccolo and a notable Titania'. arrives at an inner-city corttmttnity centre to protect the locals from the remorseless march of 'l‘hatcherism.

I The WarWithin (Scottish)

“(35— 1 1.35pm. Why did it takeeight months after the Normandy lartdirtgs for the war to end'.’ Dr Richard l lolmes examines the tensions lurking iii the Allied push that led to thousands ofdeaths,


I Chronicle ( BBC?) 8. l()-‘)pm. The Dutch ship Batavia set sail for lridortcsia with a company of31ti- ortly lit) lived totelltlte tale. The stirvivors had w itriessed tortures aitd ritual murders over the fortune in silver it was carrying. (Michael Moorcock readers. check your copies of lllt’ Condition Ullllasa/x' the rebellion was sparked by a psy chopathic heretic called JeronimUs Corneliszf ) The ship has now been reconstructed. in one of the iitost advanced maritime atclteological projects

I lnside Story ( BBC] )‘L‘ill lll.3(lpm. The power struggle which has resulted irt thousands of deatlts in the Natal region of Sotith Africa is often portrayed as inter-tribal figlitiitg. btit in fact involves ortly the [ultrs liy'ewitrtesstestimonies illustrate ltow ordinary people are being dt awn ittto the conflict between ( 'href Buthelezi and the ANC.

I RearWindovv((‘4)‘). 15 it). 15pm. The Pitt Riv ci's Museum art obscure. har‘d-to-find chamber at the back of Joltrt Ruskitt's l 'nivcrsity Museum in Oxford sounds like a fascinating collection of artefacts. but they were actually brought back by an old-fashioned colonialist as 'proof' of the inferiority ofothercullurcs. Dav id Attcrtburgh managed tosneak inside.

I The Goalkeepers Fear of the Penalty ((4) 10.35pm» 12.35am. The dreadfully purtrringtitle cloaksa l‘)"l WiiiiWenders feature a studv of alienation aitd murder.


I Things to Come (C4 ) o—R3tlprii. A new series that looks irtto the future. knitting together wild fantasies artd firnt predictions about how we might be living iii a few decades

I NB (Scottish) of)“ 7pm. .lariiee liorsy'tb. Allart Campbell arid Bryan Burnett report 5 on the arts arid enter tainmerits tobe enjoyed in Central Scotland tltts week.

I My Two Dads (( '4 l 9 3H lllprn. first in a new Artiericart sitcom series. iii which two men w ho have not seen each other since college days are called to a courtroom to hear a former mutual girlfi tend's will. They discover that either one of them could be the father of the orphaned lZ-year-old Nicole. arid that they must peacefully share her upbringing. llaven't they heard of DNA tcsts'.’

= Rita. Sue and Bob Too ((4) tr

The controversial 1986 movie of two


)‘g- f'i l—l 1.45pm.

15-year-old schoolgirls frortt a rough Bradford estate who ltave an affair with Bob. the married mart they are babysitting for. l'ncompromising arid based on the experiences of the playwright Andrea Dunbar. it's one of the rttost keenly awaited (if the Film on Four series.

I Married . . . With Children((‘4) 10.35—11.05pm. Pilot episode of a new comedy series.

I The RSA Lecture (Scottish) ll.35pm--12.(l5am. Charles McKean delivers ‘Wee Mert and Big Windacs‘. a lecture on the development of ( ilasgow's architecture.


I Dreamchild (Sky Movies) b—7.4()pm. This was the first film directed by fornter critic(iavirt Millar. arid is based on the relationship between Rev Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll. played by lari l lolnt) arid his real-life Alice.

I Short Stories: Hunters ((‘4 ) 8—8.3(lprtt. A short film giving a glimpse into the Iivesof John and Artgela MeShane. who live on the edge of the (ireat Victoria Desert in Australia. Rillkm from the nearest telephone or shop. They litiitt wild horses arid camels. arid once a week a truck comes to take theitr off to be ttrrrted into dog food. Different rtrles prevail iii that isolated w ilderness.

I Arena: Le Paris Black ( BBQ)

9.30» 10.30pm. The enduring lov e affair between Paris arid Africa. taking it) the Cubists’ fascination for African sculpture. the enduring passion for jaz/ iii the city. arid the current popularity of music from Senegal. Mali. Zaire arid the West Indies. I Perfect ( BBCI) ltlfiflpm 12.45am. l’oorl} -r‘eccrv ed WSS film which starred .loltri 'l‘r'avolta as a Rolling Stone reporter investigating a story on health clubs astlte singles bars of the Stls.

I Comic Book Confidential ((4)

ll 2(lpm—1255am. The acclaimed feature-length documentary made by writer-director Rort Martit. which profiles 22 of the most significant artistsand writers working in America- front the legendary '(iolden Age' creators Jack Kirby and Will liisiter to underground king Robert Crumb arid the new breed of Harvey Pekar arid the l lernande/ brothers.


I The Scottish Cup Final (Scottish) 2.05—5. 10pm. Aberdeen and Celtic slugit

l l I l l | l I


I A Kind of Magic (Scottish) (3.50— 7.20pm. Comedy and magic in a new series by Wayne Dobson.

I The Michael Vyner Memorial Concert (BBCZ) 7.45---9.5(lpm. Simon Rattle and a further five distinguished conductors appear. conducting works by Ravel. Weill and Stravinsky in memory of the late artistic director of the London Sinfonietta. I Kingdom ofthe Deep ((4) 8—9pm. The first of a series of crassic Survival documentaries about marine life focuses on sharks. A re they all bad'.’

I Taggart: The Movie (Scottish)

9. Ill—10.40pm. A repeat. actually. ofa feature-length episode entitled ‘Cold Blood‘.

I Single Voices: The Last Supper(BB(‘1) l()-l().3tlpm. Michael Attgelis (from The Liver Bird.) and "(H‘s from the lilac/(staff) plays the butcher with a vegetarian wife. iii a short drama written by Carla lane. ()n the eve of their divorce. the two go otit for a meal . . .

IEverymantBBCi) tum-1 l.1(lpm. A programme entitled ‘A Brief 1 listory of llcll' looks at the changing perceptions of ‘the other place' through time.

I Dark Eyes (C4) l(lpm-- l 2. ltlam. Soviet director Nikita Mikhalkov. a noted interpreter of Chekhov. went and filmed this adaptation of several of the author’s stories in Italy with an impressive Italian-Russian cast.


I Beach Volleyball ((‘4 ) 5.3(l—().3(lpm. The first of three programmes about the game from the sandy stretches of Rio. The world's number one team. Randy Stoklas and Sinjan Smith. take on Brazilians Roberto arid Lopez.

I The Fragile Earth: Mucking up the Med (C4) 7—8pm. Since it takes 200 years for the Mediterranean to renew itselfthrough the Straits of (iibraltar. the pollution in the Sea is mounting up to intolerable levels. Last year's typhoid scare was only the tip of the iceberg. Wlto are the worst offenders. arid what can be done'.’

I The Media Show (C4) 8—9pm. The making oftlte film of Mcllvanney"s The Big .llan. aitd a look at the notorious Scottish ntacltismo.

I Music on 2 ( B BCZ ) 8.05—9.05pm. The Chinese cellist Yo Yo Ma captured on a month spent in 'l‘anglewood. New lingland.

I Spitting Image (Scottish)

l(l.(l5- 10.35pm. Yes. we'd forgotten all about it. but it'sbaekY

I Celebration (Scottish) HUS—l 1.35pm. The short life of Stu Stitcliffe. the founding Beatle aitd promising artist who died at the age onl.

I Moviedrome: Brazil ( BBC) 1040- 1 ant. Terry (iilliam's masterpiece. a vision of art ordinary man suffocated by a future designed in a collaboration between (ieorge ()rvvell and Heath Robirtsoit. Dark. chilling. with brilliant flashesof humour. btit don't expect a happy ertdirtg. I on the Page (Scottish) 11.35pm—12.()5am. The programme tonight is devoted to the poet Douglas Dunn.


I The Cutting Edge: Comrade Philby ( (‘4) 9— ltlpm. Kim Philby was buried two years ago iii Moscow w itlt full military honours. Tonight's ( ‘utting litlge provides an unusual view of the master spy -- that is. from the Soviet perspective. using KGB film.

I The Fall of the House of Usherr’ BBCZ)

t) -lll.3llpm. The Beeb's long~awaited Roger Corman season begins with the first and most faithful of his eight-film Poe cycle.

I Murder in Three Acts ( Scottish ) 9- 10pm. 10.35 11.20pm. Despite stunning revelations about Agatha Christie it) one of the Sunday papers. lTV courageously decided to screen this epic whodunrtit.

I A Fistful of Travellers Cheques (C4) ltL- ltl.45pin. Rik Mayall and Peter Richardson use their holidays from the polytechnic to live out their spaghetti western fantasies irt this Vintage Comic Strip.

I Argentine Football ((‘4)

l(l.45pm- 12.20am. A history ofortc nation's passion for football. from the early day s up to Maradona.


I Waddington a Television Village (C4) 8—8.3(ipm. Waddingtort. a small village in Lancashire spookily'. in the constituency of David Waddington MP has been selected as the site for an experiment which involves making available 3(JTV channels. l ligh Definition TV. satellite and cable. plus a local channel. Their reactions are beirtg carefully scrutinised. and viewers get to see sonic of thent in six half-hour programmes.

I Checkout (C4) 8.3(l—9pm. New consumer series. taking over from 4 What it's Wort/i.

I On the Other Side ((‘4 ) 9— 10pm. Tilli Wolff-Mortckebcrg was a German liberal living in l larttburg during the Nazi era. The unsertt letters site wrote to her children give a powerful impression ofthe time arid of lterself.

I Present Imperfect ( BBCZ)

9.30— 10.30pm. A series ofprogrammes dealing with people who have to face various problems. from the Ni {8 and teaching in inner-city schools to alcoholism.


I Leontyne (C4) (v—(i.3(lpm. The voyage of Richard Goodwin. producer ofA Passage to India. Murder on the Orient Express. Death on the Nile and Little Dorrit. along the waterways of Europe in a Thames barge. Two thousand miles in 13 programmes.

I BearWindow (C4) 9. 15—10pm. The artticipated reunification of Germany has revived memories of Nazism for re-exaniiitatiort. arid Rear Window has uncovered. rtot surprisingly. some people with controversial views.

I Inside Story ( BBC] )9.3u-rt).3t)pm. Charles Wheeler reports on the police investigation of the Broadwater Farm riot which resulted in the death of PC Keith Blakelock.

I Alice in the Cities((‘4)

10.35pm- 12.35am. An early Wim Wenders feature following a photojournalist who returns front an abortive assignment in the States with an tndepertdertt nine-ycar-old girl. Nothing too pervy . really.


I NB 6.3” 7pm. See Thurs It).

I On the Line (BBCZ ) 8.3tl—9pm. Sports news arid features from a Manchester studio.

I Shooting Stars ((‘4) 9—10.4(ipm. A new film receiving its world premiere tonight. Shootin I Stars concerns footballing hero Calvin larke. who. as he is about tosign to Hamburg PC for £3 million. finds himself kidnapped by the jealous boyfriend of a woman who ltas won an evening w itlt Calvin in a radio phone-in quiz.

I Underthe Sun ( BBC2)9.3(l—l(lpm. The start ofart 'anthropological' series. looking at unusual individuals. tribes and natiorts.

I Clive James’ Postcards ( BBCl)

9.3m lllQHpm. Proving that you can't keep a thrtrstirtg AUstralian down. (‘J returns for three ntore postcards. the first being from Mianti. where he meets Don Johnson artd (iloria listefan.

I La Loca ((4) 1040—1 1 .4()pm. The Arnericatt poet Pamela Karol recites an autobiographical account of her rebellious Los Angeles youth in front of an audience at the lCA last month.

as.“ I . i: