Tracey Pepper picks a peek of possible places to dine in before or after yourcuhuralexcunuon. Roll on the merry tnonth of May.

when (ilasgow hangs out its cultttral banners and performance artists

roam the streets. Mayfcst has always

been less frenetic than the Lidinburgh Festival. You don't hear (ilaswegians complaining of loud-mouthed tourists and irritating theatre types dishing out handbills. Mayfcst is altogether a more laid back affair. A chance to take in some culture. without having it rammed down your throat.

As it happens. and this may well have escaped your attention. Glasgow‘s theatres and music halls are rumoured to be working triple time this year. It would certainly be possible to glut oneselfon overdone theatre or raw cabaret though even the most avid theatregoer cannot live on culture alone. indeed some artistic experiences deserve to be accompanied by a slap-up meal. whether in celebration or recompense.

Eat to the beat

Around 10.30pm hundredsof hungry theatregoers pottr ottt onto the streets. sheilding their eyes from the harsh city glare. 'l‘hree crucial questions cry ottt to be answered.

Where is the nearest restaurant. how

much will it cost and will it still be open‘.’ Turn to The List and these questions are answ cred. Alternatively you might w ant to treat someone to a fancy meal for under a tenner. try a pre-theatre menu. after which you could stttff culture and go see Nightmare ()n Elm Street 5.


I Baby Grand 3'7 Elmbank Street. 248 4942. Mott-'l‘hurSam-midnight; Fri/Sat 8am— 1 am; Sun lllam—‘midnight. (‘ost min: Lunch £5. Dinner £7.50. l’opular cafe wine bar serving a variety ofomelettes. steaks. tapas and vegetarian dishes. Live music. usually jazz piano. adds to the genteel atmosphere. Venues: Kings 'l'heatre/Mitchell Theatre.

I Back Alley S Rttthvcn Lane. off Byrcs Road. 334 7 1(15. Sun—'l'hurs 5pm—midnight: Fri/Sat 5pm ~ lam. (Tost min: Dinner £5. A favourite


[A l'l l:(i()t DSl'lle

with students seeing as it‘s situated near (ilasgow l 'niversity. Serves mainly American food. mostly burgers bttt also caters for vegetarians.

I Balbir‘s Ashoka Tandoori Ins Elderslie Street. 221 17M. Sun--’l'hurs 5pm midnight; Fri Sat 5pm~~l2.30am. (‘ost mitt: Lunch £4.80. Dinner £h. Possibly the finest lndian restaurant in a city well

endowed with curry houses. L'sually

crowded. so you might try the equally superb Vegetarian .4 S‘IlU/s’tl across the road. Venues: lienry \N'trtitl i lall King‘s theatre Mitchell Theatre.

I Change At Jamaica 7- 17 t ‘Iy tie Place. 4294422. Mon Wed

7pm midnight ; 'l‘hur 7pm— 2am;

Fri Sat noon ~5arn; Sun 7pm-‘midnigltt. the food looks better than it tastes. though the menu is wide ranging. but its mam attraction is the 5am weekend closing time. Venues: (‘iti/ens' 'l’heatre.

I Del Monica’s (MS Virginia Street. 552 4803. Mon-Sat lllam— lam; Sun l0am midnight. Last orders 1 1pm. Upscale bar restaurant with excellent attd varied menu. Mostly a

watering hole for the young and trendy. ()uiet place to relax mid-week becattsc it's relatively quiet dtte to its location. Venues: the Old Athenaeum

'l'heatre l’rinccs Square "l'ron theatre.

I Fire Station Restaurant 33 lngratn Street. 552 2929. l\lon~7l‘hurs

5— 1 1.30pm; Fri 5- 12.30am; Sat l2pm--- lam: Sttn l2pm-l 1.30pm. (‘ost min: Lunch £5. Dinner £6. lnventive international menu with especially recommended pasta dishes. Venues: (‘ity liall’l'ron 'l'heatre’Barbizon (iallery.

I Junkanoo 1 it Hope Street. 248 7102. Mon—Sat noon—lam. (‘ost min; tapas 90p. Dinner £3.95. Recently opened. Jtmkamm serves 2 wide variety of tapas and Latin American dishes. Some of their recipes are so authentic that they may prove too ethnic for some people‘s taste. such as octopus in garlic. Seventy per cent ofthe produce comes from Spain and the etnphasis. for health reasons. is on vegetarian dishes anti organic meat. 'l‘heatre Royal RSAllerl’avilion 'l'hcatre.


I Babbity Bowster lo— 18 Blackfriar‘s Street. 552 5055. Mon—Sat

Sam- midnight; Sun 8am llprn. ('ost mitt: Lunch £3.50. Dinner £7.00. Varied clientele frequent this bar restaurant located in the heart of the Merchant (’ity . which serves typical bar food. soups and pasta. Always a lively atmosphere. Venues: L'ity l lall 'l mu

'l‘heatre Barbi/on (iallery.

I Cate Gandolli tut Albion Street. 552 ($13. Mon—Sat 9am—l 1.30pm. (‘ost min: Lunch £5. Dinner £5. Serves

y cry tasty Scottish and British fare in a pleasant. warm atmosphere. Lots of w ooden furniture attd candlelit corners. Reasonably priced. considering how good the food is. Venues: (‘ity l lalls 'l‘ron

'l'hcatre Barbi/on Gallery.

I Cate Hair 151 Queen Street. 248 3525. .\lon--Sat l2pm—-3pm.

5pm~ l 1pm: Sun 5pm- l0pm. (‘ost min: Lunch £3.95. Dinner £10. (‘entrally located bistro and brasserie which serves breakfast. lunch and dinner. A good place fora coffee break after fighting ( 'ity (‘entrc crowds. Venues: ('ity

Hall the Arches 'l‘ron theatre.

I D’Arcy‘s the Courtyard. Princes Square. 226 4309. Mon—Sat

9.30am --midnight: Sun Ham—(rpm. (‘ost min: Lunch £6. Dinner.£l5. Smart yuppie establishmettt with a good range of seafood. including trout with spinach and lobster sauce. Reasonably vegetarian-friendly and strong on exotic sweets. which are all freshly made. Lunch is usually eaten out front in the courtyard. while dinner takes place in the restaurant through the back. Venues: ’l‘ron theatre The Arches "l’he ()ld Athenatttn (‘ity Hall.

I Janssen‘s 1355 Argyle Street. 334 9082. Mon—— l'hurs l lam~l0.30pm:

l i

92The List 4— 17 May l99()