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(are there any after the woeful bimbettes. She cultivates an image departure of Tony ‘make mine a Iager’ which lies somewhere between Slattery?) will recognise the name of Roseanne 3“" Chef; "‘9 BOW-lame Judy Tenuta. A few weeks back, the cape and fella 008mm accompanied sarcastic solicitor thoroughly threw the by 3" ascetblc W" and e Slfeem 0' doyenne of surrealist comedy, Emo "Memes "MC" ("splay e llfeelef Philips, by trying to haul him away from “9'99 0' “flied comemlllellon than his scripted material and into the ""388 0' Your evel'elle Funny Fefmef- dangerous realms of ad-lib. Whilst "'9 scll'chflsmed ("all '0' ll)

Emo iloundered, the support act (our Fame "0"", G'Vel'Goddess;

Judy) gave Anderson (he (and or fashion-plate saint of Judyism builds whiplash he's had coming to him to, her performance around her accordian. years. 30, (3, [mm sheepismy This provides the accompaniment to a rounwing (he crowd or .9333, variety of joyful ditties which punctuate

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a profile oi the talented Tenuta. Appalem'yv "‘9 Slud'puppels' . a ' a ,. -. t . Although relatively unknown over (anomeuudylsm) '3'” "P "'9 fi'mmmt Philippe Decoufle . here, Judy has received wide acclaim "0‘ ‘0 mention WW 3 WW” 3 "We" describes himself as an in me smes (including being voted is periodically spat at them. Of the gum inventor. An arrogant Best Fem", Comedian at The she said, ‘People love that. They beg 0" plzspcr perhaps‘ American Comedy Awards) and "‘e for over Niel the Show til it won seem it

kind of press coverage which is "W "at" me t0 autograph ll.’ Nice \ crowd you get at Tenuta gigs.

Judy shows what may be called a healthy disrespect for her audience, which is increasingly made up of the staple Erno audience of dinky yuppies. She says that they're very polite and often come backstage in anticipation that she will go with them to meet the kids. ‘Yeah, like I wanna go home and see how their chromosomes mutated,’ says Judy. You gotta love her haven't ya. (Philip Parr)

Judy Tenuta will be suporting Emo Philips at The King’s Theatre, Glasgow on 20 and 21 May.

perfectly apt and reasonable definition to anyone who has seen his impish. charismatic performance and magical choreography. One of last year‘s Mayfest highlights. this engaging Frenchman returns to Glasgow with a larger company and a new 1 act fully equipped to fill : the space at the Tramway ' (he managed to transform I even the lack-lustre I Mitchell Theatre in 1989). 1 During the 80s, hot choreographic talent in i the dance world was I hailed as ‘new‘ and ‘independent‘. Young

mavericks stepped out of I I allnations.andthe dancer k as choreographer. a tricky i

combination. became a i familiar figure. not always ; The latter half of Mayfest’s dance With great-Success } programme, excluding last year’s hit, Decouflc '5 0”“ ""hm . Compagnie DCA Philippe Decoulle,

young ones who has . actually produced falls into two easy categories,



something which is American and Scottish. 0n closer individual, approachable inspection the groups have little else in and with more dash and common.

sparkle than many. With a talent which hastripped into pop (Fine Young Cannibals and New Order videos) and advertising (Polaroid and Dior films) with the same case as the circus ring. he brings an

From America, Dancenoise is an irreverent duo of Amazonian women, Anne tobst and Lucy Sexton. Flaunting the aggression that most women hide, they cavort round the stage, creating startling images with buckets of blood and outrageous costume. Described as

Regular visitor to Scotland, Theatre de Complicite’ has chosen to open its tenth show in this


eclectic and colourful anarchic flights of fancy, their Patrik Widrig are the most year’s Mayfest. Mark :6 I performances throw up political issues conventional oi the three. Among other Fisher talks to director J05 L885t year he mew-ed his ! while remaining healthily irreverent. pieces they will perform Partners Who HOLIan about the

company in giant woudcn' 3 Also from the States, Pat Graney and Touch, Who Don tTouch. . ,

wheels‘ SC, them high on Company perform three contrasting Representing Scotland, the Gregory pressures Of remalnln g

scaffolding and dressed pieces. Having despised sports until Nash Group are presenting a series of one Of B ritain‘s most

them with the gmmm she became a choreographer, Pat short works, devised and performed by - , - . t- th . tre

Bakst. With boundless Graney was converted when she company members and guest dancers. 'mdgmd. We ed

energy and fun hisdancers _ discovered gymnastics. Five/Uneven is Nash is also performing Curious companies.

sped theugh a collection of a piece for five gymnasts on parallel George, a delightful duet with cellist . . _

! - bars, which combines speed, strength Jane MacFarlane. Finally The Scottish YOU d '1ch @03th t'hilkiif‘fglif“

screen. Clasgm‘v is indeed and grace and bridges the gap between Ballet deserve more than a mention for reputation]. an Lag? 'lblc fortunate to be hosting the h gymnastics and dance. Two other their new and exciting programme to Waiting ‘0. f‘? ‘l‘l’h' t‘ N d‘nm‘c

world premiere 0th m pieces contain Graney‘s athleticism be performed at the Tramway. Wand Ofv'wf‘ f“ r“. “_ t latest piece. Triton. and to while remaining more conventional. Something of a radical departure for highly-ratedfho‘“? F0 I“ “dim ~l have the opportunity to m Colleen Anne is about an Irish family the company, they are performing new Theatre d0 Comphcnc W09“ “we

experience the fantastical K who imigrate to America, using lrish work by three European “‘th “0‘39 ‘0 “'0’” “hm” "5 future world of Dccouflc dance > Step dancing and American Sign choreographers, Amanda Miller, SHCCCSS- C “"059 “‘9‘ P133" apply the 382"“- (AB) < léalllluage. Jesus Loves The Little Cow Michel Rahn and Masimo Moricone. formumg‘m “film 'I‘tg‘r’lnggfny

. , ir s, set in Texas, looks at the (Jo Roe r0850”! 0 m“ "C" F‘ C "

TWO" '5 a' Tramway, E dynamics of relationships. Last on the See Maifest listings for details of has WW“? Vin" {Om ‘" the OMS'XOW» Fr125-5e136. American front, Sara Pearson and venues and dates creation of both poplin" and

12 The List 18— 31 May 1990