Be afraid, be very afraid, be really quite uptight

about the whole thing, observe these pages and more to find out what’s on this fortnight, or suffer the consequences.

I HAVE you seen this man? Well the British Press ain’t, at least not in his latest Iilm Harlem Nights, which is being released here without a ioumo getting a preview in sideways. Read TrevorJ. Johnstone. Scotland‘s leading lilm critic. onthe latest releases. Film Preview page 30.

I LOOK right, look lell. look Sixties. Snult—the hardcore three piece. best known Iortheir covers ot Tlltany, the FourTops and at course the Shake and Vac ad. will be playing at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow. 23 May and althe Venue. Edinburgh. 27 May. See Rock Listings page 49.

I CLEMENT FREUO MP is given a helping hand with his new diet. Naw, just kidding. it's actuallya scene lrom Leviathan. a sort ol Alien meets Marine Boy terror-on-the-sea-bed type ollilm. Wide release lrom 18 May. See Film Index page 32.

I NOW you may need a grown-up to help you with this bit(ch). The wondertul Roseanne plots sweet revenge on her errant hubby. Can you guess what it's going to be children? She-Devil opens 25 May. See Film Index page 32.

I MA heid's completely Iorked! Oancenoise. Anne lobst and Lucy Sexton, will be pertorrning theirwild and gory dance at the Old Athenaeum Theatre, Glasgow. 23-24 May. See Maylest Diary page 21.

I HURRY up Sister. Sister Fingers has got the motor round the corner and we're ottto the South at France. that weren't a bad price we got lorthe convent alterall. Robbie Coltrane and Eric Idle star as the would-be Sisters in Nuns on the Run. which has proved a nice little earner in the States. See Film Index page 32.

I YEAH kid I could've played lorthe Celtic. butits the drink y'see. Well. that and the Iact I was no good. home Court otter some home truths on lite etc. at the Scottish International Children's Festival. See Theatre Preview page 59 and Kids Listings page 73.

I TOM JONES is consoled allertailing an audition tor Marianishvili Academic Theatre‘s innovatory production at Othello. Mitchell Theatre 25-26 May. See Maerst Diary page 21.

ZThe List 18—31 May 1990