Another Hall. I ROYAL LYCEUM Grindlay Street. 229 9697. Box Office Mon-Sat 10am—6pm. km; my“ - - 10am-8pm on perf..evgs. Bar. Rest/Cafe. I\\Klltit'\ waif: [Access: P. L. Facrlttes: WC. W5. AS. E. G. B, R.T.He1p:A, AA]. Ticketsfor Lyceum productions are also available at the Ticket Centre. Waverley Bridge; branches of AT May‘s Travel and the Queen’s Hall. Clerk Street.

The Threepenny Opera Fri 18 and Sat 19 May. 7.45pm. £3—£12. After a short run in Mayfest. Scottish Opera turns up in Edinburgh with the Brecht/Weill popular classic. Pre-Nazi Berlin jazz cabaret with songs including Mack The Knife.

A Family Altair Fri 25 May-Sat 91 une. 8pm. Sat Mat 9June. 3.15pm. £3—£9. Free Preview Thurs 24 May. Two new features of the Royal Lyceum‘s summer season are a later starting time and the oppportunity for students to buy stand-by tickets at half-price from 6pm on the day ofthe performance. The first play in the season of comedy is a new version by Nick Dear of Alexander Ostrovsky's 1848ta1e of upward-mobility in Russian society. Robert J. Carson directs.

I THE ROYAL SCOTS CLUB 30 Abercromby Place. 557 5091.

Eleemosynary Until Sun 20 May (Wed—Sat only). Dinner 7pm. Performance 8pm. Sat Mat (play only) 1.30pm. Sun Mat (play only) 3pm. £16 (inc. three-course dinner). £4 (play only). After much success in the States dinner-theatre comes to Scotland. Organisers are the American Festival Theatre who have been turning upin Edinburgh every August for the past eight years and now have plans to turn the city into an all year round base. A substantial three-course meal is followed by Lee Blessing's excellent play about three generations of women. Splash out.

I THEATRE ON THE HILL Queen Margaret College. (‘lerwood Terrace. 317 3546.



Alexander Ostrovsky

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A new version by Nick Dear Stingineg funny tale of upward mobility.

25 May—9june 8pm: £3 to (.9. Free Preview 24 May 8pm.

Sat. Mat. 9june 3.l5pm £4.

After show discussion 28 May

1 WM




D I I I II I 6 II Until Sunday 18 May 7.30pm


ORION AND THE GREAT BEAR A new play by Vivien Fogenie

(not suitable for children)

Wednesday 6 - Sunday 24 June 7.30pm THE TRAVERSE THEATRE COMPANY presents SPINNING A LINE A dynamic new Scottish writing event FOUR new plays and associated programme of workshops and discussions

BOX OFFICE ° 031-226 2633

Hotel Paradlso Until Sat 19 May. 7.30pm. Sat Mat 2.30pm. £2 (£1). John Ramage directs drama department students in this lkth century hotel farce by Georges Feydeau and Maurice Desvallieres.

I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton Place. 226 5425. Box Office Mon-Sat 9.30am—5.30pm. Bar. Cafe. [Acces's: PPA, R. Facilities: WC. W8. AS. E. G. Help: AA]

The Lightning Plebiscite See Leith Theatre. I TRAVERSE THEATRE 112 West Bow. Grassmarket, 226 2633. Box Office Tue—Sat 10am—8pm. Sun 6—10pm. Bar. Rest. Tickets also available from the Ticket Centre. Market Street. [Aecessz St. Facilities: E. Help: AA]

Orion and the Great Bear Until Sun 20 May. 7.30pm. £5 (£3). Vivian Fongenie takesa look at the life of two people who work beneath the platform of an Underground Station picking up the bodies of suicide

victims. Ho Hum Theatre Company‘s

production opens at the Traverse before transfering to London.

Work Plays Fri 18 May. 7pm. Free. An evening of one-act plays presented by the WEA Drama Workshops in the Traverse Studio.

Soul Diva Tue 22~Sun 27 May. 7.30pm. £5 (£3). Brendan Nash, the man who staged the inaugral production of the Traverse's studio theatre, returns with a three-strong company and a new show for the 905. Like its predecessor. 2, 4. 6, 8. . . Is Your Husband Really Straight, it is a study of male relationships and promises to be both touching and funny. Recommended. I USHER HALL Lothian Road,2281155 Chinese Acrobats Fri 25 May. 7pm. 13/5. The Edinburgh Chinese Association welcomes these acrobats all the way from the Taipei Republic.

I WILKIE HOUSE The Cowgate , 557 0159. Straight Women Read Alistair Maciean Thurs 31 May—Fri 1 June. 7.30pm. £2.50 (£1.50). Creche available. Splendidly titled new play from Witch Theatre Group whose aim is to explore issues that affect women and to celebrate women‘s strength and solidarity. This collectively devised play takes an open and honest look at various aspects of lesbian life from coming out to breaking up.


I The Beautiful Gemme Updated to include the late results. The Beautiful Gemme is revived by Gallus Theatre Comapany in a new full-length version. Raymond Ross‘ play is a dramatic rant for the fitba‘ crazy and the just plain crazy. And at the end of the day it‘s the results that count. More details on 557 5565.

Motherwell Civic Theatre Fri 18 May. 7.30pm. 0698 67515; Assembly Rooms. George Street. Edinburgh Sat l9—Sun 20 May. 8pm. 031 557 5565; Cowane Centre, Stirling Thurs 24 May. 7.30pm. 0786 73573; Carnegie Hall. Dunfermline Fri 25 May. 7.30pm. 0383 720108; PaisleyArts Centre Sat 26—Sun 27 May. 8pm. 041887 1010; East Kilbride Village Theatre Mon 28 May. 8pm. (13552 48669; Coathridge College Theatre Tue 29 May. 7.30pm. 0236 62453; Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh Wed 31 May. 7.30pm.031665 2240;Tour continues.

I The Complete History at Rock 'N’ Roll Wildcat revives its hit of 1979 in acomic musical tribute to the music of the 1950s. More details on 041 951 1444. See Mayfest Review.

Mayfest See listings; Dundee Rep Tue 22—Sat 26 May. 7.45pm. Sat Mat 3pm. 0382 23530; A yr Gaiety Theatre Mon 28 May. 7.30pm. 0292 264639; Ardrossan Civic Centre Tue 29 May. 7.30pm. 0294 68396; Greenock A rts Guild Theatre Wed 30—Thurs 31 May. 7.30pm. 0475 23038; Tour Continues.

I Desire Under The Elms American Connexion presents Eugene O‘Neill's modern classic; a story of forbidden love in the heart of a traditional American

family. See Review.

HarbourArts C entre, Irvine Fri 18 May. 7.45pm. 0294 74059; Carnegie Hall. Dunfermline Sat 19 May. 7.30pm. 0383 720108; Aberdeen Arts Centre Sun 20 May. 7.30pm. 0224 635208; Palace Theatre, Kilmarnock Fri 25 May. 7.30pm. 0563 23590; Tour continues.

I Elizabeth Gordon Ouinn Winged Horse revives Chris Hannan‘s play first performed in Edinburgh in 1985. Set atthc

time of the Glasgow rent strike, its central character is a woman who considers herself superior to her working class neighbours. This is the company's first production since the arrival of Hamish Glen as artistic director. A solid production of a rich play. More details on 041 556 2494. Webster Theatre, Arbroath Fri 18 May. 0241 72069; DudhopeArts Centre. Dundee Sat 19 May. 0382 26304; Magnum Theatre, Irvine Mon 21 May. 0294 78381; Ardrishaig Town Hall, Argyll Tue 22 May. 054 684 203; Ramsay Hall, Port Ellen, [slay Wed 23 May. 049 685 419; Fort Theatre, Bishopbriggs Thurs 25 May. 041 772 8382; StranraerAcadem y 8 Hall Fri 26 May. 0776 2151 ext 244; The Old Athenaeum, Glasgow Mon 28—Thurs 31 May. 041 332 5127; Tour continues. I Gotten Stories 7:84 present a highly-rated collection of short plays written by and about the people of Govan. Due to popular demand it has extend its run beyond Mayfest. Ca11041 331 2219for details. Mayfest See Listings; Pearce Institute, Govan Tue 29 May—Sat21une.7.30pm. 041 445 1941. I It Elvis Lived in Meikle Eamock Cumbernauld Theatre's second new play of the year is set in the courting. drinking and dancing days of the 1950s where Elvis is King and Meikle Eamock is. . .well, Meikle Eamock. Subtle acting. sharp dialogue and fresh direction. For more details call 0236 732887. Mayfest See Listings; C umbernauld Theatre Tue 22—Sat 26 May. 7.45pm. 0236 732887. I The Lambs oi God Clyde Unity Theatre pays tribute to the original Glasgow Unity Theatre in its revival of Benedict Scott's tale of gay romance amidst the poverty of life in the 19305. See Feature. Details on 041 337 2290. Mayfest See Listings; Greenock Arts Guild Sat 26 May. 7.30pm. 0475 23038; The Village Theatre East K ilbride Tue 29 May. 7.30pm. 32 48669; Community Central Halls. Maryhill Wed 30 May. 7. 30pm. 041 332 9115; Drumchapel CECThurs 31 May. 7.30pm. 041 944 1009;Tour Continues. I Vodka and Daisies So successful was Lara Jane Bunting’s play for Annexe Theatre last year that it now returns fora long tour of Scotland. Three young women come of age. Details on 041 551 0570. Mayfest See Listings; Village Theatre. East Kilbride Fri 25 May. 8pm. 32 48669: Henderson Theatre. Shorts Sat 26 May. 7.30pm. 0501 21826; Triangle A rts Centre. Pilton Mon 28 May. 7.30pm. 031 332 0877; Bathgate Regal Resource Centre Tue 29 May. 7.30pm. 0506 630017; Sanquhar Town Hall Wed 30 May. 7.30pm. 0659 67777; Whitehill Civic Centre. Hamilton Thurs 31 May. 7.30pm. 0698 282323 ext 241 ; Tour Continues. I Water 01 Lite Another revival from last year. Chris Ballance‘s play is an atmospheric re—telling of the story of Burke and Hare. The Theatremachine production won a Fringe First in last Edinburgh Festival. Details ()41 423 1036. C lovenstone Community C entre, 54 Clovenstone Park, Edinburgh Fri 18 May. 7.30pm. 031 453 4561 '. Paisley A rts Centre Sun 20 May. 8pm. 041 887 1010: Mayfest See Listings; HarbourArts Centre, Irvine Sat 26 May, 7.45pm. 0294 74059.

“The List 18— 31 May 1990