Open List is designed to cover public events not covered elsewhere in themagazine. We welcome submissions, which will be included subject to space, to reach our Edinburgh oltice not later than seven days belore publication.

Wed 30” hurs 31

I The Arts Is Magic SECC. Finnieston, Glasgow. Info: 041 943 1489. 10am-4.30pm. A two-day participatory arts event, to which absolutely everyone is invited, young or old, able-bodied or not. There are performances, workshops and demonstrations in almost every field of the arts. Sculptor George Wyllie invites all-comers to help him build a ‘Dear Green Helicopter‘ from paper leaves, some of which the Lord Provost will be picking on Thursday, before the helicopter flies off. If your leaf is chosen , you‘ll get a flight in a real helicopter. Other major projects include a Rag Tapestry and a mural for the Special Olympics in July. Full programme available from St Andrews College, Bearsden. See also Music, Theatre. Dance and Kids listings.

GAY/BISEXUAL Thursday 17—Sunday 27

I Outward Gaze Various Glasgow venues. Info: 204 1049. Mayfest‘s first major gay event concerns itself mainly with writing and writers. See panel. I Headings Volumes BookshOp, 63 Queen Street, 226 5762. Worlds Like Our Own Thurs 17, 7pm. Science fiction writers Lisa Tuttle, Margaret Elphinstone and Jane Carnall. Had I A Hundred Mouths Mon 21, 6.30pm. Jim Kelman, Tom Leonard and Toni Davidson read from the work of gay Texan William Goyen. Tom Wakelleld Wed 23, 7pm. The author of Mates and Lot's Wife, praised for his simple and forthright style, reads from work that includes his autobiography, Forties Child.

Edwin Morgan Thurs 24, 7pm. Glasgow's best-known gay poet, 70 this year, reads a personal selection of love poems.

I Lesbian And Gay Videos Transmission Gallery, 28 King Street, 552 4813. Fri 18, 7.30pm. A one-off screening of three gay movies. Eat The Kimono is the story of avant-garde Japanese dancer Hanayagi Genshu; Compromised Immunity is a video production of Gay Sweatshop's AIDS play; and Osria is a drama about the death of Pier Paulo Pasolini, featuring poet Julian Cole.

I Weekend Events The Garret, 39b Otago Street, 337 2290. £2 per day including lunch.

New Writing Workshop Sat 26. 10am. Readings of work by unpublished gay writers, led by Edwin Morgan and Toni Davidson.

Northern Gay Writers Sat 26, noon. A group based in Manchester present readings and discussion.

Recording Lesbian And Gay History In Scotland Sat 26, 2pm. Bob Cant. author of Radical Records, leads a workshop intended to initiate a research and recording project.

I Gay Theatre Workshops Sun 27, noon-5pm. John Binnie of Clyde Unity Theatre (author of Killing Me Softly) and

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s. a .. . Ma My Painting by John Wylie lrom the cover olAn

Thus Will I Freely Sing

I Strapping lads and Iasses will engage I in healthy pursuits this week at the

punningly titled Outward Gaze events lor Maytest. The events are organised by Toni Davidson, editor ot And Thus Will I Freely Sing, a new anthology 01 gay Scottish writing (Polygon, £5.95), in conjunction with Clyde Unity Theatre and Gay Sweatshop, and are described as a “Lesbian And Gay Celebration'. Most events are based around writing, with poet Edwin Morgan among the main contributors, and various visiting literary luminaries. But there are also video screenings and theatre workshops.

The fashionable theme 01 ‘outing’ is also likely to arise in discussion -the idea being that concealing one’s sexual orientation is unnecessary in these liberated times —though those prelerring to restrict themselves to outings at the beach will be equally welcome.

See Gay/Bisexual listings lorlull details.

Noel Grieg of Gay Sweatshop lead workshops, improvisations and brief performances geared to expressing gay and lesbian life in Scotland.

Sunday 20

I Icebreakers II The Centre. The Scottish

Foundation, 25 Elmbank Street, Glasgow.

Info: 221 8372. 7-10pm. Free. A regular session on the third Sunday ofevery month and open to all lesbians. gay men and bisexuals, for speakers, discussion groups, workshops and social interaction. Watch out also for Icebreaker Cale at Austins Bar, 189 Hope Street, 12.30—3.30pm on the first Sunday ofevery month.

HEALTH Ffiday18—Sunday20

I Women's Therapy Weekend Salisbury Centre, 2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh, 667 5438. Fri 7—9pm; Sat. Sun 10am—5pm. £47(£36). Hephzibah Kolban and Annerieke Dijkhuis lead a supportive and exciting session based on Reichian and Rosen therapies, using body and voice work, visualisation, meditation and ritual. All women welcome.


I Volcework Salisbury Centre, 2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh, 667 5438. 10.30—11.30am.£3(£2). Janis Perry leads a weekly class to explore speech formation, ‘to harmonise and empower ourselves‘. Techniques include movement, breathing, speech and imagination.

Saturday 26/Sunday 27

I Shiatsu Weekend Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh, 667 5438. 10am—5pm. £35(£25). A chance for

beginners and re-starters to learn the basic techniques of Japanese finger-pressure massage or acupressure. For those wishing to continue, there is a regular self-led shiatsu group at the Centre on Wednesdays at 8pm, £1.50(£1).

OUTDOORS Ffiday18—Sunday20

I Threave Conservation Project Meet at

Hutchesons' Hall, 158 lngram Street. Glasgow. Info: 0236 68089. Free. Begins 6.30pm Fri. A voluntary conservation weekend on the Solway Firth, organised by the National Trust For Scotland. Volunteers will help imprvc access and enhance the old railway path around Rockliffe's Iron Age earthworks the Mote of Mark, and work on the management of Rough Island. Tools, food and accommodation are provided. but you should bring warm clothes and sleeping bag.


I Costume 0t The 18808 Conference Room, Central Library. George [V Bridge, Edinburgh, 225 5584. 7.30pm. Free. Naomi Tarrant gives the third of four talks in the series ‘Artists Workshops On Costume'.

I Inter-War Council Housing ln Glasgow Glasgow's Glasgow, The Arches. Midland Street. Glasgow, 204 3993. Admission to the Arches £4(£2.50). 2.45—3.45pm. Dr Nicholas Morgan speaks.

Wednesday 23

I Drugs And Medicines-Where Do They Come From? McCance Building. 16 Richmond Street, Glasgow. Info: 552

4400 ext 2735/2132. 1—2pm. Free. Prof

W.C. Bowman of the Dept ofPhysiology and Pharmacology speaks on a subject in which public interest has recently snowballed.

I Meditation-The Path 01 The Heart Sri Chinmoy Centre. 36 Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh. info: 661 8403. 7.30pm. Free. Alan Spence. writer of the play Sailmaker revived by TAG this year and occasional contributor to The List, gives this talk. See also Sports panel.

I Women In The Arts: The Missing Culture Glasgow‘s Glasgow, The Arches. Midland Street, Glasgow. 204 3993. Admission to the Arches £4(£2.50). 2.45—3.45pm. Christine Hamilton. former administrator ofTAG Theatre Company, now Arts Officer for the Scottish Trades Union Congress, speaks.

Thursday 24

I The History Ol Govan to 1912 Glasgow‘s Glasgow, The Arches, Midland Street. Glasgow, 204 3993. Admission to the Arches £4(£2.50). 2.45—3.45pm. Yes. it does sound like a Mastermind specialist topic. so anyone preparing to sit in Magnus Magnusson's easy chair might like to drop in and hear John Simpson‘s talk.

Monday 28

I Early Scottish Libraries Glasgow‘s Glasgow, The Arches. Midland Street. Glasgow, 204 3993. Admission to the Arches £4(£2.50). 2.45—3.45pm. Prof John Durkan speaks.

Tuesday 29

I Victorian Glasgow Glasgow‘s Glasgow, The Arches, Midland Street. Glasgow. 204 3993. Admission to the Arches £4(£2.50). 2.45-3.45pm. Michael Moss speaks.

Wednesday 30

I The Greenhouse Etiect McCance Building. 16 Richmond Street. Glasgow. Info: 552 4400 ext 2735/2132. l—2pm. Free. Dr D. Kidd ofthe Physics Dept explains why weather. crops. sea levels and well. everything will be a bi. unpredictable over the next fifty years or

I Fashion Photography Conference Room, Central Library. George [V Bridge. Edinburgh. 225 5584. 7.30pm. Free. Robin Gillanders concludes the series of talks entitled ‘Artists‘ Workshops On Costume’ with a look at a glamorous and remunerative if hard-working industry. I The Grid City Glasgow's Glasgow. The Arches, Midland Street. Glasgow, 204 3993. Admission to the Arches £4(£2.50). 2.45—3.45pm. Dr Frank Walker discusses the geometrical arrangement ofGlasgow‘s architecture.

Thursday 31

I The James Watt Street Fire Glasgow's Glasgow. The Arches. Midland Street. Glasgow. 204 3993. Admission to the Arches £4(£2.50). 2.45—3.45pm.

A representative of Strathclyde Fire Brigade tells the story ofGlasgow's answerto 1666.

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