I Panorama (BBC1)9.30—10.10pm. The world’s temperature could rise by four degrees within 60 years, causing ecological mayhem for the Third World. and ensuring that the south of England would never see snow again. Still, governments in the US, India and indeed Britain choose to ignore the problem and hope it will go away.

I Vintage Comic Strip: Oino— Full Story and PICS (C4) 10-10.40pm. The very wonderful Keith Allen is Gino. and Jennifer Saunders is the party girl who passes out in the back of his stolen taxi after a night of booze and drugs.


I Nature Watch (Scottish) 7. 30—8pm. Another new series, and Julian Pettifer joins David Shepherd, wildlife artist, on an African fund-raising tour, the aim of which is to aid the protection of the elephants, currently facing a grave drop in population. I Open Space: Across the Water (BBC2) 7.30—8pm. Each year, approximately 40,000 young Irish men and women come to Britain seeking work. Open Space follows four of them, documenting their experiences and their struggle for a better future. I The World otthe Unborn (C4) 9—10pm. A compelling film made over five years (one hell of a pregnancy), which tells the story of human life from the creation of eggs and sperm through fertilisation to birth. Incredible camera work and animation. I Present lmpertect: intolerance (BBCZ) 9.30-10.30pm. Peter Gordon‘s film examines racism in inner London housmg estates. He talks to both victims and perpetrators of the violence. I World Leaders Debate (BBCZ) 10.30—11.20pm. Presidents Vaclav Havel of Czechoslovakia and Richard Weizsaecker of West Germany and Benazir Bhutto, Prime Minister of Pakistan, are joined by UN Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar in a satellite-linked discussion on a common future. I Divided We Stand (Scottish) 10.35-11.35pm. Did the country really support Churchill when, in 1940, as Hitler‘s armies swept across Europe, he said we would never surrender and all die if need be? Peers, MPs and aCabinet Minister, who sought a compromise peace, air their views.


I Behind the Veil (C4) 2.30-3.40pm. First of two films demonstrating that nuns face as much oppression from the Church as other women do in their daily lives. Nuns speak frankly about their lives and sexuality.

I The Oprah Winfrey Show (C4) 3.40-4.30pm. No holds are barred as Oprah introduces an audience of 60s r0ck'n'roll fans to their idols. Gifts, tears. swooning and molestation of sex gods like Monkee Davy Jones, Peter Noone and Fabian.

I Kings otthe Road (C4) 10.35pm-l .50am. A road movie of male bonding, improvised as Wim Wenders and his crew undertook their German odyssey. One of the most essential films in the Wenders season.


I Daytime Green (Scottish) 1.30-2pm. Yet another new Green programme. This time, Dylly Barlow and Alistair McDonald preach the Green Bible with reports on the water we drink, food we eat and air we breathe.

I Film on Four: llotel Du Paradis (C4)

9L1 1 . 10pm. A ‘magical, dark picture‘ of Paris, where ageing bit-part actor Fernando Rey returns, and persuades an old acquaintance to let him stage a performance of Camus‘ The Fall at the hotel of the title. Czech-born director Jana

Bokova has conjured up a dreamlike city where every character is in some sense exiled.

I Underthe Sun: Alterthe Gold Rush (BBCZ) 9.30— 10.20pm. The Amazon's poor white population. which now heavily outnumber the Indians. tell the story of their plight. In the 70s. the government promised ‘land with no men for men with no land'. but reneged on their promise. leaving many to fend for themselves.

I Bach Cantatas (C4) 1 1 . 10pm—12.40am. A well-researched reconstruction of the first part of the Lutheran church's Ascension Day service of 1735. with a Bach cantata. played from an original score on 18th-century instruments. asthe centrepiece.


I Arena: The Daily Worker Story (BBCZ) 9.30—10.3()pm. Beatrix Campbell. who worked on The Morning Star in the 60s and 705, looks back over the newspaper's often illustrious history.

I Ladykillers (BBCI) 10.20pm—midnight. Lesley-Anne Down. taking time off from being Cliff Barnes‘ PR agent in Dallas. runs a raunchy male strip joint and finds her dancers being murdered one by one. TV movie.


I Vlc Reeves Big Night Out (C4)

1030—] 1pm. The logical follow-up to The Last Resort, with roguish host Reeves fronting ‘a celebration of the tackiness of the late 605 and early 70s.

I Scottish Women (Scottish)

1035—] I .05pm. The return ofthe award-winning series in which 100women from all walks of life debate issues that matter to them. Chaired by Sheena McDonald.

I Hamid and Maude (C4) 1 1pm—12.45am. Hal Ashby‘s 197] black comedy ofa love affair between a friendless 20-year-old hearse driver and regular funeral-goer Maude. an eccentric 80-year-old. was a long-running cult hit. much to the surprise of Paramount. who were rather embarrassed about being associated with it in the first place.

I The Potsdam Debate (BBCI) midnight—1am. Across the table at which Attlee, Stalin and Truman signed the Potsdam Treaty in 1945 gather Edward Heath, Jonathan Porritt. Emma Keppel of East Germany‘s New Forum party. Catherine Lalumiere of the Council of Europe and Sir Sonny Ramphal. representing the British Commonwealth. In the live climax to ‘One World‘ week, they will discuss the shape of Eumpe in the let century and how the rise ofthe Greens will affect the political spectrum.


I The 808 Star Awards ( BBC] )

5.15—6. 15pm. The winners ofa poll organised by the Stars Organisation for Spastics. with favourite pop star. favourite woman on TV and soon.

I One World. One Voice ( BBCZ) 8.20-l().20pm. A star-studded ‘musical chain letter‘ headed by Sting. Peter Gabriel. the omnipresent Lou Reed.

Dave Stewart. Salif Keita. Bob (ieldof

and the usual suspects.

I Taggart: The Movie (Scottish)

9—1 1.30pm. Mayfcst and the (iarden Festival are the settings fora seriesof (guess what?) brutal murders. when loan sharks are repaid in blood.

I The Travelling Talk Show((4)

I 1.45pm—12.45am. As part ofan occasional series. Nicky Campbell travels to Bogota. drugs capital of the world. Nice work ifyoti can get it. ()h. I see. he's going to talk to people who live there about what it's like to live in Bogota. drugs capitalof the world.

I Salem's Lot (Scottish) lZ.25—2.25am. Above-average TV movie. which manages to be watchable and even creepy. The presence of David Soul as the hero is probany the biggest handicap it has to


I Head over Heels ( 1313(‘1 ) 5.55—(i55pm. A topical magazine programme aimed at women but of interest to both sexes. Tonight. among other items. Nina Myskow owns tip to being a shopaholic. I Telethon 90 (Scottish) 7pm— 10pm Mon 28. Your hosts. Viv I.timsden and Patti Coia. Sec Preview.

I Fragile Earth: Earth First ((4) 8pm. Apparently. the only one in the series that has what could be called a happy ending. In Australia. where three-quarters ofthc rain forest have been destroyed. conservationists have forced plans for the Franklin River Dam to be shelved. along with a major forest road.

I Dors: The Other Diana ((4) 8—9pm. Friends and colleagues of Diana Dors. who died six years ago, talk about her turbulent personal and professional life. I Moviedrome: Goin' South (BBCZ) 10.35pm— 12.25am. Jack Nicholson’s second film as director is the highly enjoyable tale ofan outlaw who is rescued from the gallows by an old woman and set to work mining gold.

IYield tothe Night((4) Ill—11.55pm. Tying in with the Diana Dors documentary earlier in the evening. this is her 1956 portrayal of Ruth Ellis. the last woman to be hanged in Britain. IEveryman(BB(‘1) 10.30—11.10pm. Putting the cat among the pigeons istoo obvious for Everyman. so they ptit eight Muslims and non~Mtislims together in a house. for four days. to see if they got on.


I Earth Day Special (BBCI )(i—7.3()pm. Comedy. drama. music and a storyline are all promised in this glitzy affair. which features celebs like Streisand and Streep— with Bette Middler as Mother liarth. We kid you not.

I Exit Exit Exit! (C4) 7—8pm. Skydivers. eh'.’ Cameras follow teams of eight men and women as they drop from 12.000fect and have 50 seconds to complete their arcane manoticvres before they have to break tip to save their lives.

I Tales From Prague (1313(‘2 ) s --u.2()pm. The first of the series. entitled ‘Absurdistan' begins to examine how Czech society is changing.

I Cutting Edge: NY Law ((4) 9— lllpm. Film-maker Dick l-‘ontaine recorded the impressions of four students from South Bank Polytechnic as they spent the summer working in New York. finding it a very different place to what they'd imagined.

I Vintage Comic Strip: The Bullshitters ((4) 1(l—I().5(lpm. ()ne of the lesser-celebrated Comic Strip ventures. a tribute to TV tough guys like The Professionuls.

I Sharky‘s Machine (Scottish) l().15pm-—12.4()am. Btirt Reynolds. demoted to the vice squad after a bungled drugs bust. assembles a team of cops to investigate political corruption.

I Made in the USA (C4) 10.50pm— l Sham. A trilogy of films. the first concerning Adam Clayton Powell. the charismatic

I Iarlem preacher known as ‘Mr Civil Rights‘ and the first black man from the North-East to be elected to the I louse of Representatives. The second is a profile of dynamic black intellectual Cornell West. and the night is rounded off by lit/mic .V'otions. a trip through centuries of racial stereotypes.


I The Missing Reel ((4) 0n 10.30pm. A drama-documentary which challenges the accepted notion that the first moving picture machine was invented by Edison. Film-maker Christopher Rawlins pursued the case of Augustine I.e Prince. which hinted at a possible murder.

I Chain (BBCl ) USU-10.20pm. The start ofa four-part thriller. Peter Capaldi and Robert Pugh investigate a takeover bid. but find the waters getting murkier the harder they look.


I Missing Persons (Scottishw- lllpm. 10.35—11.35pm. A Yorkshire granny visits a childhood friend and discovers that her friend's husband has a son from a previous marriage that be abandoned 50 years before. As any of tis would. she sets otit to track him down. Starring Patricia Rutledge. Jean l leywood and Jimmy Jewel.

I Inside Story: The Rat-Catchers olHackney (BBCI ) 9.30— 10.20pm. A programme to make you feel a little queasy especiallyif you live in llackney. I suspect. Ratsarc getting bigger and their numbers are rising because our lifestyles are ideal for them. And 17 people have so far died from Weil's disease. carried by these oversized rodents. Inside Story follows the l lackney catchers on their rounds.

I The American Friend ((4) l().35pm—l?..55am. Wim Wenders' excellent adaptation of Patricia

I Iighsmith‘s novel. Ripley 's (fame. with Dennis I lopper as the cynical. self-destructive hero.

I Birdmen and Birdsongs (Scottish) 12.05—1 .(lSam. A tribute to Charlie Parker with John I Iendricks and Phil Woods.

I A Tribute to Ricky Nelson ((4) 12.55—1.45am. The 50s rock'n'roller is held in special affection by many musicians. includingJohn I‘ogerty. Jerry Lee Lewis. Carl Perkins and Fats Domino. who are among the artists appearing tonight.


I NB (Scottish) b.3(l-7pm. Alan Campbell. .lanice Forsyth and Bryan Burnett sample the entertainments available in Central Scotland this week. I Opinions (C4) 8‘ 8.30pm. Harold Pinter is the first to vent his spleen in thisnew series.

I ltalia '90 The Opposition (Scottish) 9—10pm. 'Cannon-fotlder for the boys in blue.‘ otir Sports editor says. ‘Why waste film on them'."

I Film on Four: In Fading Light((4)

9—1 1pm. A woman unexpectedly arrives in a fishing community. creating emotional upheaval. This was made by the Newcastle-based workshop collective Amber Films. who specialise in authentic. documentary-feel films. and has some stunning film of North Shields fishermen at sea.

I Underthe Sun (BBC2)‘).3(L-10.20pm. And another eco-friendly fortnight comes to a close. with Sting. actress Trudy Styler and The Body Shop's Anita B roddick fighting to save the Brazilian rain forest. I Postcard From Shanghai ( BB(‘I)

9.30— 10.20pm. Clive James goes native. I Faces of War: Turning oi the Tide((4) Ilpm~-niidnight. A season of repeated documentaries on different aspects of war starts with a film about top military and industrial scientists who changed their minds about the wisdom of nuclear deterrence.

The List 18- 31 May 199081