ice packs at around 80p each. are a worthwhile investment. Simply leave them in the freezer compartment and use whenever necessary. You will need a set of Tupperware. essential for summer salads. barbecue material or cold soups. Ofcourse unbreakable crockery is a must. these days available in massive varieties. though you may consider paper plates to avoid washing up. particularly ifbuilding a fire. A sharp knife and chopping board can prove invaluable on site. and don’t forget a bottle opener. or tin opener ifyou are taking tuna or tinned stuffed vine leaves. Then there are the luxury items: napkins. ice buckets. insulated butter containers. And why not take a couple ofdeck chairs. a table and garden gnome.


The best picnics involve a barbecue. preferably on some deserted beach. Fresh fish and spicy sausages (for which you will need coarse

grained mustard) are easy and delicious. and kebabs always go down well and can be bought. ready-marinaded.many from Jenners of Edinburgh. For a mere £1695. you can purchase a jumbo-sized hamper complete with eight-piece Wedgewood bone china set. silver plated goblets. cocktail shaker. stainless steel flasks. insulated ice pot. sugar pot. corkscrew. white cotton table cloth and napkins. Lewis’s ofGlasgow supply a very dainty four-piece set for £1 19. containing pretty crockery, Tupperware. cutlery. glasses. salt and peppercontainers. and other sets. all made by Brexton. can be found in Frasers in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. Jenners will pack the hamper with a picnic of your choice. though they only sell a set selection

~' at Christmas.

A rather cheaper and probably more useful idea. is to organise your own customised picnic set. First aquire a wickerwork hamper

Lewis '5 in Glasgow sell one for around £20 and John Lewis in Edinburgh have one for around £10— and then kit it out. Alternatively. you could go for a sturdy basket, or indeed a cardboard box, if you want to keep the price down. For the more practical. cool boxes keep the picnic both upright and chilled, a

manage able purchase at £15. Otherwise. both cheaper and easier to carry. flexible cool bags will set you back around £9. Jenners sell a

colourful shoulder-cool-bag for £4.95.



I Bezaleel 601 Great Western Road. 334 8224. Mon—Sat 10am-late evening. Wholemeal and continental breads. salads. savoury snacks and a wide range of fruit juices.

I D'Arcy's Comestihles The Courtyard. Princes Square. 226 4309. Mon—Wed 10am—7pm. Thurs—Sat 10am—8pm. Cheese. wine. meats. the lot. As well as sandwiches to order (by phone or fax). Perhaps most importantly. D'Arcy‘s is one of the few places licensed to sell wine on Sundays. between 12.30 and 2.30pm. I 1‘8in Bros 67 Cambridge Street. 332 0941. Mon—Thur & Sat 9am—6pm. Fri & Sat 9am--8pm. 230 Clyde Street. 221

941 l . Soon to open a third branch at the arcade in Newton Mairns. Fazzi Brothers have long been a favourite. stocking virtually every Italian delicacy you could think of.

I Marks & Spencer Argyle Street 6‘; Sauchiehall Street (Princes Street in Edinburgh). With converts all over the country. M & S has some of the most delectable. ifa little pricey. fast food on offer. Picnic foods include exotic and plain salads. cold meals complete with napkin and plastic cutlery. yoghurts. fruit fools. cakes and dips. They also sell small bottles of champagne for those celebrating on a budget.

I Peckhams Unit 100. Central Station. 248 4012. Mon—Sat («lam—midnight; Sun 9am—midnight. 100 Byres Road and 43 Clarence Drive Mon—Sat 8.30am—midnight; Sun 9am—midnight. Perhaps you will be catching a train to your picnic spot. I’eckhams will be the obvious choice. with a wide range of cheeses. meats and everything else you would expect to find in a deli. Alsoan impressive range of pre-cooked pies. including chicken and mushroom. chicken curry and pie and mash.


I Charlie McNalr's 30 Forrest Road. 226 6434. Mon—Fri 8.30am—6pm. Sat 9am—4.30pm. Offering a wide and imaginative selection of filled rolls. McNair's also sell drinks. salami. coffee. cakes. you name it. not forgetting the best millionaire‘s shortbread in town.

I Di Placldo 36—38 High Street. 557 2286. Mon—Sat 8.30am—6pm. Salads. sandwiches. including huge chicken/avocado and prawn sesame seed loaves. drinks. cakes and even truffles (£6.50 a pair). make 01' Placido excellent cruising ground for the potential picnicker.

I Nastlukx 155—159 Bruntsfield Place. 229 7054. Mon—Fri 8am—8pm: Sat 8am—6pm. Sun 10am—5pm. With a branch selling fruit and veg two doors down. and a large continental delicatessen. Nastiuks are a good bet for the picnicker. Specialities are freshly-baked bagels and a large range of prepared dishes.

I Valvona a. Crolla 19 Elm Row. 5566066. Mon—Sat 8.30am-6pm. Fervently Italian. Valvona & Crolla is piled high with exotic and honest food as well as an enormous selection of beverages. Serves filled rolls as well as all sorts of cold meats and cheeses.

I Wolfits 23 Henderson Row. 556 5835. Mon—Fri 7am—7pm; Sat 7am—6pm. Recently opened. Wolfits sports warm. wood-panelled walls and an inviting selection of salads. ranging from coleslaw to chicken tikka. With helpful opening hours and an ever-expanding stock. Wolfits is a welcome addition to the

New Town .



"Some ()litlie Best Food in (ilasg’ou‘ is to he found in Barcelona"

- 'l’reneliernian. (ilasgow llei‘altl "Mneltas Brilliantos" l)inet‘te('. l’.\'ening 'l‘inies “'l‘i‘etnenrlons value for 111(Hl(‘\ " —‘]oanna Blytlnnan. Seotlanrl on Snnrlax "Their food is Great" —— ( Inlnn'e (iin "Worth making a detour from anywhere loi'" 'l‘reneliernian. (ilasg‘ow llei‘altl ".'\ (lt‘e‘aln (‘otne true" - lioml Sin. Glaswegian "Spaniin Regional l‘oo(l lieing‘ taken serir )nslyat last" Stintlas‘lxxpi‘esshlagazine

'l‘apas 12 noon 2.30 p.111. Dinner lion] 7 pan. lli Bytes Roatl.(;lasgo\s (il l

(Kelvin llall 'l'nlie) lt‘lt'PllUIlt'Z (ill—337011111

(31100813 RECYCLED from our range of writing paper & envelopes, spiral bound note pads,

scrap books, note books, sketch pads, children's drawing books, students A4 lined

pads, toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, paper napkins and a new range of delightful gift cards.

REAL 1700118

37 BROUGHTON STREET Tel. ()31 557 1911 8 BROUGHAM ST.. TOLLCROSS Tel. 031 228 1651

' CAFE PE NA , were

33a St .Stephen St. (basement) Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Peruvian food and music. The only Peruvian eating place in the UK.

Open Mon - Sat 7.00 - 11.00pm Tel: 031 - 226 3675 (24 Hrs.) Bring Your Own Wine




Don 't be disappointed , bookings being accepted now.

17 Bristo Place. Edinburgh, EH1 1E2,

Tel : 031 226 2309 J

The List is— 31 May 199085