Clyde tinny Theatre In The Lambs otGod

As one of Glasgow 1990’s two official publications, The List will offer comprehensive, up-to— date guides to what’s on throughout the year. In this month’s preview, we look ahead to events beginning on or before Saturday 30 June. Events which begin on or before Thursday 14 June are described in greater detail in the appropriate listings sections of this issue.

“The List 1 —- 14 June 1990



I One Man and One oman Pen Name and Dependency Culture perform short dramatic pieces by James Kelman and Arnold Wcsker. Thurs 14—Sun 17 Jun. Tron.

I Victoria Wood Solo shows from the well~known comedian. Fri lS—Tuc 1‘)Jun. Pavilion.

I Cambodian National Dance Hindu epics and Khmer legends retold to the accompaniment of traditional music. Mon 18—Sat 23 Jun. Old Atlienacum.

I Lamb: of God The revival of Benedict Scott‘s play ends its tour back in Glasgow. Tue l9—Sat 30 Jun. Citizens.

I The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Pocket Theatre from (Tumbria present their new musical adaptation of Mark Twain’s classic tale. Tue l‘)--Sun 24 Jun . 'l mu.

I Trisha Brown Dance Company TWO programmes offering the best of the New York company's repertoire. Mon 25—Thurs 28 Jun. Theatre Royal.


I Henry Moore Bronzes Nine works by“ the famous British sculptor. dating from 1948

to 1984. in the perfect setting. Until 14

Oct. Pollok Country Park.

I Hanging Gardens oi Central Asia Exhibition of Asian and OttomanTurkish embroidery. much of it originally made as part ofweddirig dowries. Until Fri 2‘)Jun. Burrcll Collection.

I Giants. Gems and Jewels Drawings and prints by the science fantasy illustrator Moebius. growing crystals. and sculptured lava from Mount Etna - with a background of specially commissioned ambient music. Until Sun 2 Sept. Huriteriari Museum.

I Diagram ol an Object A newly completed. permanent work by Dhruva Mistry. well known for his sculptures at the Garden l‘cstival. Eight feet high. the work stands at the top of the stepsleading from Hillhcad Street to the lluntctian Art Gallery.

I Glasgow's Glasgow Underneath (.‘entral Station. in a space unvisited for two generations. the 1(XXl-year history of the city is explored through video. theatrical performances and a vast range ofcxhtbits. Until Mon 5 Nov. The Arches. Midland Street.

I The Jessop Collection - lmages oi Steam Railway images in oils and photographs from Davrd Weston and (‘olin Garratt. Until Mon 24 Sep. Transport Museum.

I Camille Pissarro Over Sllpairittngs. drawings and w atercolours by one oi the leaders of Impressionism. including several of the city's own l’tssarros. Until Sunl7Jun

I Twentieth Century Printmalters A tcy less of the past 90 years‘ achievements in the artform. with works drawn from the Hunterian and other Scottish collections. Until Sat 23 Jun. litintcrizin Art Gallery. I The Compass Contribution A celebration of the past 2t years of the Compass Gallery. featuring work by artists who have shown there in the past. Until Sun 24 Jun. Tramway.

I Our Lives - A Glasgow Childhood 1940/1990 Exhibition designed to teach children about the differences in life in Glasgow 50 years ago. lIritil Sun 2 Sep. Ilaggs Castle.

I Glasgow Cathedral Works from the People's Palace photography collection. Fri l—Sat 3llJun. Proyand's Lordship.

I The Lie ol the Land Environmentally concerned work by two young . Glaswegians. Louise and Claire Scullion. Sat 2—Thurs 28 Jun. (‘ompass t iallery

I Jan In June Painting exhibition to coincide with the jau festival. Sat 2 Jun—Wed ll Jul. 90s Gallery.

I Pinhole Observatory New work by six Glasgow based photographers. Mon 4—Tue ZoJun. WASI’S.

I Everyman Works by Anda Paterson and others. Mon 4 Jun-Thurs 12 Jul. Glasgow


I Masters at German Expressionism Prints. drawings and paintings. including works by Kandinsky and Feinirtger. TITUTS77-Siil 3(lJun. William llardic Ltd.

I Jeanne Socquet Recent paintings. drawings and collages by the Parisian artist. Fri S-Sat 23 Jun. KcllyGallcry.

I City Focus Work by sl.\ photographers from West Berlin. Fri SJun—Sun SJul. (‘ollins Gallery.

I True Stories Photographic exhibition by Michael Hughes. documenting the life of Berlin‘s Kreuzbcrg district Fri ts Jun~Sun s Jul. Collins Gallery

I Paintings item the JD. Fergusson Foundation A wide selection from the foundation's collection in S .luri Tue} Jul. Barclay Lennie Fine Art.

I 1914190 A sneak prey tcw .tt it) televisnin pieces to be shown. more or less at random by i. harmel 4 LV-t r the IlCXtIL‘s’s months Sat ‘) San 2-1Jrrrr. l htrd l- y'c (‘cntrc

I Gemini Graphics - American Master Prints Selections from the Los A tigeles print archive. Sat ‘)--Sat 30 Jun. t ilitsgow Print Studio.

I Scottish Paintings and Old Photographs Works by various artists. Mon ll

Jtiti ’l huts 30 Aug. Annan (rallcry.

I Peter Thomson A one-man show by the Glasgow painter. Mon l l- Sat .iilltin. Transmission Gallery.

I The Modern Tradition in Scottish Painting 1880-1930 Willi particular emphasis i rti the original Glasgow Boys. 'I uc 30 Jun. Ewan Mundy' Fine Art.

I JasperJohns Details to be etoriiirtricd. Tue 12 Jun-Sun 8 Jul. Kelvingi leC.

I Glasgow School of Art Degree Show'l‘he annual exhibition. Sat 23 at :‘i 2').lnr‘.. Glasgow School of Art

I Medals oi the Renaissance ‘t akctl lrorri the museum's own collection l'hurs 2S Jun—Mon 3t Dec. lltintcrrarr Museum.

I Robert Burns Works by the ( i iasgow photographer. Fri 2‘) Jun—Thurs o Sep, Hillhead Library.

IThe Well at Patience Multimedia installation by Daniel Reese's. t-‘rr 2‘) Jun—Sun 2 Sep. l’earcc Institute.

I Neil Lockhart Recent photogriplis i ii jau performers who have played in Scotland over the past year I'll 2‘).lun -.S.i. ZSJul. (.‘ommuriity' (.‘crittai ll.d'. Maryhill.

I Willie Doherly Photography eshtbrttt‘in Sat 30 Jun- Sun 29 Jul. 'l‘hird (‘cntrc I New Generation Show l‘lic anti-aid exhibition ofwork by gradt; 'll‘c'S front Scotland's four Art Schools Sat 3” Jun-Wed 1 Aug. ('ompasst tallcry.

I Gorbals Project lleitbittori i -t life in Glasgow's best-known ccrttt c tor multiple socialdeprivation Sat itthiri Sirri2‘)Jul. Third Eye Centre.

I New Glasgow Singers Acetirnpariicd by the City of Glasgow Symphony ( )rc hcstr .i. the Singers perform Mahler s St h Symphony Sun llllun. l‘Lely irtllall

I Music at the Burrell the sun: n comma. s wrtli works by Ravel and lame among others. 'I ue l2 Jun. Btirrcll ( ‘ollt ctron

I 8N0 Proms 90 l'hc annual strriiirict season of popular concerts. Sc c ncxt issue's ('lassical listings lot full dc tails. Frt 15 Sat JllJun. Kelvin Hall.

I Beethoven Piano Sonatas ( ills/lay lcrty it continues his series of piano recitals l' r; lSJun. RSAMI).

I The Big Blaw Massed pipes and dt runs on parade. Sat to Jun. Bellahouston Park.

I SCDIIlSII Chamber Choir J attics MacMillari's ('artlus‘SugrmIm and l- itrrc's Requiem. conducted by Colin l‘rppic. Sat loJun. RSAMI).

I Weekending Stravinsky Four concerts. With performances by the BB( SSO. the Paragon Ensemble. and pianist Murray McLachlan. Sat if» The l9Juti. BB( Broadcasting House.

I Brandenburg '90 Glasgow Festival

Strings play a y at ied programme which‘l includes Bach's Brandenburg (‘oncerto \‘o 5. Strn l7 Jun. St Andrew‘s Parish Church and Arts Centre.

I Warren Vache The American cornet and flugelhorn player. accompanied by the Sandy 'I‘aylor Trio. Strn l7Jun.Glasgow Society of Musicians

I Edinburgh Quartet at Hutchesons' Hall Works by Mozart. Gal and Dvorak. Fri 22 Jun. llutchcsoris' Hall.

I Chorus international Festival of pcrtorriianccs by choirs lroni France and the L'SA as well as Britain. The last datcis a celebration of the fillilth anniversary of Robert (‘arycr‘s birth. Fri 22. Sat 23.Mon

25. Tue 26. 'l‘hurs 2S. Fri 2‘), Sat EllJun. Kc‘lHIigtWt tesccpt Sillnnm Glasgow (‘tithcdtall

I From Paris to Glasgow. Salut! Iwnslltirl opct .is by M is~ctt.'l and lit/ct —~ 1.6 PIN-'V'll' rr'i' Manonr and [.1' [mi mm Rivera’s M in "S 'l‘burs Lafilun. RSAMI‘ I I el Aviv Quartet ‘3. orlv by lal. Haydn Beethoven arr-l Mozart. lrtc 26thri. RSAMI)

I Teachers Mozart Piano Concerto Series Another 1:: the series oi‘coricerts by (ilasgosv Festival Strings. tliis‘timt: ieatttring pieces by Bach and Haydn. \\ cd 27 Jun. Merchants Hall.

I Glasgow International Jazz Festival See future lS’stlL“ tit Hie [.ri‘t t‘orfull prtgranimc tIL.'l.illS. l‘ri Jun 2‘)-Stin Jul S citywide.

I 88 King A much-awaited appearance by per traps the biggest living name iti blues. Sat illitin. l'ht atrcRoyal. SPECIAL EVENTS I Big Noise Children's lntemalional Festival Ssc tiirs iSSliL lslrds listings for fulldetails. I‘Tl l~Sat’~)Jttti.

I Glasgow Book Fair Sale of antiquarian tutrlscciirAJ-t.intllVUtlks Illlutk 7 Sittg l‘iii \ltle'li'c I ll‘l’itl‘)‘

I Glasgow Heritage Week Based at

Hall lit-sons Hall. the week Will include

c vqlii'iti’ttiris’. .lispla‘. s. bits totirsiitid

illrrsa ! .itcd r..ik~ l’trll tlllt‘ltll-tllttl‘i from

il-i i >53. .s‘s‘t Sat ‘) Sun l'Tlun

I City Centre Pub Crawl It doesn't usually- take .i \ car ol( ultutc for all -'.‘\ ctit lllsL‘ thr'~ it: be irrangid. but on thisoccas‘tor:

tlicrc will in .t -.'ttsttttct architectural bias. th .- t‘raysl t-«r‘u: cowiucted by Rudolph Return of tlit. .-\rchricctutal Heritage

Sr Icte‘ty ’l he lllttrt. from Horseshoe Bar, liruty‘bticcl.

Tire Bari Old Days ( tire for ‘I om Leonard 'hts~ let the t-.-ur of Hit. slums begrrrl'l uc ‘3 Jim. ire. :tit iliitclresoris' I lall.

I The Scottish Power Challenge Meaty rricri rrii-ct i.i \tlrl.ll’\ test of strength Wed

‘3» -'l'hi:r s it lull George Square.

I Govan Fair Annual Procession Including rlrt tirlssllltlgtlltitk‘(it)\iillFilli’QlIL‘Cfi

l rt l Jim. from St ('ierartl's'School

I Veteran Cycles Sonic remain on display. the others will ill“ (or at least willattcmpt tol trom Buchanan Street to l’ollok (our‘itry l’irk (in the sanieday.ovcr2i)tl

I'll‘ 'i -: it, like s will parade trorn the

l l

lineup in Muse-rim roticorgc Square, Fri l lrtn

IThe Art Machine i)isplaysantl participation in all media for .rll ages See Ki 1s listrngs Sat 2 Jun Sun 2hAug.

Kiel Llldtl(i.dlcttcs

I Glasgow Show 1990 Sport. animals. music. radio show s. gardens and shops. I’ll 22 -Sutt 24 Jun. Bellahoustoti Park

I 1990 Science Fiction Festival Films. guest speakers and ct tmpulsory weirdness. Sal 2LStrti 24 lun. l orric Park Hotel.

I Lord Provost's Procession 'l he traditional critcrtairrrricnt. including music and competitions Sat 331ml. troniGeorge StlUillt

I The F888 Festival ' )n the theme of (ilitsgow in the early l"th century Mon 25 Sat Ill luti. George Square

I Glasgow lrish Book Fair Including book launches and signings as wellas the display and sale Sat 30 Jun Sun 1 Jul. Dixon

Hall. __J