FHoney, I Shrunk The Kids (U) Sat 1.20pm. 3.20pm; Sun 3.40pm.

3. Harlem Nights ( l 5) Fri. Sat. Mon—Thurs 1.50pm. 5. 10pm. 7.45pm; Sun 4.30pm. 7.45pm.

I MACROBEHT ARTS CENTRE Stirling University. 078661081 . £2.20(£l .60). Heathers ( 18) (Sun 3 only) 7.30pm. Wi|t(15) (Wed 6only) 7.30pm.

I REGAL North Bridge Street. Bathgate. 0506 634 152. £2 ((‘hild/()APIStudent/UB40£1.30 Mon—Thursonly).

Pretty Woman ( 15)8. 15pm.


I CANNON Titchfield Street. Kilmarnock. 0563 37288. £1.

1. Harlem Nights ( 15) Fri. Sat. Mon—Thurs 2.35pm. 5.50pm. 8.25pm; Sun 5.30pm. 8pm.

2. Look Who's Talking ( 12) Fri. Sat. Mon-—'I'hurs 2.50pm. 6pm. 8.40pm: Sun 5.35pm. 8.20pm.

3. Pretty Woman ( 15) Fri. Sat. Mon—Thurs 2.40 (not Sat). 5.30pm. 8.20pm; Sun 5.20pm. 8pm.

Honey. I Shrunk The Kids ( U) (Sat only) 2.30pm.

I KELBUHNE (ilasgow Road. Paisley. 889 3612. £2.20 ((‘hildv()AP‘Student/UB40 £1.20).

1. Harlem Nights ( 15) 5.40pm (not Sun). 8.20pm.

2. Pretty Woman ( 15) 5.30pm (not Sun). 8.10pm.

I OOEON Burns Statue Square. Ayr. 0292 264049. Licensed bar open everyevening (inc Stin). £3.25v£3 (Child/()AP/Student/ UB40£2.25£2). No concessions for performances after 8pm. Luxury seats £3.50 (all screens). Saturday Lates£3; morning shows£1 .50.

Harlem Nights ( 15) 1pm (not Sat.Sun). 3.25pm. 6. 15pm. 8.35pm.

Pretty Woman ( 15) 1.10pm. 3.40pm. 6.05pm. 8.30pm.

the answer to last issue’s riddle is

a long-playing omelette...


S 9“» ‘- I a P

telephone 041 339 0932 Maryfield HouseRuthven

Lane. off Byres Road, Glasgow GT2 QBG

half price pasta 5~7 Sunto Thu. £2.50 lunch served noon-230. dinner served 5 til midnight. open seven days a week.

26 The List 1 l4June 1990

Ski Patrol (PG) (Sat only) 10.30pm.

All Dogs Go To Heaven (U) (Sat only) 10.30pm.

Back To The Future (PG) (Sat only) 10.30pm.

Back To The Future 2 (PG) (Sat only) 10.30pm.

Special Festival Presentation:

Jean De Florette (PG) Fri. Mon. Wed 1.15pm. 3.45pm. 6. 15pm. 8.45pm; Sat 1.15pm. 6. 15pm.

Manon Des Sources (PG) Sun. Tue . Thurs 1.15pm. 3.45pm. 6.15pm. 8.45pm; Sat 3.45pm. 8.45pm.

See also Strathclyde Lates.

I ODEON Townhead Street. Hamilton. ()698 283 802. |D](cinemas 2 & 3 only). £2.80 (Child/'OAP/Student/UB40£l .75 no concessions on final shows). Hard To Kill ( 18) 1.30pm. 3.50pm. 6.05pm. 8.30pm.

Harlem Nights ( 15) 12.20pm.2.50pm. 5.25pm. 8. 15pm.

Pretty Woman(lS) 12. 10pm (not Sat.Sun).

2.50pm. 5.30pm. 8.20pm.

The Rescuers (U) (Sat. Sun only) 12.45pm.

I LA SCALA Hamilton Street. Saltcoats. ()294 62051 [D] by prior arrangement. £2 (Child/Student/UB40£1:OAP 50p).

1. Pretty Woman (15) 5.30pm. 7.50pm.

2. Harlem Nights (15) 7.45pm.

I UCI Clyde Regional Centre. (‘lydebank.

041951 2022. Non-alcoholic refreshments always available. [D] all screens. Shows commencing before 6pm £1.75; after6pm £2.75 (Child £1 .75).

We’re No Angels ( 15) Fri. Mon-Thurs 5pm.

7.35pm. 10pm; Sat 2.30pm. 5pm.7.35pm. 10pm; Sun 2.40pm. 5pm. 7.35pm. 10pm. Hard To Kill(l8) 2.10pm (Sat. Sunonly). 4.35pm.7.15pm.9.45pm.

Pretty Woman ( 15) Fri. Mon—Thurs 3.55pm.6.55pm. 9.25pm; Sat 1.15pm. 3.55pm. 6.55pm. 9.25pm; Sun 1.40pm. 4.10pm.6.55pm.9.25pm.

Nuns On The Run ( 12) Fri. Mom-Thurs 4.50pm. 7.10pm. 9.40pm; Sat 1.45pm. 4.50pm.7.10pm.9.40pm; Sun 2.30pm. 4.50pm.7.l0pm.9.40pm.

The Witches (PG) Fri. Mon—Thurs 4.55pm. 7.25pm, 9.55pm; Sat 12.40pm. 2.45pm,4.55pm, 7.25pm. 9.55pm; Sun 2.45pm.4.55pm. 7.25pm.9.55pm.

The Hunt For Red October (PG) 1.30pm (Sat only).4.30pm. 7.20pm. 10.15pm.

The Krays(18)5.15pm. 7.50pm. 10.25pm. lntemaf Affairs (18) 5 15pm (not Sat). 7.40pm.10.10pm.

Harlem Nights (15) 1.25pm (Sat only). 1.55pm (Sun only). 4.20pm.7.05pm. 9.35pm.

Look Who's Talking (12) Fri. Mon—Thurs 5.40pm. 8.05pm. 10.20pm; Sat 1.05pm. 3.35pm.5.40pm.8.05pm.10.20pm;Sun


All Dogs 60 To Heaven (U) 1pm (Sat only). 3.05pm (Sat. Sun only).

Ski Patrol (PG) Sat 1.20pm. 3.25pm: Sun 2.55pm.

See also Strathclyde Lates.

I UCI Olympia Mall. East Kilbride. 03552 49699. Non-alcoholic refreshments always available. [D] all screens. Shows commencing before 6pm £1.95; after6pm £2.95 (Child£1 .95).

The Punisher ( 18) 3pm (Sat. Sun only). 5.05pm. 7.20pm. 9.30pm.

The Witches (PG) 2.30pm (Sat. Sun only) 4.40pm. 6.50pm. 9pm.

She-Devil (15) Fri. Mon—Thurs5.30pm. 7.50pm. 10pm (Fri only); Sat/Sun 7.50pm. 10.20pm.

The Hunt For Red October ( PG) Fri. Mon-Thurs 5pm. 8.15pm: SatJSun 3.30pm. 6.30pm. 9.20pm.

Hard To Kill ( 18) 2.35pm (Sat 'Sunonly).

I 4.50pm.7.10pm.9.40pm.

Harlem Nights(15) 1.20pm (Sat'Sunonly). 4.05pm,6.40pm.9.10pm.

Pretty Woman(lS) 1.30pm (Sat Sunonly). 4.15pm,7pm.9.50pm.

\ .~>.&‘

lnfemal Afiairs ( 18) Fri. Mon—Thurs 4.55pm. 7.40pm (not Tues). 10. 10pm: Sat/Sun 7.40pm. 10.10pm.

Look Who's Talking ( 12) 2.50pm (Sat/Sun only).5.15pm.7.30pm.10pm.

All Dogs Go To Heaven (U) (Sat. Sun only) 1.40pm. 3.40pm. 5.40pm.

Ski Patrol (PG) (Sat. Sun only) 3. 10pm. 5.30pm.

Superman (Sat only) 10am.

Casablanca (U) (Tues only) 8pm.

See also Strathclyde Lates.

I WMH FILM CENTRE Bank Street. lrvinc. 0294 79900. £2 (Child£1 .25; ()AP— Mon—Thurs only— £1.50). .lunior(‘|ub matinee (Sat only) £1 (Child 70p). Family ticket (2 Adults. 2 Children) £5.50.

Look Who's Talking Times unconfirmed.


I OOEON Burns Statue Square. Ayr. SatZ:

Harlem Nights ( 15) 11.10pm. HardToKil|(18)11pm. Scarface(18)11pm. PrettyWoman(15)11pm.

I UCI Clyde Regional Centre. (‘lydebank

041951 1945. (Over l8sonly). Frit/SatZ:

Nuns On The Run ( 12) 11.45pm.

Pretty Woman(lS) 11.50pm.

Harlem Nights(15) 11.55pm.

Hard To Kill(18)midnight.

We're No Angels ( 15) 12. 15am. IntemalAffairs(18) 12.30am.

A Nightmare On Elm Street 5 ( 18) 12. 10am. I UCI Olympia Mall. East Kilbride.03552 49699. (Over 18s only).


The Punisher(18) 11.30pm.

Hard To Kill(18) 11.50pm. PrettyWoman(15) 12.15am. IntemalAfiairs(18) 12.30am.

Look Who’s Talking (12) 12. 15am.

The Exorcist(18) 11.30pm.



Friday 8—Thursday 14

See under Week1 for details of ticketprices. opening hours. facilities etc.


Provisional programme details only—not 5 confirmed at time oi going to press.

I CANNON (‘larkston Road. Muirend. 633 2123.

1. l'rlconfiimed.


I CANNON The Forge. Parkhcad. 556 4282 4343.

Expected programme approximately as follows. Call cinema to confirm.

1. PrettyWomant 15).

2. The Witchestl’G).

3. The Punisher( 18).

4.The Krayst 18).

5. Harlem Nights( 15).

6. Look Who'sTalkingt 1:).

7. Hard To Kill 1 18).

Possible openings. replacing one or two of above: The Packager 15).

See also (ilasgtm latex.

I CANNON Sauchiehall Street. 332 1592. Expected programme approximately as follows. Call cinema to confirm.

1. Harlem Night5( 15).

2. Hard To Kill( 18).

3. The Witches ( l’ti)

4.1nternalAttairst 18).

5. We're No AngeI3( 1*).

l CfTY CENTRE DDEDN Renficld Street. 332 8701.

Expected programme approximately as follows. Call cinema to confirm. NunsDnThe Run( 12).

All Dogs Go To Heaven(tf).

Pretty Woman ( 15).

King DfThe Windtl.‘ ).

The KraysHS).

Look Who‘sTalking( 12).

Leviathan ( is).

She-Devil (15).

Possible opening, replacing one of above: The Package ( 15 ). Rude Awakening115). I GROSVENOH Ashton Lane. 1 lilliicad. 3394298 7814.

1. Harlem Nightst 15).

2. Pretty Woman ( 15).

Possible opening. replacing one ofthe above: Enemies-A Love Story( 15).

See also (ilasgtm Lates.

I SALON Vinicombe Street. 3394256. Pretty Woman( 15 ).

Possible opening: Hard To Kill( 18).

12 Rose Street. 332 6535.


My Left Foot( 12 ) ()pm.

Rogera Me ( 15)s.45pm. SATURDAY9

Gone With The Wind ( 1’( i ) 1.3mm. My Left Foot ( 12)6pm.

Roger 8t Me115)s.45pm.


Alien ( 18) Aliens ( 18) ()pm. MONDAY 11

Little Wizards From 02 2(l5)()pn1. Chinatown ( its) 8. 15pm.


The Philadelphia Story ( Pt i) opm. Summer Vacation 1999 ( 15 ) 8.45pm. WEDNESDAY 13

The Shining ( 18) The Witches Df Eastwick (18) 6pm.


Venus Peter ( 12) 6pm. Sur(15)8.15pm.


Fri 8/Sat9: I CANNON The Forge. l’arkhead. 556 4282 4343.