r—'M— m ' H . . 3 The Catherine Wheel. andalhwwmg Muse v Thattheirtwocutsare

| I John Otway: Cor. Baby. (Tanya Donelly) with

and only Eugene ; That's Really the (Strike

Chadbourne. with seven

I Various: The ca Va Sections (TLV) Out of 200 Senttish entries to the 'l‘ennents Li\el competition last year. these are the six that got the chanCe to be recorded in a top studio, and be acclaimed ‘the six best new acts in Scotland‘ by the compilers. The result is an enioyable and enlightening album.

l saw Botany 500 a

, couple of times last year. § wheritheydidn'tseemto know whattheywere

about at all. By the sound

I; of it. their shift away from

a lull-sized pop'funk group and towards ambient house has done them nothing but good. ‘Rise Angel' works best. (iordori Kerr's gentle crooning merging with the hypnotic backing track in a wholly satisfying blend. It‘s a short skipfrom there to Mouth Music. whose electronic reshaping of traditional (iaelic tunes sounds a lot better than it reads. 'l heir ethereality is picked up by The Legendary Hearts. If

: you cart iriiagine a union of

The Waterboys and 'l he Cocteau ’l‘wins. that might give you an idea ol the Hearts first track. 'Ferryman', Sadly, they sink intoseritimental sub-Dylan with the next. l'ni no particular fan of

very pleasant and good of

their kind is about all lcan find to say. Sugar Bullet

give us a robust

hip-hop-based sound. garnished with samples galore. and Carol Laula sings like one who fully deserves to be on any

v collection like this.

Reservations about

some of the tracks ~ few

will like them all -don't count for much in the face

. of the whole package. which is worthwhile for

anyone interested in the

current scene. That Sugar ' Bulletand BotanySOIi

have already been signed

: by Virgin a label witha reputationfordropping

Scottish acts if they don‘t do the business with their first album is both an

j encouraging and an

ominous sign. (Alastair Mabbott) I Soul II Soul: Vol "(1990

; A New Decade) (10) To get off on the w rong f00t . it’s

not as gripping as V011. ()ur standards rose when

» we realised what we could

expect of Soul ll Soul, and

parts of Vol II sound thin

or hall-finished; not quite the same thing as spontaneous.

But the vibe shines through, of spirit.

' community and


I tromtneinscrutable

Jazzie B. And they make

this reggae/house hybrid.

augmented this time by

I more soulful influences,

sound so natural. There‘s still no one in their league.

i (Alastair Mabbott)

I The Breeders: Pod (4A0)

Self-indulgent is a word that does describe this

album, but as a criticism it is meaningless. Recorded in two weeks with Steve Albini. it is pretty much what you would expect from a Pixie (Kim Deal)

some time on their hands. It's a record that alternates between harsh and gently strummed guitars, soft-as-velvet vocals and Deal‘s mad-as-a-fishwife hysterics. A few fine tracks (‘Lime llouse'.

‘l lellbound’ and ‘thnl was a Painter‘) and a cover of The Beatles‘ ‘Happiness is a Warm Gun‘ do not hide the fact that the album would

probably have been better

left as a drunken suggestion. (James llalibtirton)

I Five Guys Named Nice; Five Guys Named Moe (RCA) As dextrous musically as they are in their bewildering conversations. Five (iuys Named Moe always hit

you with something you‘re . not expecting. or that they

hope you‘re not expecting. Consequently.

they‘ll find it hard tosliake offthe ‘wacky image‘. But for every oddity like 'Pieni .

i Back CD) From madcap laughs to quite touching j low-key love songs. he did

it Otway. and as this. his

first digital appearance.

proves. he did it with

enduring charm. Twenty-one tracks. hall with Barrett. halfsolo.

(AM) I Kitty Brewster: Sleepin'

' Alone (K88) Aberdoniari

(where else?) Brewster employs the services of various unknown

T songwriters front the North-East and displays a i versatile \UICL‘ on mellow. soothing material which.

, sadly, otten stepsoyer

into lilaridriess. (AM)

; I Pussy Galore: Historia de

Ia Musica Rock (Rough Trade) Even those who

prize the elementary ' musicianship of Dinosaur Jr and Mudhoney may

find Pussy Galore a little

hard to take. Their new

LP was recorded in the

' space of two days in a 3 schoolroom where they

Suomalainen‘. where they 3 Q roughlAM)


5 FundamentalHymnal (Fundamental) A sampler fromoneoftheStates'


seem to be trying too hard

to show off. there's a piece

ofindisputable pop brilliance like the single ‘Selfish Days'. An album worth having. especially for people with a thing for “real instruments‘ and ‘real songs‘. (Alastair



days. and the recording. like the playing. is well

labels, home to The Butthole Surfers. The Colorblirid James

lixperiencoandthe one

other acts appearing on this record. Not as distorted and grating as you might think after the Buttholes‘ opening shot. and at £4.99 you can‘t complain. (AM)

, IThe Carpenters: Only : Yesterday(AGM)Pop

craftsmanship has rarely matched The Carpenters best work. Here. Karen‘s

remarkable voice and

I Richard'sarrangingskills are heard once again in

half-remembered moving


and intelligent hits

I Black Box: Dreamland (de Construction) They Te more than a rine~hit wonder, although ‘(.ihost Box‘ relies entirely onthe chord changes from 'Ride on Time. Black Box have made an album that traverses different moods and works nicely as an album. if you don‘t listen too hard. At root. it'sall Hrtmuri mid Herstufl, no more no less. but it satisfies. (Alastair

v BOOK now I


I GLASGOW BARROWLANO (041 226 4679) Bruce Dickinson, 23 June: Aztec Camera, 4Aug. I GLASGOW HAIAPOEN PARK (041 227 5511) Rolling Stones. 9July.

I GLASGOW PAVILION (041 3321846)Joan Armatrading. 27 June; Gary Numan. 25 Sept; Gene Pitney. 19 Oct; Joe Longthorne, 7—8 Nov; Daniel O‘Donnell, 20—21 Nov.

I GLASGOW SECC(O31557 6969) Sinead O'Connor, 19 June; Paul McCartney, 23 June; Ry Cooder/David Lindley, 27 June; Miles

Davis Group, 3 July; The Christians. 3 Dec. I STIRLING FALLENINCH

FIELD (031 557 6969) Aan

For Scotland, 14 July.

I EDINBURGH INGLISTON CENTRE (031 557 6969) Clash of the Titans, 12 Oct.


(031 557 2590) Sinead O‘Connor, 20 June; Aztec Camera, 3 Aug; The Christians, 1 Dec.



FERRY (041 227 5511)

Blues'n'Trouble,29—30 j June; Dave OetriesSextet, ' 1-2July;Slim Galllard.3-4 ;


July; Tam White Band, 7-8 July.

i I ouseow IBROX I

STADIUM (031 557 6969) Frank Sinatra and Orchestra. 10 July.


I 5511) Miles Davis Group, 3


I GLASGOW THEATRE ROYAL (041 332 9000) Carol Kidd. 29 June; BB King, 30 June; Chris Barber, 2 July; John McLaughlin, 4 July; Maynard Ferguson, 5 July; George Russell, 6 July; Oluy Gillespie, 7 July. I GLASGOW THIRD EYE CENTRE (041 227 5511) Plncki Zoo, 2 July; Pointy Birds. 3 July; Flat Earth Society, 4 July; New Vivola. 5 July; Hard Score, 6Juiy. I GLASGOW TRAMWAY (041 227 5511)I(ronos Duartet, 29 June; Tennents Live! Jazz, 30 June—1Julv:





One performance only. Usher Hall. Fri 17 August at 8pm. Tickets: £6 to £18.


Telephone 031-225 5756. (Credit Card Bookings). Pick up your FREE copy of the 36

Kingsnalie Blues Caravan. 2

July; Steve Williamson. 4 July; Jan Warriors, 5July; Bobby Watson 6 SYJO, 6 July; Willem Breuker Kollelrtiel, 7 July.

I EDINBURGH OUEEN'S HALL (031 668 2019)Jools Holland Big Band. 2241 August.


I GLASGOW CITY HALL (041227 5511)BBC SSO/Stravinslry, 19 June. I GLASGOW CONCERT HALL (041 227 5511) Berlin Phil, 9—10 Oct; Bolshoi SO, 12 Oct; Orchestra at the Age


(041227 5511) SNO Proms 90.15-16.19—23.26~30



' (0413321846)AmjadAli

Khan. 21 June: Ravi

Shankar. BJuly.

I GLASGOW RSAMO (041 332 5057) Gusztav Fenyo, 15June; Scottish Chamber Choir.16June;JuniorDept Concert, 23 June; Sthtary's Music School Concert, 24 June; From Paris To Glasgow (Operas), 25—28

June; Tel-Aviv Ouarlet. 26

I EDINBURGH HOPETOUN HOUSE (031 668 2019) Scottish Ensemble/Hopetoun Serenade, 30 June.

I EDINBURGH PLAYHOUSE (031 557 2590) Scottish Opera/ Madame Buttertly, 26.30 June; Cosi tan tutte, 2729 June; Salome, 28 June.

I EDINBURGH QUEEN'S HALL (031 668 2019) Verdi Requiem, 16June; Scottish Sinionia, 17 June; Lothian Schools Orch,18June; Gustav Fenyo, 19 June: St Mary's MS. 21 June; Edinburgh Singers, 24

June; St George‘s School.

i 26 June; Maura Lympany, 9

July; Scottish Independent Schools Orch,16July.

of Enlightenment, 15 Oct; ; June- London Phil, 30 Oct; Leipzig I Gusgow TRAMWAY Gewandhaus Orch, 31 Oct—2 (041 227 5511) Kronos Nov;lsraelPhil,21Nov; i Quarter, 29 June. Orchestra De Paris. 16-17 I BALLOON / ecosse

for introductory hot air

A ‘1. ’l‘i/Ir/I .’.’/)/”/" .J i “I” W

A La Carte after 6pm Steaks (‘1 la Blah Blah!

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ballooning activities

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35 The List I l4June 1990