I USE THE DOOR Mr Gumbyl Dne otthetouched Dutch who will appear in the Touch of the Dutch season at Glasgow's Tramway (9-26 June). seen here miming to a Hue and Cry track. See Theatre Listings page 52.

I no WAY, Madonna, he's taking your contession, I ain’t got the time. Robert De Hire and Sean Penn are the unlikely looking priests in Neil Jordan's We're No Angels. Anotherlilm involving crooks hiding out

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The Characters on these pages are real; any

, , among the religious orders. resemblance to fictional - PC Plod must be highly . . ' suspicious at anyone ChardCt‘FTSt (HIV? or dead’ dressed in ecclesiastical lS entirely comc1dental garbthese days. SeeFilm Openers page 19.

and probably the result of poor eyesight.

I LEAPING INTO the back oi each other with the greatest at ease are London Contemporary Dance Theatre who will be at the Theatre Royal, Glasgow 11—1 6 June. See Dance listings page 59.

I BELINDA CARLISLE in her , now customary. wriggling

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on the assumption thatshe can get up tor long enough. Belinda will be playing her ‘Classic' Pop Rock atthe SECC, Glasgow, 6June.

See Rock Listings 37.

I PROBABLY SCDTLAND's ; best chance to make an impact on world lootball. the Subbuteo World Cup. which takes place a tow ,, days belore the real McCoy \ l kicks ott. Channel 4 will be \ , ‘l 2 I I'M nor going swimming covennothetabie-top . : it's horrid, horrid, horrid sprawl-cam. SeeTV i and I hate custard. The girl Listmos page 77. with the snorkel appears in ,I ‘9’»: Passionless Moments by ‘-' ' - __ Jane 'Sweetie' Campion as ;. »~ ' part olthe Little Wizards

I WEARING ALLthat remains otherhouse. inthe torrn ol jewellery, is Francoise Sergy.

apparently one otthetirst people to have keyhole

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Gold will be paflomod 3mm Filmhouse. See Film Index Assembly Rooms, ' page 20.

Edinburgh on 12 June. as part at Spring Fling. See Dance Listings page 59.

I THE BEAHDED doyen at Country Music. much-loved multi-miliionaire Kenny Rodgers, returns to 1 Scotland and the Edinburgh f Exhibition Centre. ' lngliston, 5 June. See Rock I i Listings page 37.

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