THE OLD ATHENAEUM JUNE 18 (PREMIERE SHOWING) to JUNE 23, 1990 at 7:30 pm. TICKETS £6.00 (£3.00 concs.) From The Old Athenaeum Box Office 179 Buchanan Street, Glasgow (Phone 041-332 5127) BOOK NOW! *1.






DANCE COMPANY, , t1;;‘¢\‘( 9 s 33““ e a\ Box OFFICE , 9

041-331 1234 ..

I PORTOBELLO TOWN HALL Portobello High Street.

Khoros Dance Theatre Sat 9 Jun. 8pm. £2.50 (£1.50). (Spring Fling). Edinburgh-based Khoros Dance company perform a lively and entertaining mix of dance. drama and poetry. including works by Frank McConnell and Tracy Hawkes.


I ASSEMBLY ROOMS The Dance Base, George Street. phone Tamsin Grainger on 2204348 for details.

Dance Base classes are run on an informal basis for all ages and abilities and cost£2 (£1). Turn up fifteen minutes before each class in comfortable. unrestrictive clothing. The new dancer-in-residence. Tamsin Grainger. has taken overfrom Sheridan Nicol. and will be concentrating on outreach work. Classes run until June 16.

Lunchtime Jazz with Phylis Hutchison. Tuesdays 1pm.

Youth Jazz 9 yrs and above, with Phylis Elutehison. Tuesdays 5pm.

Jazz (Level 2) with Sheridan Nicol. Tuesdays 6.15pm.

Adult Tap (Beginners) with Sheridan Nicol. Tuesdays 7.30pm.

Jazz (Advanced/Pro) with Phylis Hutchison. Wednesdays 11am.

Over Fonies Dancercise with Phylis Hutchison. Wednesdays 2pm.

Children's Tap 9 yrs and above, with Phylis Hutchison. Wednesdays 5pm.

Jan (level 1) with Phylis Hutchison. Wednesdays 6pm.

Contemporary with Alan Greig. (no experience necessary). Wednesdays 7.30pm. Also open to anyone interested in performing with Scottish Youth Dance in July. Phone Dance Base forfurther information.

Jazz (Beginners) with Raymond Kaye. 'l‘hursdays 5 . 30pm.

Adult Performance Groups with Alan Greig. Thursdays 7pm.

Contemporary (lnterrnediate) with Lyn Denton. Fridays 12.30pm.

Jazz Level 2 14 yrs and above. with Tracey Hawkes. Fridays2.15pm. Experimental/lmprovisational Dance with Alan (irieg. Saturdays 11am-1pm. Experimental Dance/Physical Theatre with Lyndsey John. Saturdays 1.30—4.30pm (£3). Cambodian National Dance Costume/Mask/Maite-up Workshop Sat 16 Jun. 10.30am. £2 (£1). Cambodian National Dance visit the West for the first time in 30 years. Members of the company as well as all their costumes. were

destroyed by Pol Pot. and this workshop demonstrates how they built up their wardrobe a ain. (S ring Fling) Cambodian ationa Dance Workshop Sat 16 Jun. 2—4pm. £3 (£1). Traditional Khmer Dance uses an intricatre sign language. Scottish dancer Lindsey John explores the meaning behind such gestures. (Spring Fling)

I CALTON CENTRE 121 Montgomery Street, phone Arts Outreach 225 2424 ext 6623 for further infomation. Randomoptlc Workshop Thur 7 & Fri 8Jun. 5—7pm; Sat lOam—noon. Combining music, movement and percussion, Randomopric, a young, exciting group of dancers who took part in the Feet First dance season earlier this year, present a three-day workshop for 14—20 year olds. Classes are free and no booking or dance experience is necessary. (Spring Fling)

I CRAIGLOCKNART SPORTS CENTRE 177 Colinton Road. 4430101.

A variety of adult coaching sessions are available, including Women‘s Activity Mornings, Aerobics. Fitness Training and Yoga. Phone the centre for more information.

I EDINBURGH YOUTH OANCE COMPANY Phone Tamsin Grainger on 220 4348/9 for further details. Classes are £1 per session. Assembly Rooms Youth dance for juniors with Alan Greig. 5-7pm.

I ELCNAT A variety of classes and workshops in creative and contemporary dance. for all ages and abilities, are available throughout East Lothian. Phone Stephanie Sellie on 031665 3711 ext 244 for details.

I EPWORTN NALLS Nicolson Square. phone 229 1071 for info.

All classes are taught by Tracy Hawkes, director of Spring and a member of Khorous Dance Theatre, and are £2.50 (£2) per session.

Contemporary/Jazz for Adults Mondays 6.30pm.

Tap for Adults Tuesdays 6. 30pm.

Jazz for Teenagers Wednesdays 5.30pm. Ballet for Adults (Beginners) Wednesdays 6.30pm.

I GRACEIAOUNT LEISURE CENTRE 22 Gracemount Drive, 658 1940. Classes are held in ballet, tap and modern dance, yoga. fitness weights, aerobics, self defence. gymnastics, and stretch and tone gentle exercise for beginners, intermediates and over 405 with a free creche available during some ofthe sessions. All classes are £1 .60(£1)per session and are held on a casual basis for women only. Phone the centre for details. 01d Tyme Dance Sessions Tue 7.30—9pm.

5 .

IONARCOS LEISURE CENTRE Grove Street, phone 229 1071 for furtherinformation. These classes are also taught by Tracy Hawkes (see above). £2.50 (£2).children £1.75 per session.

Children's Ballet Sat 9.30am.

Children's Tap Sat 10.30am.

Children's Modern Jazz Sat 11.15am.

Adult Jazz Sat noon—1 . 15pm.

Adult Performance Group Phone Tracy Hawkes on 2291071 for details.

I PORTOBELLO TOWN HALL Portobello High Street, phone Arts Outreach 225 2424 ext 6623 for further information. Khoros Dance Theatre Workshop Sat 9 Jun. llam& 12.30pm. £1.50 (75p). A workshop for 12 years and above linked to Khoros' evening performance. Beginners welcome. (Spring Fling)

Fun and Fitness Classes for Women 50+ Tuesdays 2—3pm. 25p per session.

I SCOTTISH YOUTN DANCE FESTIVAL 30 Jun—7 July. The third Scottish Youth Dance Festival takes place at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh this year under the artistic direction of Frank McConnell. There are only a few non-residential places left and tutors include Scott Clark, Malcolm Shields. Sheridan Nicol and Gamboling Guizers. Phone Clare Stewart. 220 6320 for further information.

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