Major exhibition of over 400 works most for sale, by l2: British artists. 10th May - 2-ith June 1990 10am - 10pm daily. Free.

Sponsor : NS Macfarlane Charitable Trust

Also at


178 West Regent Street, Glasgow

The Lie Of The Land IPaintings and Constructions by Claire & Louise Seullion 2nd - 28th June 1990

g Funded from Glasgow District !

Councri's Festivals Budget

The Scottish Al lsl otint‘il


SLEICi? "GI ‘53)” “HI! I'HEICJS “6th “Lift

moo - set 9 30 - 5.00 sundoy ? 00 5.00

admission adults £2 children and concessmns it


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For exhibition. details, see listings page Opening Hours MondaySaturday 10 50-5 5t) Admissii‘m Free Biol) Gallery is subsititv 1’ by the Scottish

Arts ('ount ii and ritt (.ity of Edinburgh

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22 Richmond Street, Glasgow GI 1X0 041 553 4145


Six Photographers from West Berlin

TRUE STORIES Photographs by Michael Hughes

9 June - 8 July Mon - Fri 10 - 5; W’eds 10 - 7; Sat 12 - 4

“The List 1— 14 June 1990


I OPEN CIRCLE GALLERY Hillhead Library. 348 Byrcs Road. 339 7223. Mon—Fri 9. 30am-8pm; Sat 9.3tlam« lpm. 3-5pm. Closed Wed.

A Geometry oi the Abyss Unti128Jun. Abstract paintings by Bertrand Bracaval alongside poetry by Kenneth White.

I PRINCES SQUARE 221 0324. Mon-Sat [Dam—midnight: Sun l lam-5pm.

Passing Shots 10-16 Jun. Photogaphs by Final year students at the Glasgow College of Building and Printing.

Maytest Dazzle Until 2 Jun. The largest ever exhibition of contemporary jewellery in the city from around Silicading designers.

I PROVAND'S LORDSHIP Castle Street. 5540223. Mon-Sat 10am—5pm: Sun 2-5pm.

Partick Until 30 Jun. Another area of Glasgow gets the photographic scrutiny at Proyand's.

I THE SHELTER GALLERY Renfrew Court. 3302884. llam-llpm.

The Horse ot the Year Show Until 1 Jun. Artwork on an equine theme.

Exhibition ofwork from the Gallery's collection.

I SPRINGBURR MUSEUM Ayr Street, 55" 1405. Mon—I'ri lil.3(lam—5pm, Sat lliamAJOpm. Sun 2~5pm.

Paintings by James Logan 7 Jun—9 Jul . Child's Play: Growing up in Springtime 1940—1990 Until 23 Sept. Researched and to some extent dictated by local 8—12 year olds. the exhibition traces the changes in a child's life over the last 50 yearsin Springburn through painting. photography . poetry, sculpture and drawings.

I STIRLING'S LIBRARY Royal Exchange Square 331 2668. Mon. Tue lOam— 5pm, Thurs lit—8pm. Fri & Sat 10am-5pm. Sun 2 5 m

Glasgow City ot Architecture Until 3 1 ()ct. Models. artefacts. trail-maps and videos trace the city‘s architectural riches.

I STREET LEVEL 279—281 High Street. 552 2151 Wed-Sat 1 lam-6pm: Sun 2~4pm ‘White Peak. Dark Peak’ 9 Jun— 1 5 Jul. Photographer Paul I lill provides a new angle on the Peak District.

Peter Bennet - Young/Emergent Photographers Comission 9 Jun~15 Jul. The first of three exhibitions commissioned by Street Level with the aim ofenci'iuraging young. local photographers.

label by Maud Suiter Until 3Jun

, Large-scale portraits by the Glasgow-born

artist, that scrutinise issues of race. gender and sexuality.

I THEATRE ROYAL Hope Street, 331 1234. Mon-Fri 5—7pm; Sat llam-5pm.

Gwyneth Leech: Paintings and Drawings Until 5 Jun. Scenes from every opera of the 1089/90 season by Scottish Opera's artist—in-residcnce.

I THIRD EYE CENTRE 350 Sauchiehall

. Street. 332 752l.Tue-Sal ll)am~5.3(ipm;

Sun 2—5.30pm. Tunga Until 2 Jun. Using four tonsof broken magnets, l00km of iron wire and two huge cast iron teeth the flamboyant Brazilian artist has transformed the gallery into a giant metallic circuit. Fiona Rae: Paintings Until 2 Jun. Bizarre paintings done upside dow n or back to front by London-based artist Fiona Rae who describes her paintings as ‘kind oi phoney abstracts‘. 19:4:90 Television intervention 9—24 Jun. From 1—4 June. Channel 4's programmes will be interrupted at random by a series of ‘television interventions”. These short films. unannounced and not referred to once they are over. are the work ofartists from Britain and Europe invited to explore the creative potential of television. The first ‘television intervention‘ in April showed snooker player Stephen Hendry being swallowed by a snooker table . . . Journalists were baffled and intrigued. If you are too. and you don't have four days free to spend in front ofthe TV. you can see it all atthc Third Eye Centre.

't “31‘ 1’1 i .\


Peter Howson, Paintings and Prints, Glasgow Print Studio.

Peter Howson’s new work continues the spectacle oi the masculinist figurative tradition at the New Glasgow Boys. The show is a display oi Howson’s technical skill and compositional ability in a wide variety at media: paintings, drawings, etchings and monotypes. This ensures a continuing appreciation at a formal level. However, the work repeats. like an unresolved neurosis, the iamiiiar patterns at patriarchal excess and the grandiosity oi the observer-cum-sociai critic. The formulaic quality at the work as a whole reminds one at both Victorian book illustration and contemporary male science fiction iantasies.

The context provided tor Howson’s work, by himself and the establishment, demands that we take the images— at social deprivation, city ‘lowliie'. and women as some representation at reality with which he has empathy and identification. This unhelpful claim will unsettle the temaie viewer. (Lorna J. Waite)

I TRAMWAY Albert Drive. 423 9527 Daily loam—10pm.

The Compass Contribution Until 34 Jun. The exhibition has been organised to mark the 21st anniversary of the Compass Gallery in Glasgow. It will feature l l ! artists who have exhibited at the gallery duringitsll years.

I TRANSMISSION GALLERY 2b‘ King Street. 552 4813. Mon—Sat noon (rpm. PeterThomson l l Jun~7 Jul. l’arntrngsand drawings with a satirical llavour from a Glasgow based artist

Also, at their 25 Queen Street premises Cultural Facade and Still Lives Limit 2 Jun. Installations by Euan Sutherland and Anne Quinn.

I WASPS 26 King Street. 552 0564. Mon-Fri 9am—5pm.

A shop. exhibition space and resource centre. with information on work by all WASPS artists. slide library and information about how tocommrssion work.

Photographs by Pinhole Observatory +725 Jun New work from srx photographers who aim to combine Commerce anti creativity. The Wet Wet Wet album cover photograph will no doubt be a highlight. I WILLIAM HARDIE LTD 141 West Regent Street. .221 6780. Mon—Fri ltiam-—5pm. Masters at Gannon Expressionism s—3lilun. Watercolours. woodcuts. etchings and oils by some of the leading lights oerrman Expressionism. including Rohlfs. l’echstein. Macke. Heckel and Melzer. All the works come from the collectionof