The organisers of ‘Europe‘s biggest free street party‘ reckon it would cost you over £1000 to see all the bands on offer for free at Glasgow’s Big Day. Always assuming that you are able to be in two places at once to see them all. that you have catholic music tastes encompassing Sheena Easton. Aswad and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. that you would ever spend. . . Hell. you know what they mean.

What doesn‘t need qualification is the organisers‘ commitment to providing something for free. Trevor Davis of the organising company Liveshot, and chairman of the project team was in at the idea’s birth two years ago. ‘The original idea was a big musical street party that would be free. That's been the most important principle all along,‘ he says.

The second basic premise of the event was that television would be involved from the beginning. Davis explains, ‘We thought we would integrate television with the event because it is the predominant popular culture of today. Otherwise Glasgow‘s City of Culture year might have received coverage on TV. but TV wasn‘t really coming in on it. it


1. The organisers have built the biggest toilet in Europe (no, not Easterhouse) to accommodate the 200,000 or so visitors to the concert.

2. Strathclyde Transport have arranged special train services all day, with

halt-price return lares operating. Last train details on 041-226 4826.


The first event of its kind in Glasgow’s history, The Big Day, on Sun 3 June, promises to be across between street party and pop festival, held in the pedestrian precincts and on four stages around the City Centre. From Bengali Dance to Clan Society battle re-enactments, it’s got the lot. Now read on ..

wasn‘t really part ofit. One of the first ideas. that we‘ve held to all along, was that we would place a 40ft video screen on St Enoch‘s Square with live "IV broadcasts so people could see themselves on the TV.’

Channel 4 have certainly entered into the spirit of things. The Big Day represents their largest one-off commission outside the Film On Four concept, and represents a considerable vote ofconfidence in the two Scottish production companies Skyline and Big Star In A Wee Picture who. together with Regular Music. make up the Liveshot organisation. Channel 4 have cleared their schedules for six hours to cover the event live in stereo. This should prove a rather smoother operation than previous music marathons. because of the close involvement ofTV in the event from the beginning.

‘We’re never going to have any of those awful gaps when Lenny Henry‘s hopping from one foot to another saying we‘ll have to wait a minute,‘ says Davis. ‘We‘ll be covering action from all the stages. and events that are going on in the street as well. There‘s also pre-recorded inserts that are made

3. It you live in a scheme in or around the city, Glasgow District Council has paid tor tree shuttle buses to take you home. Pickthem up at George Street, Cowcaddens Road, Gorbals Street (Citizens), Wellington Street or Benlrew Street (Savoy Centre). 4. Protessional and semi-prolessional periormers lrom Glasgow and throughout Britain are being brought together by Streetbiz— Glasgow's International Street and Buslrers Festival organisers. 5. There will be dancing in the streets on the Big Day. Dance platforms will be erected in Buchanan Street and at the

by Liveshot around Glasgow, that will be interspersed with the live action.‘ For nostalgia buffs, a series ofvideos will look back at Scotland’s greatest pop hits, from Lulu’s Shout to Letter From America, and the ‘social history of Glasgow will be recounted through the eyes of pop music‘ (from the Pogues’ Dirty Old Town to the Teardrop Explodes' Culture Bunker?). That should confuse the international audience tuning in in France, Portugal and Scandinavia amongst others.

Aside from all the TV excitement, The Big Day hopes to be able to raise some money for the homeless as well. The organisers hope that the fact that the whole day is free will loosen the audience’s pockets and collection points are situated as you go in and at the information point on Glasgow Green. Artists will be donating their fees, and a percentage of the money raised from selling merchandise will also be donated. The money raised will be administered by an umbrella organisation and used to benefit young homeless people in and around Glasgow. A special new advice service is planned, and it is hoped there will be sufficient funds

SV Carriclt car park, where local companies will be giving pertormances and encouraging the public to join in. 6. Dixon Street will be renamed American Alley lor the Big Day, as gratlitl artists lrom Penilee construct a ‘City 0i The Future’ gratllti artscape to a backdrop oi rap music lrom the USA and Scotland. The Culture City Kids - aged 3 lo 13 will pertorm a rap devised by themselves to celebrate 1990.

7. Scottish battles (no, not the Peru game in 1978) will be recreated on Glasgow Green by the Clan Society, using period weapons and costumes. 8. The Easterhouse Body Building Club

to build extra accommodation for the homeless.

Meanwhile, Liveshot have been struggling with the practicalities of organising an event for 200.000 spectators. ‘The logistical problems are huge,‘ says Trevor Davis. ‘All these things like council permission, building control, security and policing. At the moment it all seems to be under control, but on top of that, you’ve got all the problems of the bands and their equipment, all the lights and PAs and what have you; one of the stages is even coming from Belgium, for goodness sake!‘

Strathclyde Regional Council have done their bit by closing off roads around George Square and along Clyde Street from Jamaica Street to Glasgow Green, allowing for the street performers, stalls and special attractions planned for the day. A whole network of community events have been scheduled to complement the star names

The event is all set to be the high point of Glasgow‘s celebrations, but for Trevor Davis the pressures of organisation are beginning to tell. ‘Roll on, 4 June,‘ he sighs, ‘when we can lick our wounds and tidy up the paperwork.’ (Tom Lappin)

and Brunswick Keep Fit Ladies will be at St Enoch Square demonstrating how to survive the rigours oi the Big Day.

9. Food and drink stalls will be set up at the iollowing places: George Square, St Vincent's Place, Clyde Street. People’s Palace, The Haugh. All are approved by the organisers and under the supervision oi Glasgow’s Environmental Health Department, so you can eat that pie with contidence. 10. The pies might be line. but other things can go wrong. First Aid posts are available near each main stage. Contact Rock Steady Security or the police.

The List 1 l4June 19905

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