I Don't Duote Me (C4) 8.30-9pm. Channel 4‘s latest panel game concentrates on the debunking of previous predictions which. presumably. the prophets would not care to have repeated on national TV. Your host is former Friday Night Live producer. Geoffrey Perkins.

I Shoot To Kill (Scottish) 9—10pm and 10.35—11.45pm. The conclusion ofthe

mammoth drama-doc. Followed (at 11.45pm) by Olivia O‘Leary discussing

the film with those involved in the real-life events.

I Panorama: Rioting tor Rights (BBCI) 9.30—10. 10pm. Prisoners in West Germany apparently have their own bill of rights. Panorama wants to know ifthe same might be applied in prisons here.

I Vintage Comic Strip: More Bad News 10—1 1pm. The band are persuaded to re-form and play at Castle Donnington. with predictably bad-tempered results. I Sunless Days (C4) 11.05pm—12.45am.

Shu Kei‘s documentary on the impact of the massacre of pro-democracy demonstrators in Tiananmen Square on 4 June last year.

I Made in the USA: Stop the Violence. Rap Strikes Baclt (C4) 12.50—1 .20am. The secondary part of the Made in the USA sen'es aims to give independent American documentary-makers a chance to be heard over here. Tonight‘s film examines anti-violence backlash from US rap artists.


I Classmates (Scottish) 6.30—7pm. Footballer Bryan Robson goes back to school to meet his old classmates. every one of whom can remember dislocating Robbo's shoulder.

I Nature Watch (Scottish) 7.30—8pm. Tonight it’s New York v The Hudson River as the programme follows John Cronin‘s one-man battle to keep the waterway clear for man and fish.

I Check Out (C4) 8.30—9pm. A brand new consumer programme to encourage us to break out of the consumer-as-victim syndrome and fightback. Hosted by a hybrid of Esther Rantzen and Che Guevara.

I Present Imperfect: A Teacher's Lot (BBCZ) 9.30—10.30pm. Is not an ‘appy one, at least not at Spurley Hey School in inner city Manchester. This hour-long programme examines the new problems facing British teachers now that I'm no longer at school.

I Rock Steady (C4) 10. 15—1 1 .50pm. An extended end-of-term bash. broadcast live from Camden Lock and featuring The Neville Brothers. Steve Earle and Energy Orchard.


I Scottish Duestlon-Tlme Live (Scottish) 2.30—4pm. The paltry once-a-month opportunity to air specifically Scottish problems - Ravenscraig should top the bill.

I The Panini Subhuteo World Cup (C4) 5.30—6.30pm. The fascinating world of table football revealed in its true glory. Three micro-cameras will help to recreate that crouched-down behind the goal view that you used to get by kneeling on one of your defenders.

I Horizon Special: Melting an Honest Fiver (BBC2)8.10—9pm. On the eve ofthe launch of a new five-pound note. Horizon cameras are allowed into the Royal Mint to film the complex process ofdesigning an acceptable note.

I Frontiers: Gold and the Gun (BBCl) 9.35—10.25pm. Eight authors have been assigned to journey along famous dividing lines across the world. In this first programme South African novelist Nadine Gordimer returns to the South African/Mozambique border and is shocked at what she finds there.

I Paris Texas (C4) 10.35pm—l . 15am. Mournful slide guitar music heraldsthe beginningof Harry Dean Stanton's odyssey in search of his wife. Natassia Kinski and the end ofChannel 4‘s Wim Wenders' season.

I World Cup '90 (Scottish) 10.40—l 1 .50pm. Let the coverage commence. Nick Owens. Saint and Greavsie and Emlyn Hughes shoot the breeze about the upcoming football extravaganza. See A rmchair Viewer's Survival Guide at the front of the magazine for full match listings.


I NB (Scottish) 6.30—7pm. The entertainment scene in Central Scotland surveyed by Janice Forsyth. Alan Campbell and Bryan Burnett.

I Antenna: Summer Compilation (BBC2) 6.35—7.35pm. In which Professor Durland Fish from New York Medical College outlines his theory that disease may be the price we pay for getting too green. Bit controversial. my name‘s Durland Fish. goodnight.

I On the Line (BBCZ) 8.3(l—9pm. The half-hour sports programme examines a football team in Glasgow made up entirely of former drug addicts who are doubtless fed up with Willie .Iohnstone cracks. Also they take a close look at the notorious Isle of Man TT races.

I Dance With a Stranger (C4) 9— 10.55pm. Miranda Richardson gives a haunting performance as Ruth Ellis. the last woman to be hanged in Britain. The first ofthe Film on Four Take Two series. which will feature films co-financed by the channel. I Four Hours in My Lai (C4)

l(l.55pm~12. 10am. Winnerofan Emmy and a BAFTA award. this documentary tracks down survivors and perpetrators of the carnage in My Lai in 1968.


I Frank Bough goes Home and Away (Scottish) 12.3U—lpm. Under the thinly veiled guise ofchatting to the stars ofthe Australian soap. old Boughy auditions for the part of a genial old-time surfer.

I Beatrix (BBCZ) (125—7. 15pm. Helen Bonham Carter stars as the young author who was a frequent visitor to Scotland in her youth visits which were to inspire some of her best-known creations.

I Cheers (C4) 9—9.3(lpm. Fraser tries to change his ‘dependable' image. ‘Yeah. nice try. Fras. but nocigar.‘

ITrial Run (C4) “pm—12.40am. Anne Whittle stars as a nature photographer sent to study penguins for six monthsoff the coast of New Zealand. Her new neighbours however. don't appear to be the type to offer you a Pepsi. if you get my drift. and before too long strange things begin to happen. A grippingthriller directed by Melanie Read.


I Les Dennis Laughter Show ( BBCI) 7—7.3(Ipm. A contradiction in terms'.’

I Eurovision Young Musician ( 813(2) 8—10.15pm. Eighteen countries send their

nervous young representatives out onto the stage in Vienna. in this classical version of the Eurovision Song Contest. Nicola Loud. our Young Musician ofthe Year. takes up where Emma Booth left off.

I Kingdom of the Deep: Killer Whales (C4) 8—9pm. Though not quite rivallingthe Pathetic Sharks. these predators ofthe deep do. apparently. have a gentle and intelligent side to them. which this programme sets out to explore.

I Movie Masterclass: Cries and Whispers (C4) 10—1 1.45pm. Ingmar Bergman directed this lacerating study of the nature of love. pain and anguish among three sisters in turn of the century Sweden. The film will be the subject ofa lengthy discussion tomorrow night.

I Open Space: Have you Heard The One About the Englishman? (BBCZ) 10.15—10.45pm. A half hour expose of northern club comics and their somewhat outdated. nay offensive. attitudes.

I PDTRY'S (Scottish) llpm-12.5(lam. Juvenile high-jinks as a group ofteenagers race to lose their virginity. ()fenormous appeal. no doubt to northern club comics— sce above.

I Burning Embers (C4) 1 1 .45pm—12.45am. Tony Benn. who ran rings round any ofhis adversaries in the After Dark series. returns to chair five discussions that will examine potential historical precedents for current events. Tonight. Tony and his cronies compare and contrast the Trafalgar Square Poll Tax riot with the hard-line anti Poll Tax movement of 1381. I Brazil '70. Team oIthe Century(Scottis-h) 12.50—1 .45am. This is how football should be played. a flowing orchestral piece— compared to the jarring Punk Rock ofthe Premier League. Team of the century? No worries.


I War and Remembrance (Scottish) 7.45—10pm. Continuation of the epic saga of Robert Mitchum and Jane Seymour. oh yeah. and a minor historical event known as WWII. but mainly Robert Mitchum and Jane Seymour.

I Movie Masterclass (C4) 8—9. 15pm. Mamoun Hassan fronts the discussion of last night‘s screening of Cries and Whispers. Putting in their tuppence worth will be three film-makers and a bevy of students from the National Film School. If you want to sound like a movie buff/bore for the rest of the week it may be worth taking notes.

I She's Gotta Have It (C4) lti—l 1.35pm Spike Lee's raunchy. impressive debut feature pumped full oflifc and showing great promise. which he later realised in Do The Right Thing.

I NB (Scottish) 12.45—1.15am. A late night slot for the trendy young hosts. due to the televising of the World (up.


I TV 101 (C4) 5—6pm. Sam Robards plays the iconoclastic. recently-divorced. teacher of journalism who returns to his old school. where he hopes to transform the school paper into a high-tch TV show. A remarkable series for two reasons. firstly Robards' character checks in under the name Kevin Keegan and secondly the music has been composed by former Police-man Stuart Copeland.

I Horizon: Artificial LiIe (B BCZ)

8. l()—9pm. Computer simulations ofthe way organic life evolves have led to some remarkable claims by scientists and to some remarkable footage for Horizon.

I Cutting Edge Shepherds and the Bomb (C-I) (Filipm. Tonight they fearlessly expose the secret weapons testing in Scmitalatinsk in the core of the USSR. where shepherds have been unwittingly acting as guinea-pigs in the testing ofthe after effects of nuclear explosions.

I Made in the USA: Route 1 (C4)

ll.(l5pm-- 1 .20am. Once the most heavily

travelled road in the world. Route 1 still snakes from the Florida Keys way upinto Canada. These days however. it has been superseded by turnpikes and 8-lane highways. Robert Kramer recounts the five months he spent journeying along this modern day backwater.


I Towards 2000 (C4) L)L—10pm. Tonight a major retrospective of the life ofcultural critic Raymond Williams. strangely it is given in the form ofa train journey from the Welsh borders to Cambridge.well. maybe he was fond of train journeys.

I Film 90 (BBCI) 10.25—10.55pm. Bazza. the anglificd version ofTrevorJohnston. surveys the current film scene. and why not'.’

I Code Name: Wild Geese (Scottish) lil.35pm-- 12.30am. Lewis Collins. Ernest Borgnine and Lee Van Cleefare the tough as old boots mercenaries out in Hong Kong.

I Jazz Apple (C4) 10.45—1 1 .45pm. Joe Temperley. having escaped from these shores. takes us on a guided tour round the American jazz scene.

I Set oISix (C4) 11.45pm—12. 15am. Having examined himself in greater physical depth than most people would care to think about. Dr Martin Scrote aka Roland Rivron tours of his family. hopefully without the same intrusive camera methods he used on himself.


I Busman’s Holiday (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. Tonight a team ofarchaeologjsts from Edinburgh try their hand.

I Last Salute to the Commodore ( BBCI) 7.3(I—9pm. The first of a trio ofColumbo films made in the Seventies. A treat for fans of the Dirty Mac School ofdetcctive work.

I Times of India (BBCZ) 8. 1(l—9pm. A look back at over 150 years ofthe Indian version of the Thunderer. A constant supporter of the Government in power. it had to wait until independence in 1947 for its first Indian editor.

I Mother Love (BBC2) 9.25—1t).2()pm. Diana Riggs stars as the vengeful mother in this repeat of the award-winningTV drama.

I Death Wish 2 (Scottish) l().35pm—12.2I)am. Charles Bronson stars with the late Jill Ireland in another tale of the bloody vengeance perpetrated by architect Paul Kersey. This time the streets of [A are the ones to get the benefit of his unique clean—up campaigns. I Wating lorthe Moon (C4)

11.5(Ipm— 1 .25am. Drama about the exploits of (icrtrude Stein. Ernest Hemingway and Alice B Toklas. in France before and after WWI.


I City Lights (BBCZ) 8—8.3(ipm. Gerard Kelly returns as Willy in this. the fourth series.

I Tomorrow‘s World ( BBCI ) 8—8.45pm. A special programme to cover the Prince of Wales awards for innovations in the field of science and technology.

I War and Remembrance (Scottish)

is- 10pm and 10.35—1 1.30pm. The conclusion ofthe lengthy talc oftwo people and how Hitler conspired to keep them apart by invading Poland.

I Heavenly Pursuits (C4) 9—10.45pm. Tom (‘onti stars as the schoolteacher who becomes convinced he is a miracle worker. I thought they all were these days.

I Victoria Wood 9.30- 10pm. A new series ofcomedy from one of the most consistently funny people on TV.

I Faces ol War 10.45pm—12. 15am. One of the enigmas of wartime: Oscar Schindler. a Nazi Party official and all-round odious character who nevertheless devoted himself to saving the lives ofthousands of Polish Jews.

"The List 1 14June 1990