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LUNCH —- 12--2.30pm EVENINGS —- 6—1 1pm (last orders 10.30pm)

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,_ ‘ng 2.2226 .519. Carmen umrrcuin

g fr'om ourirange of writing paper & enve’lOpes,_' spiral bound note pads, scrap books, note books, sketch pads, ' children's drawing books, students A4 lined pads, toilet: rolls, kitchen rolls, paper napkins

and a new range of delightful gift cards.

' RIM“ F0095 . J L 37 BROUGHTON STREET Tel. 031 557 I911 X'BROUGHAM ST, TQLLCROSS Tel. 031 228 1651

041-334 5001

Ubiquitour Chip Wine Shop

Advocaat, Benedictine, Claret, Drambuie, Eiswien. Fino, Glenlivet. Hock, ltalian Jura, Kahlua, Laphroaig, Madeira, Nuit St Georges, Uuzo, Port. Quaich. Rioja. Sparkly. Taiisker, Ubiquitous Vouvray, Whisky. X0 Brandy. YOuem. Zinfandel .. . and there‘s more?

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Full Breakfast £1.85 3 course Lunch £2.90 (OAPs £1.90) changes daily Also

Blah Blah .’ Fast Fax Foods Fax No: 031 313 2164

Blah Blah! 63 Dairy Road, Edinburgh 03] 313 2139

CAFE PENA . angan

33a St .Stephen St. (basement) Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Peruvian food and music. The only Peruvian eating place in the UK.

Open Mon - Sat 7.00 - 11.00pm Tel: 031 - 226 3675 (24 Hrs.) Bring Your Own Wine


I Hong's Chinese Provisions 7A Bath Street, 332 4492. Mon-Sat “Jam—5.30pm. Not the largest Chinese supermarket in the world but that's a relief in one way - you don‘t have to witness the various sea-beings contemplating their impending doom from cramped

. tanks. The teas are limited in variety

but high in quality and from a seemingly limitless stock

I Holland and Barrett 94 Sauchiehall Street. 331 1188. Mon—Sat

. 9am—5.30pm (Wed 9.30am

5.30pm). Ofcoursc, one ofthe bigger, more commercial health food outlets but not worth turning your nose up at just for that. More herbs than a Roux brothers’ ratatouille but in tea form. And. at last. somewhere that. sells kiwi fruit tea (combined with passion fruit) ~ should take some beating.


I Chinese Supermarket Leith Walk. A huge selection ofChina teas amongst the chicken feet and dried fish. Various medicated teas, including one carrying the sign No Poison (what is in the others, you may well ask yourself). More unusual varieties include honeysuckle and bamboo. and huge 21b bags ofJasmin tea (£4.38).

I Jenners Princes Street. 225 2442. Mon~ Sat 9am—5.30pm; Thur 9am—7.30pm. Impressive selection of all the finest teas in a choice of five or six brands, including Jenners' own. Melroses‘. Taylors‘ and Jacksons‘. A selection of the more unusual teas on offer include Kenyan, Gunpowder. Keemun. Wild Cherry, Blackcurrant, Peppermint and Camomile.

I Real Foods 37 Broughton Street. 5571911/8 Brougham Street, 228 1201. Mon—Sat (him—5.30pm. As well as the beans, pulses and organically grown vegetables, Real Foods sell a wide selection of teas and herbal remedies. Along with the usual Chinese and Indian varieties you‘ll find Japanese Twig Tea. Japanese Green Tea, a wide range of herbal teas and an organically grown tea. All brands use unbleached paper for the bags and many of the he rbai varieties can be bought loose I Safeway Food Stores Ltd Now one of the best supermarket chains. Safeways stock a wide selection of tea at reasonable prices. including their own brand.

I Studlo1 71 Morningside Road. 447 0452/10 Stafford Street. 226 5812. Mon—Fri 9.30am—6pm. Sat 9.30—5.30pm. Amongst a vast selection of cooking implements and designer house furnishings you will find a wide selection ofTaylor teas.



I Miss Pink’s 38 Bath Street, 332 5348. Mon—Sat 9am—5pm. Not only a tea room but next door to a clairvoyant. Definitely a place to

take the psychic great aunt who can mock the ineptitude of the palmist after relaxing in an environment of pasta] pink with her Assam.

I Cate Drummond 93 St Vincent Street, 221 6366. Mon—Thurs Ham—midnight. Friday until 2am. Sat until 11.45pm. Definitely NOT one for the maiden aunts with the music playing long and hard all day. As a subtle contrast they serve all fruit teas. Try testing out that rash claim.

I Cate Gandolii 64 Albion Street. 552 6813. Mon—Sat 9am—l 1.30pm. A yuppie heaven in the heart of Merchant City. At lunchtime the stripped (but unvarnished -— tres chic) pine floors have trouble supporting the hordes of pinstripe suits and red braces. They modestly claim to ‘not do many teas‘ although their selection beats most.

I The Tron Cale Tron Theatre. Trongate, 5523748. All week noon—midnight. Buzzing but not deafening atmosphere and with decor which outshines the theatre itself by a mile, this is. in my humble opinion. the best cafe in Glasgow. On offer is a wide variety of beverages including China tea a rarity indeed.

I The Willow Tea Rooms 217 Sauchiehall Street. 332 0521. Mon-Sat 9.30am—4pm. Not exactly a wildly innovative entry in a guide to cafes but. then again, you can‘t really leave it out either. Rennie Mackintosh‘s finest and a wide variety offruii and Indian teas.


I Byzantium 9a Victoria Street. 225 1768. Mon—Sat liiam—Spm. A good spot to rest those weary feet after some intense browsing. Good food it a little pricey plus a wide selection of teas and some scrumptious cakes.

I Modern Art Gallery 4 Belford Road. 556 8921. Mon-Sat 10.30am-4.30pm: Sun noon-4.30pm. A very pleasant venue for afternoon tea or a lazy lunch, the Gallery of Modern Art is worth the trek. Tea is served in individual pots. from a wide selection ofC‘hinese. Indian and herbal teas. as well as a special Edinburgh blend. and the food is pretty good too.

I Netherhow Arts Centre 1 High Street, 556 9579. Mon—Sat 10am~4.3(lpm. A pleasant. ifplain cafe serving salads. quiches. pasties. soups and a dish of the day. One of the few cafes with an outdoor seating area which catches most of the midday sun. A healthy selection. including peppermint and fruit teas. I Seeds Cale 53 West Nicolson Street, 667 8673. Mon—Sat 10am—8pm. Popular cafe serving imaginative vegetarian dishes and gorgeous chunky bread. An impressive selection of tea served in individual tea pots you get your money‘s worth. Apart from several Indian and Chinese teas Seeds brew Japanese Twig Tea and a selection of around twelve herbal varieties including hibiscus and fennel.

“The List 1 - l4June 1990