George Square (30,000 capacny)

I Slide 1.20pm. Local hard rockers signed to Phonogram. their debut LP. Down so Long. came out last year. I The Hothouse Flowers 1.50pm. The hottest property in ireland. after some blinding live shows in the last couple of years. A return to real instruments. R&B influences. vague (.‘eitic spirituality and. an outstanding frontman. The Flowers release Home. their follow—up to the stirring People. on Mon 4. I The Kevin McDermolt Orchestra 2.30pm. Criminally-ignored Kev - he had one of the finest Scottish rock albums oflast year. in ifotlierNiiiure's Kitchen “and you never bought it. I Texas 3pm. 198‘) was Texas' year. their blues-inflected pop song 'I Don‘t Want a Lover' shooting to the top. followed by the album Southside. . . althoughthcir South Side is that ofCilasgow . The world waits to see if a repeat performance is imminent. I The Four of Us 3.30pm. in keeping with the ‘(iiasgow meets Dublin‘ themc.onc ofthe more interesting up-and-coniing lrish bands. I Love and Money 4pm. A day celebrating Glasgow wouldn‘t be complete without James Grant and the boys. whose blend of rock. funk and country was the backbone for a laid-back. lovingly-textured second album in 1089. I The Fat Lady Sings 4.35pm. Sec panel. I The Associates 5.05pm. Billy Mackenzie minus Alan Rankine. but back playing live at last. Mackenzic‘s golden vocal cords wrapped themselves round a respectable number ofgood songs on the comeback album. Wild and Lone/v. and although his record sales have slackened since the early 80s. he 's still a much-loved figure. I Wet Wet Wet 5.30pm. Now that Wet Wet Wet‘s success is as expansive as Marti Peilow's smile. and Holding Buck the Ru er has shown another. more credible side to the band. one wonders what it would take to stop them. They made history at their free show on Glasgow ('irecn last year and. in boisterous mood, were one of the premous few highlights of the John Lennon tribute in Liverpool recently.

Custom House Guay (2000 capacity)

ITlie Wild River Apples 1.45pm. Oncot the Glasgow groups to watch. currently recording their first LP tor Chrysalis.

I Edie Reader 2.10pm. Aye. that's right. llerout of Fairground Attraction.

I John Martyn 2.30pm. Don't call him a foil-Lie! Well. you could. but Martyn's eclectic tastes have driven his music along an individual path. He can move from near-soporific ballads to intense chrcisms. employing a variety of influences.

I Paco Pena 2. 50pm The revered Spanish flamenco guitarist. considered one ofthe top two or three in the world. I My Bain and Phil Cunningham 3.15pm. The Shetland-born fiddler is a mainstay of the Scottish traditional music scene. He's joined by his regular accordionist partner Cunningham. formerly of Silly Wizard. I Tommy Smith 3 .4lipm. The Wester Haile wunderkind's face has hardly been out of the papers since he first went to America to study music at Berk lee (.‘oilege. His new Blue Note album Peeping Tom and his first classical composition. which was premiered at Maylcst. are the latest chapters ina fairytale career.

I Dick Gaughan 3.55pm. Scotland's foremost exponent of the political folk song. with classic Li’s like .4 Hundfulof [forth to his credit. The re's a possibility of a team-up w ith Billy Bragg as well. asthe in o collaborated on the latter‘s new


I SCO Quartet 4. 10pm. Founded in 1974, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra are much in demand at home and abroad. While the rest ofthcm are takinga breather between finishing The Martyrdom of St Mugnus at The Tramway and playing at the Bath International Festival. these four brave The Big Day alone.

I Maria McKee 4.30pm. McKee split from her California-based band Lone Justice some time ago. released a solo album and now lives in Dublin. Her many admirers are waiting for the day when she goes truly mega-platinum. knowing that it can‘t be far off.

I The River Detectives 4 . 55pm. Sam (.‘orry and Dave O‘Neil. from the Ravenscraig area of Motherwell.write and perfoi m songs which seem the sum of so many qualities in Scottish music: direct. influenced both by America and the music of their homeland. performed equally well acoustically or with a full band

I Larry McCray 5 . 20pm. See panel.

I Billy Bragg anti Natalie Merchant 5.35pm. Mayfest visitor Bragg'scarcer has been given a shot in the arm with his new release. The Internationale. his interpretation of seven political songs includingThc Red Flag, returned to its original tune of "The White Cockade'. He will be joined by the singer from 10,000 Maniacs a late addition to the bill.

People’s Palace, Glasgow Green (30,000 capacity)

I The Libeities l .4tipm. 'I'heir songwriting talent. and the fact that

they ‘re signed to the same management and record company as The Proclaimers, means that we'll be hearing a lot more of them. They release their first single. ‘Lonely Tonight‘. at the start ofJuly

I Hugh Masekela 2.15pm. See panel.

I Les Negresses Vertes 2.55pm. Bound to be one of the highlights of the day. The band that has been described as ‘a French Pogucs are a lot more than just that, though they could have a similar effect on their supporters.

I The ANC Choir 3.25pm. The official choir of the African National Congress. now a legal organisation after 30 years underground. and very much in people‘s minds since the Nelson Mandela reception at Wemblcy in April.

I Nanci Griffith 3.40pm. Along with Lyle Lovett and kd lang. the cream of the New Country wave. Reflective songs, impeccably played and sung.

I The Average White Band 4.15pm. For many. the jewel in Scotland‘s crown during the 19705. It seemed unlikely that Scottish boys could ever play funk so fluently until AWB did it. and even won over the Americans. They re-formed and released a new LP, Aftershock. last year. I Aswan 4.50pm. Still looked upon less than fondly by many after their last visit to

Scotland (playing one song at a CND benefit and leaving again), Aswad have lost ground to regain. As their Number One hit ‘Don‘t Turn Around' showed, once-hard rhythms have given way to a transatlantic easy-listening reggae.

I Hue and Cry 5.30pm. The first oftwo sets the brothers Kane are playing today. They can also be found on The Haugh at around 10.43pm.

The Haugh on Glasgow Green (125,000 capacity)

I Kill! and Kin 7.45pm. The only unsigned band playing today, but probably not unsigned for long. With their roots in the bluegrassy Edinburgh scene of The Critter Hill Varmints and Swamptrash, Kith and Kin are moving in a more mainstream direction without sacrificing their rootsy edge.

I Goodbye Mr Mackenzle 8.15pm. Edinburgh‘s finest. about to release a new single, ‘Blackcr than Black‘, to be followed. but probably not until the autumn, by their third album Hammer and Tongs.

I His Latest Flame 8.45pm. With a full album of exceedingly tuneful pop under their belts, airplay for “LP has hardly been in proportion to their radio-friendly potential.

I Big Country 9.10pm. Coincidentally, Big Country have just released their greatest hits, reminding us all ofwhat excellent singles they have had overthe last eight years. They‘re currently breaking in a new drummer, Pat Ahcm. I The Chimes 9.40pm. Only popping up for a swift personal appearance. Still. there should be no shortage of appreciation for their hit version of U2's ‘1 Still Haven’t Found What l‘m Looking For‘.

I The Silencer: 9.50pm. Perhaps 1990 will be the year when The Silencers, with their new bassist and drummer. will make the break to the big time, followingthcir acclaimed debut album, A Blues for Buddha.

IAilamslil 10.06pm. Number One in the British charts with ‘Killer', Adamski is no stranger to outdoor shows, having made his name on the acid house rave scene. Perhaps not in as short slots as this one, though.

I Sheena Boston 10.17pm. Sec panel.

I Hue and Cry 10.43pm. Second set ofthe da .

I [yieacon Blue 11pm. There will be a lot of tired and extremely emotional people in The Haugh by this time. And Deacon Blue, who can sell out any venue in Scotland in the space of about five minutes, are the ideal conclusion for this epic day's journey into night. But first . .. I Michael Mam 11.30pm. No doubt. Marra will be given just enough time to sing ‘Mothcr Glasgow‘ and dive for cover before the fireworks begin.

The List 1—14June 19907