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8 The List—15 28June 1990

I SCOTT DURAN (Glasgow School oi Art) I‘m going to the Royal College in London to do a postgraduate course in book-binding. I’m particularly interested in three-dimensional work which is quite expensive. Run-of-the-mill graphics wouldn’t have a market for that kind of thing but agencies which need to be really creative to attract customers will pay for it. Before I came here I had this idea ofgraphics

being about posters, but the course here is very creative. The course is unique in that you study illustration, photography and graphic design. They really bring out the possibilities ofwhat you can do, using whatever medium is suitable and pushing back boundaries. We still have life classes and there’s a lot of Fine Art in our graphics. Other courses are more technical. Some graphic artists seem to forget that you can still draw.

Graphic illustration by Scott Doran 4th year graphic designer, Glasgow School at Art.

Live person by Rose Murray, iinal year

I TRACEY NOBLE (Final year student Glasgow School oi Art) I’m interested in interiors— upholstery. wood flooring, tiles and panels. I‘m going down to the New Designers Show and through that I‘m hoping to get a place with a designer as an apprentice. I feel I need to get right into it. and that would have to be in London. I’d spend a year making contacts and then come back here to work as a freelance.

I think at the beginning you need to be prepared to work without earning. I could stay here, get a grant and set up a workshop, but I think that would mean closing off other areas. I’m interested in possibly going abroad as some foreign companies come over to New Designers. In particular Japan seems to be trying to snap up students to draw for their own designers.


I MICHAEL DANCER (Ex-Glasgow School oiArt, freelance graphic designer in London) The course at Glasgow is very Fine Art-orientated and I found that when I left college I had to be very disciplined; a lot of the work I was doing was pure design, less arty-farty. But you do come out with a much wider view of art in general, and I‘m glad I had that experience. it comes in very useful when I have to commission illustrators and photographers.

I’ve recently been working on signage for shops in the London Underground. Now I’m working on a project in Weymouth. I’ve been producing designs for tiles and a mural all ofwhich came as a big surprise because I was originally asked just for a logo design. Over the next few weeks I‘m going to be trying to get more work up north. possibly making my base in Scotland.


I JOANIE JACK (Ex-Glasgow School oi Art, design coordinator for Stoddard Sekers) I went straight to Italy to work with Missoni after college which was a great experience. I worked there for quite a while. but then I couldn‘t believe my eyes when I saw the job advertised here. There are not many jobs in this field and you usually have to work freelance. But it is changing gradually as people realize that there is real talent here. We design textiles for drapes and upholstery.

I feel that I’ve still got a lot to learn and it‘s been a challenge working with such an innovative company. I’m not hungry to move on. It‘s a very versatile market and people don‘t usually stay in the same area for ever.

It‘s fascinating seeing how other students cope and where they end up.