V A L B U M S points for releasing this allegiance to any - she says, she was too winsome female voice mini-LP as a clear vinyl particular one. Their young to be a hippy. but blend With all sorts of 10-inch, They know what range, augmented by Victoria Williams is also ethnic rhythms in this

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likely to hear all summer. I Bad Brains: The Youth I GYPSY “"9 1°°k Clumsy ' mych usage ofthat listing '5 t: beg"? Wm“ I Joe Arroyo: Fire In My ‘I‘m Sailin“ and ‘Before I Are Getting Restless (T1) character trait called ixlassltgtifidiftxitgdpcr' Mind (Mango) Latin Sleep', as each side‘s (Caroline) Live recording ‘kooky' and what have I son“ Rom" .N k, music‘s current brightest closer. are ultimate ofwhat sounds like it was you got? Answer; a Time (Jae Meghan)?! sd light doesn‘t disappoint examples of aninnate an excellent gig for bag-lady,waif-Iike b0 n, . d “a” ! wrththis release licensed perfection a-flowin‘. Hey, California‘s Rastafarian phantom-voice by the f “F? a mo": 05 ml from Colombia‘s Discos lazy and yep, you'd be hardcore band. before name of Victoria a "I? 9"}? tdémsch‘fés to Fuentes, where the native crazy to ignore it. (Craig singer HR split for more Williams. Only rarely 5°? .0." :35; on}, '5 cumbia groove is MCLean) orthOdOX reggae PaSlUYCS- does Victoria. the closest 8 "mm: sess'on‘ augmented by various

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.Tcmmaso mm). Eyebrow-blistering stuff, awestruck/Renee Rosnes: mm “mm.” Slow ". Ivor Cutler. meander Untitled (Blue Note) Two down; The" '"l‘l’cncc '5 J ' anywhcrcrcmotcly close albums bristling with star ""9" “'ldcrcsl'ma‘cd- I The Last Party: Love to the straight and narrow. names here. Japanese (Alasta'r Mabbom Handles (Harvey) The Last SWif’S the 5W“? 15 a comet man Hino has both .15 “79'3": ""9 come . Party have an understated dCV'amr ramblmgr

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also includes previously hard to find offerings by Ornette Coleman (New York 15 Now, Love Call) and underrated vocalist

john Scoficld and Bobb the Bop Boys (Nightshitt) i 805 indic-tock sound‘ with shambling thing, mixing . I . mid-Price SUMO Watson in the band but tits Who could live up to a l influences shining through the manic Ceiunyhirl 0f Eggswg‘gn (Pormm 0f Colombiano sampler, own ravishineg clear name like that? The (The Wedding PTCSCm ‘V‘cux Arms mm the . . . undOUbt,Cdly one out}? sound dominates a Newcastle four-piece try l and Postcard were two Storytellmg country b‘cm . Ashley "all": m (“'9'”) summer $m05t “sent”! straight ahead set, while hard‘ and score further 1 that came to mind) but no of ‘Summer of Drugs . As Studious lyrics and a I compilations. (Tl) : 31 Au . 27-31 Aug, 1 Sep; BetYour Au , A mu " V B 0 0 K N 0W :ocyfiiggr ; I Eoilleuncii 0511511 Lite, 13—15 Aug; British I EDINBURGH PLAYIiousE tantra...” cam] Kidd. 29 June; 33 HALL (Festival BOX Otlice Youth Opera/ Marriage Ol (031 557 2590) Scottish Nannie, 30 Aug; "193" ' King, Juno; unmet, ' 588' "out: Figam. 3g 5 sap, Enconc "adama Butterfly, i ‘uoer, Academy 0' I ousoow : 2 July; John McLaughlin, 4 I We“. 22 A09: Cleo Latno. Oneotn. 4. 6 Son. 30 June; Cost tan tutte. 29 } Ancient Music, 1 Sep. eAiiiiowutlo (041 225 1 July; Maynard Ferguson. 5 i 27 MO- I GLASGOW 35°C (041 227 June; (Festival Box Office I I EDINBURGH usiiEii 4579) George Clinton, 5 l July; George Russell. 5 : 5511)B°'8'l°l 09m. 3-5. 031 225 5756l180|8ho| IIALL (Festival Box Office July; Aztec Camera, 4Aug. I July; may Gillespie, 7 July. CLASSICAL 10-12 Aull- Opera. 14—16 Mill; Slovak 031 225 5755) Satin itinon I GLASGOW HAMPDEN a I ouscow Tllliio EYE ' . gusgow mam“ I GLASGOW WW" Nationalovm. 2012-25 1 Orchestra, 12 Aug; Prague PABK(041227 5511) I crime (041 227 5511) ' (041m 5511,“. (041227 55‘1"?“ “"9; , ? 80.13—14. 16 Anti; Rolling Stones. 9Juiy. , Ptnsltl Zoo, 2 July; Pointy I Complete "one" em". 30 Quartet, 29 June, . I EDINBURGH QUEEN S . eecsso, 15 Aug; Bolshoi I ousoow PAVILION Birds, 3 July; Flat Earth ( in... 2, 4, 5, 3 My; Sentient“. 10 “0. L! V"! "M (031 658 2019) Maura ; Orchestra, 17, 21 Aug; (041 3321s45)rilelt Gave, Society, 4 July; New Vivola, Capt...“ Mat, 5 Aug, ""mmv 9' ‘1 “"9; tympani. 9 Juli: Scottish : Jutland Opera, 18Aug; 21 Aug; Gary Numan, 25 ; 5 July; Hard Score, 6 July. . GLASGOW cm "‘th I GLASGOW mums '"d°9°"d°"' sum" on"; 8N0. 19 Mill; Montserrat Sept; Gene Pitney, 19 Oct; : I ouscow TRAMWAY (041 227 5511) t, mm ROYAL (041 331 123‘) 16 Juli: (“80%| 80!! 0m“ 2 Caballe, 19 Aug; city at Daniel O'Donnell. 20-21 : (041 227 5511) ltronos mm at (a Chamm m, Scottish 098W 103“. 031 225 5756): Nash London Sinionia, 20 Aug; ttov. Quartet, 29 June;Tennents Roy, Mug; Glasgow 20'22'258°p'190“'1'3° 5"“mb'9r13'1uullisul‘ Teresa Berganza. 23 Aug; IGLASGOWSEGGHW 227 - LivelJazz, 30June—1 July; . mm. my“... Nov. L08 mourn-19. Ouanet.15.17luo:Peter £00. 24 Aug; Rotterdam PO, 5511) Miles Davis Group, 3 Kingsnalie Blues Caravan, 2 anhes'ns' 11 Aug; 23-29 339-‘5v30410‘lv 0000l‘00t15tzotzuufli 25—26 Aug; San Francisco July; the Christians, 3 Dec. , July; Steve Williamson, 4 ; Orchestra 0. title, 1940 23 "0V; . EC". ‘3 A“it; Panel" 80, 28-29 Aug; Y0 Yo I sTliiLIlio FALLENINGH . July; Jazz Warriors, 5 July; Sep; LSO, 25 Sep. ' mums" ""9 3 0mm. 21. 23 A09: Steven Ma/Emmanuel Ax, 30 Aug; FIELD (031 557 5959) A Day | Bobby Watson a ero, 7 . gusgow comm THEATRE ((Festlval Box Isseriis. 22 Aug; Martino Berlin so, 31 Aug, 2 Sep. For Scotland, 14 July. l July; Willem areuiter HALL (041 227 5511) 38m" Ottice 031 225 5756) Slovak Concert, 25 Aug; Zuzana I EDINBURGH mausm" I “new”. 7 Ju|y. Phl"9_1o a“; 80mm. so. National Opera, 27. 2940 Ruzlcllova, 27 Aug; Thomas CENTRE (031 557 5959) | I EDINBURGH . 12 Oct; Orchestra of the Age claslt 01 the Titans, 12 Oct. 1 MEADOWBANK GEN‘FRE I M gniiommmm 15 Oct; I Epitliiunoil PLAYHOUSE i (031 225 5755) London on... 30 Oct; Leipzig (031 557 2590) Aztec - lntematlonal Opening Ball. Gawandhaus an", 31 new camera. Momma l 19M: Salutototouis , Nov; Israel Phil, 21 Nov; CONDUCTOR: um BELouLAVEK FIRST EVER VISIT Christians 1 Doc. Armstronll. 20 “0:81”! RI ; Orchestra no paris,15_17 13m August—Usher Hall 8pm. | aggggnguggfgz M, ; trams“ mm H THE GREEK PAssiON (Means) OPERA IN CONCERT JAZZ 8t FOLK Tam White’s etues tligtti, (m 227 A” "new! mm“! "N's", - 55‘1’s"°"'°"'* SOLOIST RUDOLF FIRKUSNY— i o 11 H "a m . z FINWB" BI", go. Jung. I . Plano 14' AU9U5’— 5 er 0 p ' FEW (w m 5511) Aug, . . GLASGOW mm" suit, MARTIN“, IIMSKY-KOISAKOV mugg'n'TmubIg' 29.30 l . EDMBURGH QUEEN s (041 332 1845) Ravi SUK—Vlola léth August—Usher Hall 8pm. Juno; D“. Dom” son", I HALL (031 553 2019) '3'" Shankar. BJuly. PLUS Bolshoi Orchestra and Chorus, Mstislav RostrOpovich, Montserrat Cobolle, 1_2 July; sum Gama”, 34 Ballamy,19 M19; Monty I GLASGOW BSAMD (041 Teresa Berganza, Siii Ozawa, Meemi Jarvi, Yo Yo Ma, Emanuel AX, Peter Donohoe July; Tam White Band, 7-8 mzzzds'y'ggfigdmm ! 2:2 5057) 3'8"!!!" Youth °"d "my m°'°- Jul . , 18July; London Oboe BOX OFFICE NOW OPEN FOR PERSONAL BOOKINGS " . 3mm, (330x Orchestra. 21 Mill: Tommy ' Band, 4 Aug; Jordl Savall, 7 21 MARKET STREET, EDINBURGH EH1 iBW. E N B U sunning (031 557 5959) :mhfigudoglgg: ! Gothic Voices. 5 Aug; TeleptthrEIEOm 42:15:25. (creel? coats Bookings). Pic‘k up'h . , - o om '8“ Ba . y0ur ' copy a e page u c our programme rom e / 3:23.3'3 Aug; Nina Simone. 27 Aug; I Aug; "any"; mama if“; may“: I: W": (Misfits: j gaffes? Djpggmgs: 108' I file 771d t I 07261 I suseow sgcc (041 227 500'!!! "Olly. 28 Alta: in I Melvyn Tan, 8 Aug; Glasgow EHl Ierev. mo mm es "'0' or e we ' m g = 5511) Miles Davis Group. 3 I 3mm". 29 MG; can” Festival 01 Youth My. I Kidd. 30 Anti: Don Cherry. . Orchestras,13-1a,20-25, 12 AUGUST-2 SEPTEMBER I990.

The List 15 - orient. 1991133