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Compellingly compiled! (Oooooh!) Assiduously assembled! (Aaaaah!) Masterfully matched! (Whoooaaaah!) Laydeez hend gennelmein, will you welcome the first, the foremost, the fastest and the finest of your forthcoming fortnight’s fiesta offun . . .

I WHEN IN GLASGOW... Giorgio Armani’s new ‘Emporlo' in John Street brings a touch 01 Milanese Ilairto the . . . errn . .. Cultural Capital. The new Armani store. which opened at the start oi this month. is the second in Britain. and will stock some at the swishest clothes in Scotland’s sell-proiessed centre at style.

2'l‘hc List 15 28 June 1990

I SPOT THE BALL. American style. Study this production shot Irom Big Apple choreographerTrisha Brown's show Newark, and mark with a cross where you thinkthe ball might be. Entrants wishing additional inIorrnatlon can see Newark. along with other shows. at Glasgow’s Theatre Royal. Mon 25—Thurs 28. See Theatre preview page 45.

I VERA McCLUSKY. caretaker at your local Curry’s showroom. enjoys a rare chance oi stardom in The Second Sitting. a wacky. ii snake-tree. show at Glasgow's Third Eye Centre. Wed 20—Sat 23. See Theatre section. page 46.

I GIVEN THE SUCCESS oI Taxi Driver. we're pleased to see De Niro reprise his role otpsycho-chautteur, albeit on two wheels. Stanley a Iris. which also stars Jane Fonda (hired lor hertamiliarity with the exercise bicycle), can be seen at Cannons and UCls from Fri 22. See Film Index page17.

I MICHAEL CRAWFORD lalls Ioul of Robert (Elm Street) Englund's competitive nature in this gory remake oI Phantom oi the Opera. Sarah Brightman was not invited to participate. though she did receive some advice on make-up and talse nails from our Bob. Theiilm opens throughout Scotland on Fri 15. See Film Index page 17.

. ITHISMUSTbethe place. . .the Soul Brothers

- who are very big in their native Zimbabwe - seen

here checking out the venue ; : tor their only Scottish date,

Sun 15. See Music section,

page 27.


I HUBBLE BUBBLEtoiland trouble. I'm almost Stevie Wonder‘s double . . .Ray Charles casts an angelic spell on the proceedings in Limit Up. opening on Fri 22.

See Film Openers. page 14.


Paul McCartney. pictured here by wile Linda with son James. is taking a break from lamin lite Iora huge world tour. He visits Glasgow's SECC on Sat23. See Music Preview. page